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  1. Wow! Thankfully he doesn't have asthma. That is really scary. It was sunny and in the 50s this weekend -- but went down to freezing overnight, so I am guessing he was near it in the evening. He said he tried to stay away and stay upwind, but it got realy smoky once because someone put a green log on it. They were cooking over a camp stove. He should have been well dressed enough to not really need to be near it. I don't think he changed clothes all weekend. He had on his class As with a shirt underneath, plus he had a hoodie he wore a lot. And he had a winter coat and hat for evening. Now, whether he wore them or not.......that I cannot attest to......
  2. He got allergy shots for 5 years and they really helped. He rarely gets season allergies symptoms now -- maybe a day or two in the spring and again in the fall. We have him use Flonase most of the year and Xyzal during peak times. Hmmm. That might help, but he would probably not want to stand out like that.
  3. I am looking for suggestions for someone who may have encountered this before. My son is a 3rd year, although he took a year off last year. Anyway, he has very bad seasonal allergies, which we can deal with, but he is super sensitive to the campfire smoke. He is very excited about Scouts now and wants to finish his Eagle, but needs 11 more nights of camping. In the fall, he was a bonfire party on a Saturday and was so sick that he was out of school until Thursday. He went to a camp out this weekend, and wasn't too bad when I picked him up in the late morning, but went rapidly downhill with a headache, sinus congestion, and fever over 100F. Needless to say, he is home today. I do not think the doctors believe me when I tell them this happens instantly...but it does. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has encountered a scout like this? I am thinking he needs to avoid any campouts when it is cold so he can stay away from the fire. Any other suggestions? Thanks so much.
  4. Many aspects of the world in general nowadays seem to think that white males, including boys, are the enemy. And I tell you I did have to report it to the school when these little middle school girls who think they are high and mighty (again just a select few) told my son they wanted to cut line (while playing a game) and he said "No, I was in line in front of you." The girl and her friends replied "You have to let her, because you know about "Ladies First." He said "No, I don't. We are playing a game and we are equal." and he held his hands out to keep them from going around him and some of the little girls said "You can't do that!! You are HARASSSING her!" Yep. Had to contact the teacher about that. But there is a certain subset of people in this world that blame boys for everything now and I am very tired of it. It has gotten to the point where boys are allowed to have NOTHING for themselves. No organizations. Nothing. That's just my feeling. And I truly know not all girls and women are like that. Actually most are not. But that small minority are loud and have to have their own way.
  5. Well, we have several girls in the pack that mostly feeds our troop with several girls and moms that can't wait for their girls to join the troop so I am afraid we will basically be coed. I am not thrilled and neither is my son. And I am truly not anti-girl but I am sick of all the girls and their moms out to prove "anything boys can do, I can do better." Strong girls who see themselves as equals I am all for. Women and girls that continually put down men, I am not. And that is what I see happening. My youngest quit for a year over bad behavior of other boys but has just rejoined (his choice) and honestly I am not very thrilled. I never thought I would say that having been involved with Scouts for 12 years as an adult. (and I was a Girl Scout when I was a kid.) That is exactly how I think it should be.
  6. I so disagree with this. If BSA wants to start a separate girls program, that doesn't both me at all. And that is what they say, but that is NOT what is being done. I am a mom of boys only, so I am sure that colors my view. The rights of boys are slowing being eroded. Boys are not allowed to have ANYTHING to themselves. Girls are allowed now in Boys Scouts, football, and baseball. But boys are expressly forbidden from volleyball, softball, Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run. I should be clear that my boys don't want to join any of the traditionally girls groups but the rights of boys are being taken away. At the same time, on the middle school playground, tween girls expect to be allowed to cut line and go first because "after all it IS ladies first." I am seriously rolling my eyes here. Obviously, this is not all the girls, but a select group that are being taught they are superior to boys. But why in the world are boys not allowed to have any sort of boys only organization. I am SO tired of seeing all the girl power stuff on social media, and now the BSA has joined the chant. Boys matter also and the BSA should be the first one to champion that.
  7. I have a general question for girls joining a troop now. Didn't I read that girls would have separate troops with different Scout Masters, etc, although the same committee could have two different troops -- one for girls, and one for boys? Right? But then I read that the girls can meet at the same place and same time. Would they be in a separate area or would they be mixed with the boys? Just asking because I thought they would be separate, but now it seems like they won't? Thanks!
  8. This is exactly the issue I have with adding girls. I have two boys, 6th and 11th grade, who have been scouts since first grade. My youngest, for two years in elementary school, was subjected to teaching assistants / teachers who had them line up girls in one line, boys in another. And then they said "Ladies First" and the girls ALWAYS went first -- which means they were first to activities and first back to prepare at their desks. After this went one for awhile, he was very upset. As he said "I thought you said we were EQUAL!" Which is what we have always taught the boys. (Of course we teach them how to treat their friends, male and female, and good behavior for future dating / marriage, etc.) But school is their work and every is and should be equal. He notices that boys are excluded from Girls on the Run, and realizes that as a boy he cannot run until 6th grade (cross country) and then he has to try out. Also, girls are allowed to play football and baseball, but boys are NOT allowed to play softball or volleyball. Not that he wants to -- but boys are not allowed anyway. He even had girls tell him that "girls were oppressed and boys have so many more opportunities." Yes, 9 and 10 year old girls. I think this girl empowerment movement has gone overboard to the point where boys are sometimes discriminated against and that isn't right either.
  9. Wow. That was really not helpful and kind of mean spirited to be honest. I'm sorry I asked. There are 4 of them moving as a patrol and they have been arguing among themselves for several weeks about the best patrol yell. I thought if I had a few fresh ideas for them maybe they could all agree and get started on the right foot. And FYI our troop patrols use their yell at the end of every meeting.
  10. Our Webelo 2s are officially crossing over this weekend and have voted to be coyote patrol, however, they cannot come up with a short patrol cheer that everyone likes. Any suggestions? I've google searched and found a few funny ones that 10 year olds shouldn't use, but nothing else catchy. Thanks!
  11. So now our Webelos 2 have a dilemma -- we've finished the ones that changed the most, however one scout missed quite a bit. With the new changes, however, he won't have as much to complete to catch up -- so I guess this is good, but it's kind of unfair to the ones that have completed everything? Also, he only needs one elective which he has completed (he has two) but the others completed 3. On the flip side, they ADDED to the Duty to God in Action, so the ones completing the religious emblem, have had MORE activities added to complete it now, so that is a little frustrating. But I feel like we need to either switch to the new requirements or stick with the old ones and shouldn't pick and choose? I think overall the changes are good because some of them are hard to complete, but I wish it had been done at the beginning of the year or the end of this year. It would have been much easier t manage.
  12. Our pack is very fortunate that we get to sell drinks at the county fair. It is incredibly easy since it is very hot and the customers flock to you. So basically, we are asking each family to have someone spend 4 hours there to sell the drinks. It costs them nothing but a little time, and it is like pulling teeth to get people to volunteer. Yes, it's sweaty and loud, but easy and actually fun. I would be the happiest cub scout leader if everyone would volunteer (the committee and den leaders volunteer, but it is super hard to get others to volunteer......but we are working on it!)
  13. I'm glad to know I am not alone in this frustration. I guess people do what they want to do. In relation to not showing up / not answering e-mails, I wish the other parents would realize we are 100% volunteers that use a LOT of our time, so the courtesy of a reply or saying they aren't participating anymore would be great. I feel you pain about the planning. Last year, I spent a BUNCH of time planning and organizing our Christmas party. We had 14 registered and only 4 showed up! It was so disheartening. And I get nearly zero parent participation. We finished all our requirements for the year two weeks ago, I've e-mailed everyone their open items and we and the cubmaster have offered to help finish anything they need finished. Besides our son, only one has finished so far. I guess people do what is important to them. My children have ALWAYS done scouts and sports and we made the effort to participate in both. It's hard, but worth it we believe. We aren't going to have any more regular den meetings until the fall, but once school is out we will schedule some of the AOL / Webelos electives for the scouts who wish to participate (we will do it with the new Webelos 1 so that should be fun.) I wanted to update on the Engineer activity. We finished it in three weeks. Honestly, it would be very easy for it to take 4 weeks. The first week which was mainly discussion was a little bit dry for the boys although we tried to make it interactive. The next two weeks we worked on the three projects we needed to build and did paper airplane design (I was surprised that one of the boys did not know how to make paper airplanes?), designed and build a catapult and designed and built a stomp rocket. I know someone said it was boring, but our four boys that participated seemed to have a great time! I'm glad that it went well.
  14. Are you saying the kids thought it was boring? The Engineer badge. Okay, I must have a "strange kid" -- he loves to build things and he loved making the game. (Of course, both my husband and I are engineers and two of his grandparents are scientists.) He also loves to read and plays basketball and competitive travel baseball (less someone thinks I make him sit around and do educational stuff all day...LOL!) I have looked around our area and so far I have found NOTHING. I was hoping their would be a couple field trips where they could earn part of their badge there. Not in March....maybe in the summer. We had a science museum nearby that used to do a belt loop, so I am hoping they will do the Earth Rocks Adventure sometime. I am also going to check with a large nursery nearby to see if they will do some or all of Into the Woods. And like I mentioned, I had asked for help from other parents with other careers and interests, and so far, no volunteers.
  15. My husband is the den leader, and is an engineer, so that's why we are doing it. We thought we could do it in March while the weather is still iffy here, and we plan on the outdoor ones after this. We wanted to do the Into The Woods elective this month, but the trees have not even started to bud out, so we plan to do that next month. We also have spring break this month and a pack meeting, so we have less time for meetings. I should also mention we have BEGGED all the other parents to lead any elective and NOBODY has volunteered. We have 10 in our den, but a couple of them are sporadic. I cannot even get them to reply to let me know whether they will be at a meeting so we can plan the materials. Now that is spring, four of our six most active boys play baseball (including ours) so the time is limited. I don't mean this in a bad attitude way at all, but I did tons of planning and shopping for our Christmas den meeting last year and only 4 showed up. For the first 2.5 years everyone came and participated...since then they have become really sporadic -- divorces, job loss, other activities -- stuff we cannot control. We are really looking forward to the bears crossing over so we can do some adventures this summer jointly. I think this one requirement is a little difficult for the age -- they have to draw a blueprint of what they want to make and then make it. It should be fairly easy, but fun. I will need to ask Google!
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