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    • Yeah, well, I'm old enough and was involved in theater. I auditioned for a professional company and the 'diverse' sexual 'hits' I took kept me away. A good thing. Anway, in some areas of culture and society - I'm not saying Scouting - there was celebration of the new and emerging 'freedom' fueled by the sexual revolution. You're being hugely over broad and making a stereotypical faux pax of your own. (See below for more.)   Did you really miss this entirely in your rush to jump to down his throat, based on certain hot button words that are simply a reciting of his actual, personal, firsthand experience? He was quoting... When I arrived and signed up for his merit badge, OTHER SCOUTS (who were attending multiple weeks) told me that he was a pervert and queer.  But for what it's worth, I have the names and addresses of 2 scouts who told me that. Please, please, please be respectful and respond to posts based upon what is said and not what you either heard or want to use as a platform. He is sharing HIS experience. 
    • I never said I called my abuser a queer or pervert.  These days, I'm very aware of LGBTQ+ issues, as one of my children identifies as such.  And they are not an abuser in any way.  What I said is that other scouts who had already been at camp referred to my abuser as a "pervert" and "queer".  In the 60's, queer was defined a little differently, than today.  My recollection is that it typically only meant a male who likes males. Let me beam myself back and tell my 13 year-old fellow scouts that they should have actually referred to him as a "serial child sexual predator". Next, there were no "streets" in the world of my abuse.  There were trails and encampments that turned out to be perfect for my abuser.  The couple of times I saw him with other leaders, he appeared to blend in just fine.  The one time I called him by his first name, in front of other leaders, he grabbed me aside and threatened me.  So, he did not go around parading that he was a predator.  He tried to hide it and blend in.  But he failed to fool other scouts, who were onto him.  I was young and in need of attention, and clearly did not understand the gravity of the situation or I would have run the other way. Lost in all of this is that BSA should have done something, and didn't, which was actually my only point.  I hope you are done, because I am.
    • Thank you, and I understand. My son is also a cadet colonel and Spaatz award recipient. We are confident that the truth of what happened will be determined. My son is handling this with patience, integrity and tremendous grace given all that is happening to him, and this is what we expect from our Eagle scouts and Spaatz cadets. He will be okay, but as a parent I hope for the sooner the better. 
    • Navy must be far less competitive than the Army. There are many branches in the Army where if you do not get picked up on your first look you will get kicked out of the Army. For example the infantry, you need to get promoted on first look at O2 or you will get kicked out for lack of career advancement by O3. 
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