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  1. Field book. Besides that, most of the Scouts get their info from youtube.
  2. Circle Ten Council (Dallas area) is putting together another clean up trip to Houston for Scouts/Scouters. Here's the link if interested. Last Saturday, the group worked moving debris closer to the streets so the claw trucks could reach the piles.
  3. Circle 10 has a bus of Scouts headed down there on Saturday to start mucking. If you're local to DFW & want to help out, here's the sign up link with more info.
  4. From Circle 10 Council: Scouts are prepared and ready to help. We know that our units want to do what they can to help the families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Circle Ten Council is in communication with the Scout councils who are in the areas affected by the hurricane. At this point, it is too soon for them to be able to tell us exactly what they need in way of support. We will continue to update our Scouting community as we find out specific needs. We have set up a website to collect Hurricane Relief Funds to help the victims. This fund will be distributed with the assistance of the cou
  5. I aim for a SM/ASM meeting 2x a year. During these meetings, I discuss - vision, boy-led Troop ladder (where we are on it & how to move further), upcoming campouts, any Troop behavior issues, prospective ASMs, etc. This gives us a chance to make sure everyone is on the same page. During the 1st one, the ASMs asked for defined responsibilities. Communication is key.
  6. We were planning on taking a Greyhound bus. 2 travel days each way. $200/person.
  7. Nope. We had it all planned and the parents got cold feet 1 at a time.
  8. Let the oncoming SM know you're there to assist in any way and then assist in any way.
  9. I was just talking with the SM of another Troop down the road about the events in Charlottesville this weekend. During the discussion, I asked if he was preparing a SM Minute to discuss the events & lessons learned with his Troop. His Troop doesn't do things like that. My question to you - do you discuss current events & the lessons learned with your Scouts? Have you prepared one for the events in Charlottesville?
  10. This is one of the best comparisons I've heard. Analogy? Simile? Metaphor?
  11. Tang in the pancakes. My Scouts came up with this one & it's actually pretty good.
  12. Here's the article from Scouting magazine about presidents at Jamboree. link Several presidents did not attend. Kind of interesting to listen to the past president's speeches.
  13. After having a similar experience 1 year, I no longer schedule Summer Camp during the 1st week. Approximately half of the program areas did not receive their supplies until Thursday.
  14. The mental cleansing that occurs on trips like that is why I camp. You really realize what you NEED when you have to carry it.
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