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  1. scotteg83

    Why are Cub Scout uniforms and universal clothing items?

    For our pack, and my kids when they were in it, We recommend the blue shirt, but if they want a belt, we tell them to get the cub scout belt bucket (not the rank ones). And i have yet to have a scout in the last 8 years buy the socks. Alot of our dens make custom slides instead using the metal ones. As a pack, in the "bridging up" ceremony, our pack provided them with the next seasons necker and slide. Personally, I like the different colors each year, helps separate the different dens on group outings and pack meetings, but unless you have 50+ kids, its probably not needed.
  2. scotteg83

    As an adult, what about my ideas?

    First question I have, are you a leader of the troop? whats your position. Depending on what role you play will determine how your interact.
  3. scotteg83

    Trailer Recommendation

    My Boy Troop has a shed at the Church. Been with the same church for 20 years. Best thing the troop ever did. Specially because we can back the trailer right up to it, and swap out gear for certain campouts. Only down side, a couple years back they allowed the pack to put stuff in it, which as their leadership keeps changing, its hard to have them keep their side neat and organized, and that pinewood derby track is taking a lot of room.
  4. scotteg83

    Merit Badge Workshops and Universities

    Funny you mentioned FingerPrinting MB. My Son earned it at summer camp in under an hour as well. MB colleges are different everywhere. Alot is on the what badge it is. But if its a badge that can be taking at Summercamp, then its not much different then a MB college IMO
  5. scotteg83

    Skit in Underwear - JCPenny

    Might not be an original, but its an old classic.
  6. scotteg83

    Tan Velcro for patches?

    this is the brand and color I have used on multiple shirts, very good color match https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NMUZWP8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Dust Tan by Velcro
  7. scotteg83

    Sea Scouting

    Sea Scouts do not have to have sailing ships. We have 4 in our state that I am familar with. 1 has a sailing ship 1 does canoes/kayaks 1 has a powered motorboat (smaller size) (6ish people sized) 1 has a larger motorboat, medium yacht size (15-20 sized?)
  8. scotteg83

    BSA Adult Application

    MBC is a district position, while ASM is a unit position. Approved by different people
  9. scotteg83

    Troop/Patrol dining flys

    I like that setup. I will have to show that to my SPL
  10. scotteg83

    Women and siblings on campouts

    dug deep pulling up a 9 year old post and no one said anything about excluding a due paying Scout or Scouter from events. The original post asked about an unregistered Mom and underage sibling
  11. scotteg83

    Solutions to letters falling off?

  12. scotteg83

    Solutions to letters falling off?

    it used to be that if you contacted national supply, they would mail you a strip to sew over
  13. scotteg83


    Sent you a mailing address via private message
  14. scotteg83


    Are you looking to Pen pal? or do you need to video conference? I have a Webelos den that could help, ages 9-10
  15. scotteg83

    SM Preventing 1st-Years From Being On Ballot

    I'm surprised the Scouts even cared/knew enough to think they were on the ballet, every year with my scouts, its been a surprise that they are on the ballet.