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  1. How Many ASMs per Troop

    Our unit has maybe 5 ASMs on paper, with 33 scouts. However, I am the only truly active ASM. In the last year, I have been on more camp-outs and troops meets then the others, and because of the SM's new job, I have been to more meetings then he has. So in a true active roll, we only have myself and the SM. The other 4, 1 never seem to come, but his youngest son his aging out, and he was the SM with his older son years ago. 1 is a new crossover Dad that wants to start helping, but hasn't done more then the app and YPT. The other 2 come maybe 50% of the time. Our Advancement chair is probably the most reliable for going on every camp-out, I am a close second, then our SM and CC. The other ASM's maybe make 2-3 a year.
  2. IOLS sign ups

    Sounds like they are trying to be prepared for the new Girls in Troops coming in 2019. But why join a Boy Troop, just to leave and take over a Girl Troop in a year.
  3. District meetings - what's the point?

    we went from Monthly to Bi-Monthly roundtables, it didn't change our participation. The core group will always try to show up, and the ones that don't, wont. Luckily its only 1 town over for me, so I go.
  4. Looking for extra-TALL scout shirt

    its all about torso length, and belly size
  5. Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    Most Auto-parts stores operate that way. There is a liability waiver that must be signed by the group, and then the store will cover everything else. I know some Store Managers will shy away from it because they see it as an "unnecessary store cost", but I look at it as a way to drawl positive attention to my store.
  6. Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    Check with your local auto-part stores. I am a store manager at Autozone, and we will allow any organization do a fundraiser car-wash, and provide everything needed. You just need to make your signs and have people show up. Also, our unit does concessions at a local RV seller's annual open house sale. They know they have to feed their potential customers, so we do the sales and keep the money, they pay for the food and equipment. We do a pancake breakfast as well, a local funeral home donates the cost of food as well. Both of those require startup up money, but are 100% reimbursed, maybe do a small one to build up seed money to afford the bigger ones.
  7. Utah Passes Free-Range Parenting Law

    Awesome for Utah. Not sure what BSA would have anything to do about it? Cub Scouting requires Supervision, I don't see BSA ever promoting unsupervised children
  8. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    Might as well hand out participation trophy's while your at it. Not sure why you would just award Rank without it being completed. They will be in for a world of shock when they age out of Boy Scouts without getting their Eagle, because no one handed them a rank each year
  9. can't say I disagree with this one, makes too much sense.
  10. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    The hardest part I have with the new cub scout achievements is the belt loops. Yeah, you could pre-buy belt loops for all required adventures for your entire den at the beginning of the year, and just pass any extra to the next years leader. But it was so much easier when it was just beads, which we stocked in bulk. Now each rank has 6+ elective adventures that they could earn all of them each year. So do you pre-buy the electives loops, or award those separately at the next pack meeting? We have an advancement chair that currently takes care off all the awards and makes the monthly trip to the scout shop to purchase them.
  11. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    In the Boy Scout world, we recognize rank patches immediately. Then during Court of Honor, we give out the rank card and parent pins. This could easily work in Cub Scouts as well, recognize all awards (belt loops, pins, ranks) during den meetings, and then on Pack meetings just re-recognize Ranks.
  12. Family Scouting Update

    Do you take them to a BSA Summer camp that staff girls as councilors? I know its not the same, but I would assume it has similar issues.
  13. End of Year w/out Rank complete

    You should be giving them at least till the end of the school year to finish their rank requirements. Some units will even extend it till the start of next school year, so they can finish up over the summer. Most rank requirements say to do with your family or den.
  14. Badges - Scouts with Expertise

    It all depends on the merit badge counselor. Personally, I wouldn't have responded the same was at the Sailing one. My son had no issues with Music, just had a note from his Band director showing time in band.
  15. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    I love the hats, just can't find one big enough for my head