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  1. scotteg83

    How to secure Den Chief Cord

    I know the merit badge slash has optional pin to hold to the Shoulder of the uniform, but is there anything for the den chief cord? Maybe its me, but it bugs me every time I see my son's turned around and the metal piece showing.
  2. scotteg83


    The old boy standard was 1 leader in a car was fine, because it still met the no one on one contact. But now that there's girls, it changes the mind set. But it would still meet the no one on one contact. Female leadership would be at the event, just not in each car transporting all the scouts.
  3. scotteg83


    Nope, Haven't seen him since I thought of the question
  4. Nope, but that is my Wife, Daughter, fellow Scout and my District Executive with the hippie hair.
  5. scotteg83

    First Year Scouts Should Parents Attend

    When my son crossed over, he went on 4 weekend campouts with the troop without me. I had signed up as ASM right away, but only came to meetings. I went to summer camp his first summer, but that was for me, not him. In fact, there was very little times we were together. I took a training class the first two days. Summer camp is the closest thing I have to a personal vacation, and I very much enjoy it.
  6. scotteg83


    Just cause I haven't looked into the update. Whats the ruling on Traveling with scouts? If I have an all girl troop, and we are traveling in 2 different cars, can 1 car have a male adult and all girl scouts? Or do I now have to find another female leader for every car?
  7. scotteg83

    Flags for a short ceiling

    Angled stand? I didn't even think of that option! thank you!
  8. scotteg83

    Flags for a short ceiling

    First off, probably the wrong form choice, but whatever... We meet in a church's basement, and the ceiling is probably 7 foot with exposed heat pipes that have a six and a half(ish) clearance. So what do you recommend for our American and troop flags? I almost thought about getting the regular height poles, and cutting down the lower pole piece. Do you know if you can get extra lower pieces? It would be nice to switch back to a full height pole for camping and parades. And I am assuming the 'Traditional" size flag is the 3x5? Thanks for any input.
  9. scotteg83

    Post your great ebay/thrift/yardsale finds

    I have only purchased my first Den leader shirt and convertible pants at full price at the scout shop. Since then, I have grown to 8 shirts for me, 2 for my daughter, and 2 for my son, and combined 8 pairs of pants from ebay, craglist, facebook, and clearance at the scout shop. I think the most I have paid for a newer style shirt was $20 shipped. I also got the red jacshirt when they went on huge clearance awhile back, before they caught on and put them back to $80
  10. scotteg83

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    PACAN was talking about Scout Rank in one day, not getting credit for higher ranks requirements being done before a scout.
  11. scotteg83

    Girls in the BSA

    My daughters troop is charter by a different origination then the 2 local boys units, and meets at different locations. We are a ground up unit, with myself and 1 other as having an Troop experience. We are going to our first Klondike this weekend, and will be the only girl unit there. I foresee in the future that we will NOT be doing joint campouts with boy troops, but will see them at Camporees and Summercamp.
  12. scotteg83

    When/How to Award ranks with new troop

    See, thats what I get for assuming what the large pin was for. Didn't even think about needing paperwork for that as well. I will have to reach out to my advancement chair and see how many patches he really has, and if i can barrow some. I was looking on ebay to see if there was any unused bulk rank deals
  13. scotteg83

    When/How to Award ranks with new troop

    We used matching dues cost to my sons troop. We didn't want to scare away anyone with a high number right off the bat. Once fundraising kicks in, money wont be an issue. But its the little things that a troop wants and does have. We already have homemade neckers and slides. All the girls had to buy unforms (luckily most got handy downs or used ones). But our first campout in Maine is either going to have a high cost for a cabin, or a high cost for startup minimum equipment.
  14. So a little back story first. I am the Scoutmaster for a troop that has been around for 90 years, and sometime in the past, we got a big bag of unused rank patches (back when the Scout badge was brown and not a rank). So for immediate recognition we present the rank patch to the Scouts during closing of that meeting. Our advancement chair then fills out an an advancement report for council, and turns it all in before our COH. Using that advancement report, he then buys the patch to replace our "stock". During the COH, the scouts are awarded their rank cards and parent pins. Now, I have help started a Brand new troop with no start-up money besides dues. The Scouts haven't planed their year or fundraising, so costs have to be kept at a minimum. I know the scout shop sells a bigger pin for immediate rank recognition, but that just seems like a unnecessary extra cost. How does your troop handle this? Do the Scouts keep the pin? or trade it back in for their cloth patch during the COH? Do you Recognize, but not award anything till the COH? Thanks for any thoughts, Scott
  15. scotteg83

    Merit badges for Venture and Sea Scouts

    Cool, Haven't gotten into that yet personally. My kids aren't old enough yet.