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  1. My recent issue at Webelos camp could fall under this question. Last week, myself and 2 other registered Male leaders, took 4 boys and 1 girl to Resident camp. The girl happens to be my daughter. Our campsite was shared by 2 other units. One was all boy and male leaders, the other was a unit that had 5 Webelos boys, and one Webelos girl (the girls of both units shared a tent). SO officially, we had 2 girls in camp, with no female leadership. Now, me being the father of one, did I still need a female leader? The other unit's girl was NOT a direct family member and definitely needed a female leader. Luckily, the Camp Director arranged to have a female staffer over 21 join our campsite for the 3 nights, but it still raised a flag since we were going station to station without female leadership. now that its past, the Camp Director has realized that next year, all female/co-ed units should be in the same campsite with the same rotation periods, so they could go together. (there was 2 other units with female leadership and girl Webelos). So I guess my real question is: If the Scout is my daughter, do I still need to bring a female leader if my daughter is our only female scout attending an event? Another long time scouter told me that as soon as she staid in a different tent, she should have been treated as a Scout, and not a dependent, and proper female leadership should have attended.
  2. scotteg83

    Membership Removal Procedures Booklet

    Charter Organizations can drop you from their Charter, but that doesn't stop you from going to the next unit and signing up. If you think the volunteer should be removed from Scouting, then it need to go through the Scout Executive and they will be blacklisted at National, and will be red flagged if they try turning in more applications through other districts and councils.
  3. scotteg83

    Only six months till girls in Scouts BSA.

    Currently my Daughter is only a Webelos. We are part of an early adopter pack, had 5 girls of mixed ages to start, and now only have 3 (1 lion, 1 bear, and 1 Webelos). We originally only pushed for siblings to get it started. The cubmaster had a spring recruit this past spring, but it failed and no one turned out. My wife (Webelos Girl Den Leader) and I are planning to host a Den Recruitment event to gain our den numbers up this fall. (I am the Webelos Boy Den leader, and only have 3 active boys, 5 total). Right now, I have no troop plans. There is a bigger girl only pack started 40 mins away, and they will be starting a new troop. I feel for a good program, that is worth the drive. They already have a very active female ASM borrowed from the Troop (Woodbadge staff, council training staff, Philmont attendee, National Jamboree ASM), which will most likely become the SM of the new Troop. Also, two towns over from me has another ASM, with a Daughter that is troop aged now, and is looking to start a Linked troop as well. He has another younger daughter that will age into the troop in 3 years. My current cubmaster has a troop aged daughter and is thinking of it as well, but he has no SM experience and personally, I would look elsewhere before joining a troop with him as lead. (nothing on a personal level, just don't see him running a good program without alot of support). So right now, I am letting the older girls start a program before bothering to rush into it early myself. My wife is very supportive, but will never be the SM of a troop and take the girls camping. I only get away with it on the pack level because I take my daughter and there's other female leaders from the dens that cover the G2SS requirements.
  4. scotteg83

    Summer Camp Merit Badge Questions

    SM signs blue cards allowing Scout to start the merit badge, but I don't see how they control who the councilor is.
  5. scotteg83

    souvenir flag for Eagle Scout

    our last Eagle scout received a flag that was flown over our capital, and another that was flown over the White House (or maybe somewhere else in DC).
  6. scotteg83


    Our troop does 3 fundraisers a year, technically 4. 1. Popcorn through council (we split our commission 50/50 with the scouts, but do not do any show-n-sells, take orders only) 2. Concessions at a local RV dealership seasonal open house. They cover cost of food and equipment, so all sales are profit. We schedule the Scouts to work shifts (they volunteer for the time slots) and then a portion of the sales go towards the Scout account, and the rest is for troop expenses 3. We have done for the second year, a pancake breakfast. A local business covers all cost of food, so once again, its all profit. The Scouts pre-sell tickets and get a portion for their account as well. First year it was $8, 6 for the troop, 2 for the Scouts. This year, to help with the high expensive of whitewater rafting, it was 2 for the troop, 6 for the Scouts. 4. Maine has a 5 cents fee on bottles and cans, so the first meeting of every month we promote a in house bottle drive. Last year, the troop earned an extra $400 in bottles. Some Scouts bring 3-4 bags of cans. All the fundraisers are setup by the adults/committee, but the actual event is ran by the Scouts. And there kept "easy" so they can manage doing it, and it doesn't become a "chore"
  7. scotteg83

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    I've purchased a few used shirts with Badge magic, and I even made the mistake of badge magic on my first leader shirt (6 years ago or so). Luckily, I have had great results with Goo Gone, and only a couple old spots are still seen, but you almost have to see it in the right angle/lighting to notice. I just say, let them get it dirty at camp, and you'll never notice again.
  8. scotteg83

    Summer camp hacks/gear suggestions

    Are these better then the thorlos socks that the scout shop offers? I have a couple pairs of those.
  9. Going to summer camp for the second year with the troop. Last year, I spent most the time doing leader training. Looking forward to enjoying my stay more this year. Just wondering what some of you experienced summer camp attendees bring or do to improve your stay? Besides the usual comfy camp chair and coffee mug. thanks Scott
  10. scotteg83

    Thinking I am Going to Step Down

    Being a Den Leader for cubs is easier to accomplish then you think. As long as you have the Den meeting side down. No where is it written that you have to go camping to be a Den Leader. The pack goes camping, and its on the Cubmaster and Outdoor chair(on the committee) to make that happen. Baloo training is not REQUIRED of a den leader, but someone in the pack must have it and attend the campouts. Luckily in our Pack we have 6 people trained in Baloo for that exact reason. Den Leader positional training is online as well, so you don't have to go to a special training event either. So, to answer your reasoning for leaving. 1. Camping- don't have to go 2. Missing special training - all required training of a Den Leader is available online. Any extra in person training is a plus, but NOT required.
  11. scotteg83

    Challenging Scout and his dad

    its a never ending battle. Our pack used to email lot, and then people complained about the amount of emails. So then we cut back. Then they claim they never know whats going on. The new cubmaster has been pushing Facebook messenger, and Facebook page for info, while doing the minimum emails. Even with handouts, it still never gets to everyone. Personally I think he is over doing it with the communication. I am old school and will set the standard with my den parents on the first meeting. I email, to the email address they provide. That's it. Not going to call, text, or facebook group message.
  12. scotteg83

    As an adult, what do you REALLY wear?

    My first uniform as a leader in 2013 was purchased full price, new at the shop. Now I pickup pieces as I go, used. Can't pass up a used shirt in my size for $20 shipped, or $50 pants on clearance for $25. With my multiple positions, I like having a uniform for my district position. I then feel like I am over promoting myself wearing that to my unit event. Seems weird to stand in front of den of new parents and introducing yourself as a Den leader, when you are wearing a different position patch.
  13. scotteg83

    As an adult, what do you REALLY wear?

    Cub Leader Uniform: Setup as a Webelos Assistant Den leader. I wear the Webelos Leader necker and webelos slide. My Boyscout hat from when I first became a Scouter (2013) with my son as a tiger (its the older ones that fade to brown). My shirt is a "used, new to me" black button version. I have my AOL knot, Den Leaders Training Award, and Scouters Training Award. I wear these with the Zipoff BSA pants, and I have some newer Thorlo scout socks. I also have my first JTE Gold from 2013, and my first FOS CPS from 2013 on this shirt. And my Trained patch. I wear the Cub Scout loops and red unit numbers. Troop Leader Shirt: Setup as an Assistant Scoutmaster. I wear our troops neckerchief and paracord slide. I also have a matching Troop hat. My shirt is a newer style. I have the same 3 knots on it. No trained patch yet (waiting on ITOLS). I wear the same shorts and socks (i do have multiple pairs). I wear the Troop loops and green unit numbers. District shirt: I am my District Program Chair. I wear a black BSA necker (larger one), with standard metal slide. I have a Pine Tree Council Camps Hat. I were a long sleeve shirt (newer style with roll up sleeve tabs). I have the same three knots, but device pins to show when I received them. I also wear 3 year pins: orange, green, and blue. I have a BSA nametag. I wear these with the same shorts and socks. I have a special Camp William Hinds CSP to show my support to our local camp. I have the District committee patch and trained patch. I also wear no number unit, and Silver loops. I wear my necker and slide, ever since I took SM/ASM position training. The one thing that stuck with me, how can you expect your scouts to wear it, if you don't. Also, thanks to the Scout shop have some Zipoffs on clearance, I finally picked up 2 more pairs of pants since 2013. I also have a red jacshirt when they went on clearance for 50% off. I also am a uniform "junkie" have have 3 extra shirts in the closet. Haven't decided what to do with them. Got them used at a great price. I think I'll makeup some some minimum patches shirts to become field uniforms when I am at camp.
  14. scotteg83

    What do you want the District to do for you?

    And thats why leaders are afraid to speak up. As a district program chair myself, I try not to have that approach.
  15. I think it depends on who asks me. Our current Cubmaster for my daughters pack is interested in starting a Troop for his daughter (6 grader). He has reached out to me for help, since I am the only ASM in a troop he knows. The man has great ideas, but his tack record on the pack side has kept me from jumping in. Luckily there is a all girl pack within 30-40 mins from my town. They are supported by some amazing ladies, one of which is an ASM for a very traditional troop. I would not be surprised that she becomes the SM of the new all girl troop as a stand alone unit. I am planning to visit with my daughter (first year webelos) and maybe start her there until there is enough support locally to do it properly.