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  1. I am impressed you have 2 girl troops in one city. Ours is the only one for 50+ miles. We pull from 5 different towns right now. I do compete with a boys troop in my area. Within 10 miles, we have two towns and two troops & packs. Every year, my troop seems to "take" a crossover from the other town's pack. Our "feeder" pack never visits the other troop, when the other town's pack encourages it. Might be why those crossover scouts last longer then the "feeder" ones.
  2. scotteg83

    Chapter 11 announced

    I believe the Girl Scouts of USA also had to put out a statement this week stating they are NOT part of Scouts BSA, and NOT having youth protection issues, and NOT claiming bankruptcy. Which proves to the point, one sinking tide grounds all boats. Every Scouting origination in the USA is effected by this. General public cannot tell the difference between Scouting orgs, unless they have first hand experience.
  3. scotteg83

    Chapter 11 announced

    My council has been talking about getting one of their camps sold to a land trust, which would help this issue if it happens.
  4. scotteg83

    Chapter 11 announced

    ditto. Also, now the Lawyer attack add should drop, being as its not a big payday like they hoped
  5. scotteg83

    Which square knots to wear and why

    I make a point to look at knots, pins and full uniform before I start that conversation, just for that reason
  6. scotteg83

    YPT required one year out to recharter?

    Our council has an every year rule. They want to make sure your YPT does not expire during the full charter season, which yours does. Meaning if you do not take your YPT on or before December 5, 2020, you should have no contact with youth, period. On a side note, and maybe its the hard time telling tone on posts, but if this is your knee jerk reaction to something like this, you aren't going to be very happy volunteering in Scouting. Everything comes in last minute, things change with little to no notice. The unpaid volunteers are always the last to know anything, and have to do all the work to make it happen.
  7. scotteg83

    Has anyone had their uniform shirt tailored?

    I did email and got confirmation that you can order 1 shirt at a time
  8. scotteg83

    Has anyone had their uniform shirt tailored?

    is that still true? I haven't seen anything online that shows that. https://mediafiles.scoutshop.org/Media/Ladies_BSA_MadeToMeasureForms_shirt_R2.pdf
  9. scotteg83

    Has anyone had their uniform shirt tailored?

    Would it make more sense to order a custom fit shirt to your measurements? to me, it just seems like to much to rework a current shirt and make it look decent in the end
  10. If Parkman is comparing it to LDS, I dont see how these two relate. But it did last 106 years
  11. scotteg83

    Bikes in Camp?

    our local camp only allows scouts taking cycling merit badge to bring bikes. They also had 1 staff this year with a bike. Besides that, its not allowed
  12. scotteg83

    Parent Reaction to Fee Increase

    wow, whats the fund-raiser????
  13. scotteg83

    Troop t-shirts for summer camp

    Have one from a local camp like that. Ink glows in the dark too
  14. scotteg83

    possible fee increase coming

    I really can't see them being stupid enough to think $100 would fly, from a $33 current cost