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  1. Yeah, I know there’s no true replacement. just was hoping there’s something between Itls and NYLT to jump start their learning
  2. Our local council only runs one NLYT a year, and canceled this year to COVID-19 concerns. We send out SPL and ASPL every year (assuming they haven't already gone). This year our newly elected SPL and appointed ASPL will not have that option. I am really holding out that our Council can pull a late fall or early winter one, but I doubt it will happen. If our local councils offer one in a nearby state, I might be able to send them. But until that is figured out, is there any online training videos, or virtual meetings that might help them to perform better? I have personally witness the growth and leadership our scouts have earned coming out of NYLT. I know they only get out what they put in, and they were good scouts to begin with, but it truly stepped up their game. thanks for any help or thoughts
  3. Don't know anything more than the article says, but I do know Frank Maguire, he's one of our oldest still active Scouters in my council.
  4. yup, thats where my troop was planning to attend
  5. Honestly, I wish you well, but in today's world, I doubt you will make any headway with this. You would have better luck joining/supporting an already existing Boy's only group, then to "invent" your own. Maybe you can get them to re-brand to include Boy in the name (but nothing "Boy Scout", cause that would be taken to court). Starting a ground up program would require 1 to start, and then enough attention to grow
  6. our local council furloughed two out of three District executives, actually terminated by eliminating the position of program director, and may furlough the remaining DE if things stay too long. We are on the verge of canceling summer camp, which is the only real income, and the council is already 1 million in debt to the bank. This will be a hard bounce back for us. We were only 15% through our FOS campaign, and now went to an individual mailed flyer, but no one in their right mind is going to spend "extra" money right now. Our Governor did a stay at home order starting at midnight, which means the registrar will be home without charter inputting access. The Scout Executive is new as of this year, and luckily was temporary living at the training center across the street from the council offices, so I guy he will be a one man show.
  7. I would dare to say the Scout also failed themselves. I know most will only do what they have for options, but you mean to tell me a scout never wants for more and finds like minded people? So you're shocked about the 6 years no summer camp, did you ask the scout if he even wanted to go? Is the scout 18? I would have pushed him to go back to his troop and push the other scouts that its not too late to demand a better program.
  8. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2020/03/18/good-turns-during-the-coronavirus-acts-of-scouting-service-you-can-do-from-home/
  9. I would call local old folks homes and ask if there's anything your scout can do to help. Make videos or cards to send. Maybe they have a special need that you can gather at home and mail in. You can also reach out to animal shelters and see what their need is. You could run a food donation drive with drop off service, so no one has to get out of their car. Social distancing doesn't mean the world stops.
  10. With the current unknown, it was suggest by my committee that we have a backup plan if COVID-19 closes summer camp this summer. We have access to a water front camp for the week. It has its Pro/Cons, but I was wonder what some of you have done in the past to host your own week of camp. The camp will have a cabin with bunks for the adults, and room for the scouts to have tents. Canoes are provided as well. Thanks for any input. Currently we have 14 scouts and 5 leaders planning to go to camp. I am also an ASM for a girls troop, and will offer a similar backup plan for them (just on a different week) Scott
  11. So a big question was brought up with my committee today. Summer camp requires a new med form that is dated no older then 13 months from summer camp's date. Most doctors in our area are cancelling all non-emergency appointments with no reschedule date. Assuming a doctors office wont fill out your part C without a recent enough physical, how are we supposed to get proper med forms in time for summer camp?
  12. As SM, I don't send out anything like that. I think sending an email like that might actually encourage MORE parents to attend. The only part on email for summer camp, is a plug that any adult leader that would like to attend must speak up before a certain time. And a push that they have to be registered and YPT.
  13. Our local camps require all staff to register as a venture unit, which is co-ed, and then covered by proper YPT requirements. This is also a dual registration with no cost for the youth.
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