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  1. scotteg83

    EIN Assistance - bank account needs

    Everyone keeps saying its up to the charter, but they must have missed the part that says "Our Troop is chartered by "Friends of... so-and-so" and NOT a non-profit nor does our C.O. have their own EIN. This I confirmed. So I cannot use the Tax ID or EIN for our C.O." The biggest issue with having a charter being a "friends of ..... group" is exactly this, EIN numbers. Wish I could help more, I know our old cubmaster managed to get a EIN number hassle free when, or so she said, but I'm not sure what steps she took, and now we are under a different charter anyway.
  2. scotteg83

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    As a scout we went to Camp Crooked Creek in Kentucky As a leader (moved to Maine) and so far the last two years we went to Camp William Hinds in Raymond. This coming summer we are going to Camp Roosevelt outside of Bangor
  3. Webelos den leader uniform: Webelos adult necker and webelos slide. We do make themed slides each month that I wear at pack meetings. Scoutmaster uniform: Troop logo necker and either a yellow paracord woggle, or my son make me a 3-d printed yellow Troop 111 slide District committee uniform: Handmade wooden slide, made by a host unit for a district event
  4. scotteg83

    selecting a uniform hat for a new troop

    We had custom baseball caps made with our troops logo and colors. The PLC voted for that to be official headgear for the troop
  5. scotteg83

    Prizes/rewards for popcorn booth sales (Show & Sell)?

    Our pack for the last 7 years, have done this: All show-n-sells were totaled, and then divided by the amount of time slots filled. So ideally, if we had a total of $100 sold, and 10 scouts filled the time slots to make the sales, each would credit $10 towards their sales and add them to their Take order totals for prize ordering. Now mind you, we do $20,000 on average for show-n-sells, and this year had 36 scouts participating, some as little as 1 two hour slot, and one went as many a 19 two hour slots. This years average was $100 per shift, so my daughter that did 15 shifts earn $1500 towards her overall sales.
  6. scotteg83

    What would you do?

    If this kid was getting kicked out of summer camp early, that's probably the same reason they went to Disney without him
  7. When we changed banks with our pack, we had to have a letter from our CO, with their letterhead, stating our Pack and names of those going on the account, allowing us to use their EIN. Hopefully something similar and your last Charter agreement would be enough. Or try another bank, we use local credit unions for our pack and troop.
  8. scotteg83

    Who Works on an Eagle Service Project in Your Troop?

    Ain't that the truth sometimes
  9. I am signed up to do our Councils Wood badge next fall. Looking forward to see it for myself. Tickets might be a challenge for me, I already volunteer in a Pack, 2 troops, and district level. Last years course had 90% of the council staff in it, so of course when it became ticket writing time, they were "influencing" district and council level tickets out of people. Not all people caved, but the ones struggling to think of their own jumped on board.
  10. scotteg83

    Eagle Project question... help

    Could shut up the Project Coordinator by building a shelf to hold the LEGO tubs. But on a serious note, is this Eagle Project Coordinator in your unit, or the district? If he's in your unit, maybe have your Scout reach out to someone on the Committee for a second opinion. Whenever a project is proposed to our Committee, the entire committee will ask questions (to help smooth out details) and lead them in the right direction. And no, its not about building something.
  11. scotteg83

    Who Works on an Eagle Service Project in Your Troop?

    Its the Scout doing the Eagle Project responsibility to find and provide the workforce. No where does it say it has to be fellow Scouts to volunteer. Personally I would encourage an open invitation because more hands could me quicker work. But if they feel they can get it done with a select group, then that's their decision. As a Eagle scout mentor, they should remind the Scout that in a work place in the future, they will have to work with people not of their own choosing, and this would be a great opportunity to get experience in working with a vast group of people.
  12. scotteg83

    High Adventure Ideas for 2020

    Maybe pushing one every year is too much? These trips can take a year of planning and fundraising to make happen, which is why most troops do every other year or every three years on these types of trips. If you pump them out every year, how much input and planning do the Scouts really have versus letting the adults plan it?
  13. scotteg83

    Do I need 2 uniforms?

    I have a spare shirt that has my knots, council patch and no unit number or position patch, makes a good backup shirt
  14. The earlier adopter program for Cubs required a minimum of 5 girls, not sure if that still applies
  15. scotteg83

    Linked Troop Mission Statement

    This is probably going to be more 11-12 year old. At least the core 5 we have lined up are. And we plan to start recruitment focusing on 6th grade and middle school. I would have to look into ILST more. I've heard the term, but I've never seen it happen before. Our currently scoutmaster has done "leadership training" for newer PL's, but I doubt its ILST standard.