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  1. Pack YP equal or double standard

    The password is: F@mily4UnitLeaders
  2. Sounds like next camp out he needs to bring his own deck of cards and find a buddy. If your Husband observed them being rude in response, then it would warrant a different response. Just saying no isn't a crime. You also this has happened once before, but a year or two in the past, so this isn't considered a pattern yet. Big props to your husband for staying out of it and not running to "defend" your son.
  3. Eagle Scout Application Filing Fee

    What council is yours?
  4. Cub Girl Uniform

    This could be the same argument for when Woman joined as leaders. Why did they have Den Mother dresses, and Yellow Den Leader shirts, and now women fit shirts, pants and skits for adult leadership? As big as an organization BSA, I'm sure National Supply has their own department to focus on uniforming.
  5. When our Council does basic leader position training, they charge $5. Itols and Welot were more, don't remember how much. They do a 1 day training blast which includes Cub Basic position training, ASM&SM training and commissioner training or Trainers Edge, usually has $5 cost and bring your own lunch. When our district does the same position training its free. BALOO had a $5 to cover the meal. UoS was only $20 (lunch included) As a Cub Scout Committee chair, we paid for anyone's first time training and UoS (reimbursement style). Now that I am in the troop, it hasn't been brought up yet. But 3 of us did our ASM/SM Training while at Summer camp, which was a free class.
  6. 3D printed Pinewood Derby cars?

    DIdn't know they did Agriculture Our local council did Steam, but A is for Art, as in computer assisted Art
  7. 3D printed Pinewood Derby cars?

    Our council Pinewood derby have their posted rules, stating that race cars will be built from an Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit. I would check with your local council to confirm there is no "extra" rules for District and Council level races, and then modify your pack race rules to match.
  8. Not sure how your local council works, I assumed it was the same everywhere. Friends of Scouting campaigns stay local. 100% of ours goes to our Local council and camps. Only money National sees is our $33 registration fee (maybe that's why it went up?)
  9. Live feed link https://livestream.com/bsa/nationalcouncil/videos/167216449
  10. Our Council has officially voted with the board of directors to allow girls in Cub Scouts at early as April 2018. However, there is training requirements needed before the unit will be approved. The COR, Cm, and CC must sign a document allowing girls into their unit. At that time, all current direct contact leaders have until April 1st to be fully trained in their position (online or classroom). Also, any new registered leader will have 30 days to be fully trained or will be dropped as well. This push was because we do a big even with L.L. Bean in May to push recruitment statewide. Currently any new girl only packs will have to wait till the official launch fall of 2018
  11. New Necker Colors

    As a former cub leader, it made things "easier" when you had 60 kids in a pack, you could separate the dens very easy since they were color coded. You holler "all bears over here" and parents not knowing look at you like you have three heads, you then reply "all blues!" The Hat works in the same way
  12. 60th JOTA Participation down 27% from 2016

    find out who offers the radio merit badge in your district and try to hook up with them that camping weekend
  13. Our closest summer camp has 2 or 3 campsites that have a locked power outlet at 1 platform tent. These are closest to the camp office and staff cabins, so its not a far run for underground cable. This is a newer add on, and I don't think its advertise, this past year, they offered a half week Webelos Resident camp, followed by a half week of Special needs camping, Our local Autistic/Special Needs Troop went for a true camp experience without the hassle of being there for a full week. This was a first for may of those boys. Most leaders I have dealt with in the past either bring a battery box, or go without.
  14. Does your Troop have dues?

    Our Troop dues is $60 (plus $12 if you want boys life) If you crossed over from Cub Scouts, the first year only cost $30 (since your National registration is already covered) Includes (given on your first year) Class B, Custom Neckerchief, scout slide, Custom Hat, Unit number patch (still rocking 85 year patches) Most "normal" camp outs are $20 Out of state or high cost are case by case. Last year they went to Boston for the weekend and did the freedom trail, camped as Hanscom Airforce Base and visited some museums for $60 Summer camp is paid by the scout. We do some fundraising, and 50% of all profits go the scouts individual scout account. Troop gives camper-ships on a case by case basis
  15. How to Deal With Custom Shoulder Loops

    As much as there is Uniform Code in scouting, it cannot stop you from wearing it. Our Council gave the OA "special permission" to wear Purple loops ontop of their normal color (smaller width), but even then, its not up to code.