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  1. The earlier adopter program for Cubs required a minimum of 5 girls, not sure if that still applies
  2. scotteg83

    Linked Troop Mission Statement

    This is probably going to be more 11-12 year old. At least the core 5 we have lined up are. And we plan to start recruitment focusing on 6th grade and middle school. I would have to look into ILST more. I've heard the term, but I've never seen it happen before. Our currently scoutmaster has done "leadership training" for newer PL's, but I doubt its ILST standard.
  3. scotteg83

    Linked Troop Mission Statement

    Some very great points. The only thing on the committee shadowing the troop's. Our 2 females that have already agreed to step up, have no clue on how to run a troop (Positional training will happen soon), nor how to hold a SM conference and Board of Review. They are both Mom's of boys in Scouting, but haven't volunteered for anything on the troop level. The soon to be Scoutmaster has been a popcorn kernel for the pack and nothing else. The potential Committee Chair has been a Assistant den leader for two months now and has no clue on what a Committee Chair does, or how to hold Board of Reviews, etc
  4. scotteg83

    Linked Troop Mission Statement

    Yes, mission statement was the wrong word choice, great call! Explorer club means we can meet starting today, and have insurance coverage from our local council. We still cannot earn advancement, but we can have organized meetings and start learning Scout Skills.
  5. I would like to start off by saying I am looking for help advice or words of wisdom. I am on the start-up committee for a New Girls Troop. We have plans to potentially register now as an Explorer Club, and then transition to a Troop come February. We have the CO and COR on board with the idea. We have a strong troop that was said they would do what is "required" of them to help. Our start-up committee plan to is to approach them with a "mission statement" or plan of action to become temporary linked with them. We would like to use their committee to have our incoming committee (once they are all sourced) "job shadow" until they feel ready to take it on themselves. We have a Mom that is willing to be SM, and enough support with experienced ASM to assist. I am looking for feedback on what to include in our Mission statement. Some ideas I can think of: -Meeting place sharing (Troop uses the fellowship hall at the church, the Girls unit will go into the Chorus room) -Sharing Opening, Game, and Closing (I feel this is only if the Boys PLC agree to this) - over time, this will be moved to our space and done by our girls -Sharing equipment. We are going to recruit and pull from 5 surrounding towns, and plan to approach all 5 troops with an Equipment usage waiver in hopes they will assist as needed. At least until we start to grow our own. -Sharing Committee. We have some ideas on CC, Advancement and Treasurer, but would like them to shadow the troops members. The troop has been around for 85 years, and the current CC and Advancement Chair are probably the best in the area to model after. -Female Troop leadership with sit on Board of Reviews and Scoutmaster conferences to learn first hand experience on how to do their own. Once the girls are ready for advancement themselves, the Boys Troop SM and CC with assist the new Female leadership to conduct their own. -Sharing COH. Until we grow in size, this might be suggested. Or still to small COH to celebrate separately. -We plan to have 2 registered females at all Troop meetings, therefore not pulling any extra requirements from the Boy troop leadership. -We will not push for jointed camp-outs, however, we would appreciate Older boy support on our first couple shakedown runs. We will reach out to all 5 troops on this one. -If both Troop PLCs decided to have a jointed camp-out, that will ok, with the correct YPT rules. Can't think of anything more at the time, but please leave feedback or suggestions
  6. scotteg83

    Qualities of an Eagle

    Not condoning premarital sex, but where in the Scout Oath and Laws do you see anything against it? I can understand Drugs, because it most states its illegal. And it would never be "okay", but I wouldn't hold judgement against them either. I would hope they discussed all the options and are taking the next responsible step.
  7. I attend the Weekly Meetings and PLC Meetings (1 hour prior to each Troop Meeting) as an ASM, I make it to about 90% of all the campouts (Once a month). I attend the Monthly Committee meeting. Besides that, I don't truly spend any extra time as a ASM on it. Our unit is a well oiled machine (so it seems) and has been running smoothly for awhile now (85 years charter). In fact, I maybe stepping up to become SM here shortly, and I don't see my time being added on. Being active on the Pack level is a hole different animal. And I don't include my time as a District Program Chair as time for the Pack and Troop level, that work is on me.
  8. scotteg83

    New Scout Troop

    Working on a similar thing here. Our location 2 packs show need for a Girls Troop, and I will probably be the ASM for it. Don't have any first hand experience on starting a new unit. Do you know if you have an Venturing units nearby that their females could come and give a "crash course" on camping to the new recruits?
  9. scotteg83

    Pack leader dues

    Both the Pack and Troop I am apart of pays for leadership dues. They both have that cost considered in their budget.
  10. since you raised the question, How does going to church show your duty to God? You can practice religion without going to Church. And there are plenty of youth that go to church that aren't Religious.
  11. scotteg83

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    I like them, but when shown on a actual person, they didn't seem long enough, but they are "over the calf". Just seems like they would keep falling down
  12. scotteg83

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    So this is a Webelos camping with the Troop? Not that we had the issue yet, but my daughter is a Webelos, and I am waiting for that issue to arrive (Wife doesn't camp, and shes the den leader, I am just the assistant). However, in our Troop past, we have always required the Webelos Parents to attend the campout. I know its not true YPT coverage, but I would rather have the Girl Camp with her Mom (leader or not). If the Mom will not camp, then there's your out. Family Camping is weird. Its my understanding that I can camp with my daughter, and share a tent, but only if there is a Female Registered leader on site.
  13. scotteg83

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    There was someone on Facebook complaining because their council chose the "crappy" camp for Girls only weeks, and the "better" camp was still boy only. Why should Girls (who are supposed to have full access to the program) be limited in their outings as well. Our local Scout camp did a Venture, Ship, Post, etc week that was Co-ed. They did the merit badges and experiences (not that they could earn them officially, unless they were dual registered as a Scout)
  14. scotteg83

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    The Female rule was part of the early adopter program, which all of our attendees were apart of.
  15. scotteg83

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    I wouldn't even say high hundreds. Most girls I know at the troop age, want to join for the activities. I have only met 1 that wants Eagle (but shes young enough to achieve it properly).