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  1. I think it depends on who asks me. Our current Cubmaster for my daughters pack is interested in starting a Troop for his daughter (6 grader). He has reached out to me for help, since I am the only ASM in a troop he knows. The man has great ideas, but his tack record on the pack side has kept me from jumping in. Luckily there is a all girl pack within 30-40 mins from my town. They are supported by some amazing ladies, one of which is an ASM for a very traditional troop. I would not be surprised that she becomes the SM of the new all girl troop as a stand alone unit. I am planning to visit with my daughter (first year webelos) and maybe start her there until there is enough support locally to do it properly.
  2. scotteg83

    Linked troops won't work

    there goes the chance to do both units
  3. Smart move, good way to make some $$$ I know our council's main camp, Camp William Hinds in Raymond rents out the entire week to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and its a good chunk of change compared to a week of Boy Scouts. Our Boyscout camp runs 5 weeks, and usually only has 1 week at Max capacity.
  4. scotteg83

    Eagle Scout Rank Patch wear after age 18

    Wish I could find a cub's hat that would actually fit my large head.
  5. scotteg83

    When is a Scout "Recognized"?

    Rank Emblems are given out the day off. Assuming we still have some the stockpile. Rank cards and Parent pins are held for a formal ceremony for COH. All merit badges and cards are held for COH POR (SPL, ASPL, PL, APL) are usually given during the COH when they do the pledge. Other positions are given once their term starts. COH are held 4 times a year. First one of the "season" is after Summer camp, last one is before we break for summer.
  6. scotteg83

    Neckers back in the "news"

    You don't? I assumed that becomes a permanent part of the uniform
  7. scotteg83

    Breaking Point

    Well, I guess that's where each troop is different. For mine, I have enough ASM and CM's that are registered and trained, that we could support 4 different patrols on the same weekend. Unfortunately, even my experience as a Scout in the 90's, we never did Patrol only activities. We camped and did all events as a Troop. I cannot say if that was a Leadership controlling issue, or just a inexperience issue on the PM side. Now fast forward to my sons troop. I have encourage him and his Patrol to do Patrol only events. I have entire patrol waiting to do a hike with compass, that the rest of the troop can't seem to agree on. I can understand your point, but like all others, we will have to either adapt our ways, or step aside for someone that will.
  8. scotteg83

    COs without meeting space

    Our pack is currently chartered with a Hospital, but we are massively outgrowing the space for meetings. We are looking into holding pack meetings at the school. Due to connections, we were allowed free access as long as it was during the week, when they have a evening janitor already staffed. (normally any out of school hours would cost us a $30 per hour janitor fee). We used to be chartered by the Knights of Columbus through a Catholic church, but after the KoC dropped charters, we had a hard transition to the Church, specially with their additional Youth Protection requirements (Protecting God's Children training). I was a hard move, since we lost storage (now we rent a storage unit) and lost a large Cafeteria for meetings. The Catholic churches are the biggest in-town, so switching to a smaller church isn't really an option.
  9. scotteg83

    Neckers back in the "news"

    As a cub leader, I never wore a necker past Tiger Leader (mainly because I bought a Tiger leader necker and didn't feel like getting a new one when I moved up). When I moved to the Troop, we have custom Troop Neckers, which at first I only wore to Court of Honors. After taking my SM/ASM training, one of the things that truly struck home to me. How can you ask your Scouts to be in full uniform, if as an adult you don't wear the necker yourself. So after that training, I have worn my necker ever since. I even purchased an adult sized Webelos Leader necker for my Daughters den leader position and a Black and Red BSA Necker for my District Position. Lead by example
  10. scotteg83

    Welcome new moderators!

    welcome! remember, don't forget to feed the moderators
  11. scotteg83

    Breaking Point

    but seriously, a Great SM or ASM, would allow the Scouts to operate the same way they have always been. But just be there for the chance that something bad could happen. I would not spend the time "correcting and yelling" at my scouts. I would save the words of "wisdom" until the end when they do roses and thorns.
  12. scotteg83

    OA membership as a Cub Leader

    I would wear the flap, once you pay dues of course. My cubs love patches, and it should be the same for the leadership (or maybe I am just a patch nerd)
  13. scotteg83

    Breaking Point

    Yeah, I remember him bashing it on another tread for the same idea, but he doesn't seem to defend his words. The Patrol method is still the same patrol method, just with Adult Leadership in attendance.
  14. scotteg83

    Breaking Point

    Patrol Method is being outlawed in October?