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  1. Noticed that requirements #6 and #8 require a parent or guardians approval/help. What if a scout can't get that approval or help to complete these requirements?
  2. Recently received this email from our Scout Executive, Crossroads of America Council: This email is being sent to the Charter Organization Representative, Unit Committee Chair, and Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, and Crew Advisor in units chartered by Methodist churches. Dear Key-3: As you may know, the Resident Bishop of the Indiana Conference of Methodist Churches recommended local churches no longer serve as chartering organizations for Scouting Units after December 31, 2021. We received information this week that has changed that situation. The Church and the BSA issued to the
  3. Wow, I know of several long running packs in our area that would have folded if this bylaw was in effect.
  4. I reuse smartwater bottles when I go on backpacking trips where weight is a concern. Never have had an issue with them breaking. For just general troop 'plop' camping and day hikes I usually take my 5+ year old camelback chute bottle.
  5. Ransburg Scout Reservation, owned by the Crossroads of America Council and located south of Bloomington, IN recently published a series of Covid guidelines for the 2021 summer camp season, covering items from a pre-camp Covid screening to the dining hall.: http://www.ransburgbsa.org/covid19 Most if not all of them have this regarding mask wearing: Masks: ⚜ If the participant is unvaccinated, a mask must be worn at all times while indoors except while engaging in certain activities like eating, drinking, sleeping, or showering. Masks must be worn outdoors when unable to socia
  6. https://troopleader.scouting.org/patrol-leaders-council/#:~:text=In addition to making sure,run by its youth members. At our monthly PLC meeting I usually just inform/remind the SPL of any upcoming events on the troop calendar then get out of the way and let him do his thing. I'm at a nearby table listening to the meeting while doing other things, and am of course available should the PLC have any questions or want my input.
  7. Not exactly a typical internet forum but there is this: http://scouts-l.net/
  8. They don't really have one now, unless you call a large open field area with a couple shelters and archery/bb ranges a wilderness area. The trouble with Camp Belzer is that the city of Indianapolis grew up around it and it is now more of a "urban camp" than anything else. Our troop has camped there a couple times, once for a district camporee and the other for a troop campout. We really didn't really enjoy the experience. Raccoons were rampant and you had the constant drone from nearby interstate 465 to keep you awake all night. The camp is home to a pretty good Voyaguer Canoe Train
  9. Here is a link to a recent Indianapolis Star article stating over 300 Hoosiers have filed abuse claims: https://www.indystar.com/story/news/local/2020/11/16/boy-scouts-assault-claims-indiana/6220598002/
  10. We held our own summer camp in mid-June, right after our state's covid restrictions moved to the appropriate level. Been meeting in person since then, although outside at an open-air shelter behind our CO. They haven't given us a date yet on when we can start meeting indoors, hopefully not long after Labor Day. Had an outing the first weekend of August to a state recreation area. September outing will be at a state park, and hopefully canoeing if we can find a livery that can accommodate us. The livery we have used in the past has drastically reduced the number of trips they a
  11. Ransburg Scout Reservation in Indiana is allowing units who had reservations for the cancelled 2020 summer camp season to register for the same week, same campsite for 2021 beginning 7/1/2020 and running through 7/22/2020. After that any open weeks and site are fair game for other units.
  12. Before the pandemic started our unit had a reservation at Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina. It was for early August to camp for two nights as part of a whitewater rafting trip. Three weeks ago they confirmed to us that our stay was still a go, they just needed a firm head count to know how many of their standing wall tents to reserve for our stay. Then two days ago we get an email from the camp stating that they have changed their mind, no out-of-council troops units will be allowed to stay to ensure they have the space for their in-council units. *sigh*
  13. We are currently discussing running our own sort of mini-camp the same week we were going to attend summer camp. Depends on a number things, one of course parent buy-in as to the safety of such an activity. Will also depends if our state (Indiana) is in the appropriate "stage" as laid out by our Governor and his team.
  14. Crossroads of America Council has just cancelled all their summer camps for 2020, although they are offering an "Adventure Box" option for Cub Scouts and a virtual "Summer Experience" for Scouts BSA units: https://www.crossroadsbsa.org/resources/camp-2020/
  15. Crossroads of America Council released this Summer Camp update yesterday: So it looks like May 4th is now the "decision date".
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