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  1. Ransburg Scout Reservation in Indiana is allowing units who had reservations for the cancelled 2020 summer camp season to register for the same week, same campsite for 2021 beginning 7/1/2020 and running through 7/22/2020. After that any open weeks and site are fair game for other units.
  2. Before the pandemic started our unit had a reservation at Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina. It was for early August to camp for two nights as part of a whitewater rafting trip. Three weeks ago they confirmed to us that our stay was still a go, they just needed a firm head count to know how many of their standing wall tents to reserve for our stay. Then two days ago we get an email from the camp stating that they have changed their mind, no out-of-council troops units will be allowed to stay to ensure they have the space for their in-council units. *sigh*
  3. We are currently discussing running our own sort of mini-camp the same week we were going to attend summer camp. Depends on a number things, one of course parent buy-in as to the safety of such an activity. Will also depends if our state (Indiana) is in the appropriate "stage" as laid out by our Governor and his team.
  4. Crossroads of America Council has just cancelled all their summer camps for 2020, although they are offering an "Adventure Box" option for Cub Scouts and a virtual "Summer Experience" for Scouts BSA units: https://www.crossroadsbsa.org/resources/camp-2020/
  5. Crossroads of America Council released this Summer Camp update yesterday: So it looks like May 4th is now the "decision date".
  6. I don't know how they can start it later in June without either a) cancelling those troops who had early to mid-June reservations or b) move the end of the camp season back to mid-August. Both have their issues with a) will most likely cause a lot of ill-will for those canceled troops and b) being you will lose the majority of your camp staff if the camp season runs much past August 1st. Most public schools here in Indiana start up in early August, not to mention the college aged kids.
  7. This is part of the email that was sent out on 4/3 to unit leaders in Crossroads Of America Council, regarding summer camp at Ransburg Scout Reservation which is located south of Bloomington, IN. After 4/15 the fee goes up by $20, and $20 more after 5/15. This year the summer camp season is scheduled for 5/31/20 to 8/1/20. Since our troop is also not meeting in person, I've told our families to contact me and we can work out a time when they can either drop the payment off at my home or I will come to them if need be. We'll see how it goes.....
  8. Crossroads of America Council's current policies: https://www.crossroadsbsa.org/announcements/
  9. I have a scout who turns 18 in mid May. He only has once merit badge left, and is on target to complete that with no issues. The problem may be his Eagle project. It was supposed to be improvements to a structure at a city park but a recent change in the city park director along with the coronavirus may throw a wrench in his getting it completed.
  10. Our troop has cancelled meetings until at least April 6th, the date our county schools are tentatively scheduled to be back in session. Council says no face-to-face unit meetings until at least April 13th. Our feeder pack B&G/Crossover was supposed to be tonight, now rescheduled for April 28th. We had to cancel this weekend's planned outing to the Louisville MegaCave because the nearby scout camp where we were going to stay has closed until at least the end of March.
  11. I hope this isn't the case. I don't believe a council, say in Indiana, should be forced to sell some of it's assets to pay the victim of an abuse case that occurred in California.
  12. Interesting. I may have a reason to use that 20-30% REI members coupon they always seem to send me around March, about the same time as they release the dividend info. 😃
  13. Our council's method of "fee assistance"? A one-time special popcorn sale with a 75% commission. Of course units have to order the popcorn in advance and hope they can sell it.........
  14. My council, Crossroads of America, just increased their accident & sickness insurance from $1 to $12 a year. So with national's increase our membership fee for scouts more than doubled from $34 to $72 a year.
  15. We have already advertised to our troop families that due to the timing of this increase we are going to have ask them to make up the difference between the old fee and new fee. With the recent announcement that looks to be $27 or so. Our troop currently covers the registration fee and boy's life through a weekly dues system, collected at troop meetings. Will probably have to double that amount come the first of the year............
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