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  1. Looking for any and all tips and suggestions regarding Sea Base St Thomas. Suggestions on lodging for arriving a day early due to flight schedules? Things you wished you brought or left at home? What to expect? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks jjlash! Yes we are going out of NTIER. Did you just put first-aid in its own dry bag? Good call on the duck tape to prevent blisters instead of gloves. By Equinox did you mean Helinox? Had considered taking my Helinox but thought crazy creek ground chair may be lighter and could double as canoe chair? Appreciate your input on the lakes/portages. Hope you have a great trip this year!
  3. Headed to the boundary waters in July. Went once 20 years ago, but looking for tips, tricks and recommendations on your experience. Seems like there is plenty of information on what foot wear to wear and not to wear. But looking for additional information. Favorite Lakes/Portages and why? Waterproof map case vs zip lock bag (do you really need one for each canoe)? First Aid Kit recommendations? Paddling gloves or not? What I wish I brought vs what I wish I didn't bring? Thanks in advance! What did I forget to ask?
  4. Our Troop is looking to update the throwing tomahawks and bow's we use for Scouts. Any recommendations out there? Thanks in advance
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