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  1. Sumberjack Oversized cot an an Alps Mountaineering outback Mat. I sleep better on this than my bed at home
  2. Our Troop used to meet in the main office basement of a meat packing plant. notice the "used to "b now we meet in a classroom at the neighborhood church
  3. I am the Scoutmaster for Troop 112 in Sioux Falls . We are the oldest active Troop in the Council. We aren't very big' just 11 boys right now. PM me if I can help.
  4. When you have twin Tiger Cubs standing with Mom on the steps of the school and they're both crying because you're running late and the thought we wer'nt having Cubs that night .Makes you realize that you might be doing something right and good after all.
  5. We seem to have a revolving door for Charter Reps. It's a position handed to the next willing candidate . They don't seem to stick around long enough to build any kind of relationship with. Another problem me and 2 other leaders see is that our outgoing Scoutmaster is employed by the CO and doesn't want to make waves so to speak. Our Pack meets at the nearby Elementary school the parents refuse to let them come to our Scout room... We meet in the basement of the main office building of a meat packing plant. Not really a place I want 6-10 year olds at either. Picture a door with an asbestos wa
  6. Hello all first post (besides my intro).How many of your Troops/Packs are Chartered by a business ? Not a church or school or even a non-profit. If so what do you do for them and what in return do the do for you ? We're Chartered by a big business that used to be a family style place to work now it's all about the bottom line. They've been our CO for 80 years we are the oldest Troop in town but every year it seems like we are more and more of a burden to them. Anyone else in the same boat ?
  7. That's my first hurdle. The Troop has never had enough boys to do the Patrol method .The Scoutmaster basically ran everything then wondered why the boys didn't know how to do something. I've crossed over 20 AOL boys only 2 are still active..... mine. It seems like once they cross over they loose interest fast when your not doing anything Scout related. I have always kept the Pack active putting the 'Outing in Scouting" I think that's why they...the parents wanted me to take over as Scoutmaster.
  8. Hello,new Scoutmaster checking in . I've been the Cubmaster for our Pack for the last 10 years. The SScoutmaster for our Troop is retiring and I have been asked by the other leaders and parents to take over as Scoutmaster. I have always helped out with Troop activities. But this is my first leadership role in the Troop as the old saying goes " This ain't Cubscouts". I look forward to learning and growing as a leader but a little scared at the same time.
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