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  1. Per the article he became Life Scout in February and started the project in March.
  2. This Life scout did not receive the rank of Eagle Scout due to a Technicality. He did not achieve the rank of Eagle Scout because he did not meet all the requirements to earn the rank of Eagle.
  3. ValleyBoy

    Membership Removal Procedures Booklet

    Correct. The SM of my troop informed me that he had contacted our Scout Executive about a volunteer that lived in our district but was registered in our neighbor district that name was in our local newspaper that had been charged with child abuse. The SM called because it was his duty to report to the council that this volunteer had been arrested and charges had been filed against the volunteer. The volunteer has been removed from the program by the Scout Executive. The SM and myself really like this volunteer and knew him as an asset to the scouting program and hope that there is nothing behind the charges against this volunteer.
  4. ValleyBoy

    What do you want the District to do for you?

    As the father of a special needs daughter and a adult unit leader about the only thing the district/council can provide is assistance in advancement changes for the special needs scout. This process thought the same the changes will be different depending on the special needs of the scout. Also the accommodations within the unit for the special needs scout have to be looked at on a case by case manner.
  5. ValleyBoy

    Lost signed Project Workbook

    If he has the rest of the workbook except for the signed copy he can go back and ask the persons that signed the original copy to resign the replacement signature page.
  6. I feel like the root to this problem is the brake down of the family unit that has taken place within our society. No one wants to take responsibility for there own actions. No ones seems to get the point that there actions affect not only them but there children and there grandchildren. It is a never ending cycle that does not end until someone decides to put there foot down and take responsibility for there actions. Just my opinion, but there is not one thing any of us can do to fix this problem except be a good role model to the different kids that we come in contact will and hope they decide to put there foot down in there life.
  7. ValleyBoy

    As an adult, what do you REALLY wear?

    My first SM only wore long pants, but this was due to him losing a leg in Vietnam. Second SM who was a Korean war vet also only wore the long pants. But I did know a lot of adults that did wear the garters and tabs during the summer. Never saw them without the garters and tabs while wearing the scout short pants. Being from the southern US as the weather heated up you would see about as many scouts with short pants with garters and red tabs as you would see with the long pants. The red boy scout tabs is the only color I remember seeing. When the uniform design was changed in about 1980 to the tan shirt the long socks were changed to green with a red band at the top of the socks which end the garters and tabs. I still have by olive green shirt from the late 80's that I wear to scouting events from time to time.
  8. Already can join but since they identify as a boy they would be seen as a male youth scout.
  9. ValleyBoy

    McDonough, GA gunfire reported at Cub Scout campout

    Sounds about right. Just looking the state of Georgia Laws it is not against the law to discharge a firearm on your own property as long as you are not within 50 yards of a road or street, pointing the firearm at someone, or intoxicated.
  10. ValleyBoy

    Linked troops won't work

    Correct, From discussions with our troops unit committee we as a unit would be open to having a linked troop that could meet even on the same night as our present unit but our CO would have to be approached by adults that are willing to start and take the leadership role of the new unit. As a boy's troop we would be willing to assist the new unit in training of there adult leaders and possible join activities just as we would with any other scout troop.
  11. To answer your question, yes I would assist in getting the troop started. But in my area every Pack and Troop is dependent on the Adult leadership. Packs (CM, Den Leaders), Troops (SM, ASM) most of the CM are parents. Units in my area fold because of losing this above group. If it was left up to the CO to recruit and replace unit leaders NO leaders would be replaced and the unit would fold. Units with very active CO involvement with the units is rare in my area. They are willing to let units meet at there location but do not take an active role in most cases in the running of the unit.
  12. ValleyBoy

    LDS Question

    I did not take it that away. Church I attend is the same denomination as the Troop's CO, also the two churches are located within one mile of each other.
  13. ValleyBoy

    LDS Question

    No reason to change my Church membership at this time. If I did feel lead to make a change I would have no problem moving my Church membership to my present Troop's CO.
  14. ValleyBoy

    LDS Question

    After reading some of the comments made by some members of LDS sponsored units I have a few questions since I am not familiar with the setup of the LDS Church. As an outsider looking in I can see why the LDS Church would change there youth program for the entire Church from the BSA program so that there Churches not located inside the US could all use the same program. My understanding at this time is that the leadership of LDS units are appointed by the Bishop. I was told this by an LDS member several years ago and that a member of a Woodbadge class from an LDS unit that I was a staff members of had to have the permission of the Bishop to attend the Sunday session of the Woodbadge course. The LDS member that told me this was a member of the WoodBadge staff but also registered with a non-LDS scout unit. I know that Churches such as Southern Baptist, United Methodist and others have there own youth programs that they use at these Churches. These Churches see the scouting program as an outreach program that the local Church can use along with there main youth program. I have been involved with units were the only adults that were members of the CO were members of the unit committee. Personally I have never been a member of the CO for any scout that I have been a member off. Question #1 Will local LDS Churches be allowed to be the CO of scout units under the present LDS Doctrine ? Question #2 The main reason I am a volunteer inside the scouting program is to reach youth that do not attend Church. Very few of the youths of any unit that I have been a member of have also been members of the CO. Do present LDS units have non-LDS youth members of there units?
  15. ValleyBoy

    And yet more changes - even Pedro is not spared

    I thing you are putting words into someone's mouth. Are you asking father & step father or Man/Man marriage because the answer would be different for both to be a registered adult with our unit per our CO. Now the youth from all of the above would be treated the same.