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  1. I feel the same way as you do Shortridge. Do we tell a 16 year old scout that has drivers license that they can not drive there self to a merit badge university because the unit cannot supply 2 deep leadership to the event and there parents have to be at work. No we do not. I sure do not want to be the one to tell the scout he cannot attend
  2. Let me ask a question. Is the unit in compliance if the registered adult female leader was in the adult campsite with no youth in that campsite and 2 registered adult male leaders were in the youth campsite over 100 yards away out of sight of the adult campsite instructing a scouting skill. If this is a violation of YP there would be YP violations at every council and district activities such as camporees and summer camp where a registered adult female was not present each camporee event or each merit badge class that had a female youth taking part in the event or class.
  3. Female or Coed units have to have at least one adult female at all unit activities to meet the YP guidelines. An Eagle Board is not a unit activity but a district/council activity.
  4. We do the same in our district..
  5. ValleyBoy

    Pan de Campo (Dutch oven)

    In Alabama we would call that one very big biscuit.
  6. In the Eagle process there a 3 different times that the scout has to go for a review. First. For approval of the Eagle Project. Second Review of the Eagle Project Third Eagle Board of Review. On every Eagle Board of Review that I have been a member off when have done the second and third one at the same time. In some Councils their procedure could be that each of the 3 above is done at a separate time or it could have been in Brian's case that he had completed his project and the second review was held then the third and final board was held later after he completed other requirements for Eagle.. Example. One month into being a Life Scout Eagle Project is approved. 4 months as a Life Scout Eagle project is completed and presented for approval. 2 months later Eagle Board of Review.
  7. ValleyBoy

    Girls in the BSA

    The bolded above is where I see the troop that I am a member of being in the future. The only activities that the troop takes part in that will change is summer camp which has had girl members of the camp staff which will now include girl troop that could be attending camp the same week as our troop.. The only other activity that the troop take part in is a Camporee the last weekend in January which will now include all girl troops which will not be a major change since for the past several years there have been venture crew with girl members that have attended this event.
  8. ValleyBoy

    How should I help my boy?

    Thread on why her son was suspended from the troop for 6 months.
  9. ValleyBoy

    Yet another change...

    The only time I have even had to use my membership card was for the discount admission price for the National Scout Museum over 6 years ago.
  10. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    This issue comes down to just issue. as I see it, Is there a higher power or is there no high power. A true atheism belief is that there is no higher power. The Scouting program is based on the belief that there is a higher power since "to God" is included in the scout oath and "Reverent" in the scout law. For the scout program to remove the belief that there is a higher power would be a complete change in the core values of the scouting program.
  11. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    The main reason I am involved in the scouting program is the values taught within the scouting program which I see as falling inline with my own religious beliefs. Within the scouting program I do not hide my religious beliefs but I also do not push them onto anyone else that is a member of the scouting movement. If a scout asks me about my beliefs I will share my beliefs with them, then let them make there own decision.
  12. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    Also I do know that he has completed Scout requirement 1f. Repeat from memory the Pledge of Allegiance. In your own words, explain its meaning. I do not believe he was required to stand at attention and salute while repeating the pledge.
  13. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    Yes he has the flag on his uniform. We have required him to stand at attention during the pledge and the rest of our Troop opening along with everyone else at the meeting. We have not told him that he has to say the pledge or salute during the pledge.
  14. ValleyBoy

    And so it begins

    We have a Jehovah Witness that joined our troop several months ago. His grandmother informed us that he does not say the Pledge of Allegiance or salute the flag since in there Church they see it as Idol worship. She has been told that in our Troop we will salute the flag while saying the Pledge of Allegiance, This is one point in the scouting program that we will not change as a unit. Also as adult leaders of the unit we have informed the unit committee that as leaders of the unit we will hold this youth to the same requirements for advancement as the other scouts when it comes to the subject of the Pledge of Allegiance and any Flag ceremony that the Troop takes part in.
  15. ValleyBoy

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    Camp Comer, Alabama 1972 Camp Pine Mountain, Georgia 1974 Staff 1975-1977