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  1. Thanks for that, Fred. Certainly puts things in the light that I understood them to be all along. It seems clear to me that the BSA did the best it could in keeping track of harmful people. I wonder if they still maintain such a list or have abandoned it due to potential liability?
  2. I've been reading about this, and evidently there is significant liability that could fall on the individual board of directors if a troop self-charters by making itself a 501c3. In addition, the problem is that the BOD will constantly be changing as parents come and go in the troop. But whatever we do we need to move away from counting on external charter organizations propping us up.
  3. Well what was the point of having the pervert files?!?!
  4. Both things can be true. There has definitely been an ongoing attempt to undermine American institutions for most of my life. Anything that promotes patriotism and pride in America is under attack. "Nationalism" is now a dirty word. There are many who want to see institutions like BSA fail. A nation full of people who do not love their country is easy to divide. As for the child abuse, I personally think the BSA did the best it could in the times it operated. The earliest entry in the P-list is like 1912 or so. There were no computer databases back then - even into the 70s.
  5. The Scout Oath and Law are fantastic, and have been fantastic guidelines for decades. They were good enough for decades, and they are good enough now. I was having a discussion with one scout and he said something like, "Aren't we already including everybody?" And I said, "Yes. The Boy Scouts is one of the most inclusive organizations you will ever find. The Scout Oath and Law pretty much guarantee it." I don't think anyone is afraid of having conversations about differences. What people have a problem with is when the differences start being used as metrics for enforced equality
  6. Based on the conversations I've had with Scouts, and listening in to others while they were taking the merit badge, there is a situation, and the kids know it. In fact, given the often-cagey responses from the adults concerning the badge, they know it, too. Most worrisome is that people are clearly afraid to talk about it openly. Because it is. Not only that, it is, in my estimation, immoral. The merit bade speaks to "equity" and "equality". In the context of organizations with DEI efforts, these always, always end up being punitive in nature. The left has done a fantastic jo
  7. The best way to help with this situation is become a merit badge counselor for this badge so you can make sure it gets taught properly.
  8. This whole thing reminds me of how strange it is that troops need a charter organization at all. They should be able to self-charter and just rent a meeting location.
  9. Traditionally and historically, churches have been exempt from certain kinds of taxes.
  10. Girl Scouts is also suffering declining numbers. It's a shame.
  11. I personally don't have a problem with the fees. BSA has been hammered with this lawsuit. It costs money to run BSA. Everything is more expensive these days. Scouting is in decline, so the burdens will fall to fewer to pay.
  12. There is no doubt that our history has led to where we all are today. The past created our present. So a lot of people today are behind the eight-ball from the outset. It will take generations to right the ship. But, we've now also had generations of a relatively level playing field. My parents, born in the mid 1940s, were born poor. My dad's family had to get water in a bucket from the neighbor to flush their toilets. My mother was slightly better off but they did not own their own home when she was growing up, had ice delivery long after refrigerators were mainstream, and had no h
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