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  1. Girl Scouts is also suffering declining numbers. It's a shame.
  2. I personally don't have a problem with the fees. BSA has been hammered with this lawsuit. It costs money to run BSA. Everything is more expensive these days. Scouting is in decline, so the burdens will fall to fewer to pay.
  3. There is no doubt that our history has led to where we all are today. The past created our present. So a lot of people today are behind the eight-ball from the outset. It will take generations to right the ship. But, we've now also had generations of a relatively level playing field. My parents, born in the mid 1940s, were born poor. My dad's family had to get water in a bucket from the neighbor to flush their toilets. My mother was slightly better off but they did not own their own home when she was growing up, had ice delivery long after refrigerators were mainstream, and had no h
  4. Of course, but that is the bulk of it, and what matters to the kids.
  5. I want to clarify here: I am not saying there are not differences between boys and girls. Of course there are. What I'm saying is that with regards to activities in scouting, there is no difference between boys and girls. In other words, there is nothing in the Scout Oath or Law or scouting activities like hiking, camping, watersports, etc. where your sex makes any significant difference. There is essentially one prerequisite for participating in scouting: enjoying outdoors activities. If you enjoy outdoor activities, then scouting will appeal to you, regardless of your sex.
  6. I disagree with the idea the idea that "only boys are interested in action and adventure" and "girls are interested in planning menus". I think the "action and adventure" available through Scouting appeals to boys and girls equally. I also disagree with the assessment that logistical planning is not in the boys' "wheelhouse". I can't think of a single Scouting activity that wouldn't appeal to outdoor-oriented girls the same way it appeals to outdoor-oriented boys. I do not think this is an issue in mixed-gender Scouting.
  7. I fully expected Scouting to go co-ed when they started having girl troops. On one hand, I believe that we are in an era of equality now and not only do girls deserve to have the same opportunities as boys in Scouting but boys need to learn how to function in a co-ed environment of equality. More women than men go to college now and so most men will be working for women in the near future. On the other hand, there is absolutely no denying that boys will behave differently in co-ed environments. Boys will "macho up" when there is the possibility of looking weak in front of girls. I
  8. I think any "goals" that relate to group identity are woke and unnecessary. Scouting is Scouting. It appeals and us open to everyone from all races, creeds, and nationalities who believe in the ideals of scouting. As long as this attitude is preserved, then the chips fall where they may, and everyone who wants to participate can. That's not a risk, that's pretty much a certainty. DEI always ends up chasing arbitrary target numbers, and they will monkey with things however they can get away with to then achieve them. Maybe, DEI will be content with outreach programs to advert
  9. I have no idea what OAN is nor do I see what "Antifa" has to do with this. I agree, the current incarnation of the new merit badge is fairly tame. But there is a saying: "Once you let the nose of the camel in your tent before you know it you have the whole camel in your tent." All of this woke stuff was pretty tame years ago and look where we are now.
  10. I've actually considered becoming a merit badge councillor for this badge just so I could make sure it gets taught properly.
  11. Time will tell. Every DEI I've ever encountered does these things. It's why they exist. I just can't believe this woke stuff has penetrated the Boy Scouts of America of all things.
  12. Let's not conflate charity - voluntary giving, with forced giving. Our troop has funds to help kids who may be financially unable to do things. This is totally different from the aims of DEI as I have seen it elsewhere where the objective always ends up enforced equality that comes at an involuntary cost to others, and usually results in demonstrable negative effects for the non-beneficiaries (driving everyone towards mediocrity). DEI groups always seek to justify their existence. This means right away they start tracking numbers so they can point out inequities. And then the follow-o
  13. Like I said, "If your idea of equity/equality means that everyone has the right to participate in something and give it the old "college try" with whatever they came to the game with, then sure, that's my idea of equity/equality." It's your responsibility and (and your parents, and their parents before them) to build up generational excellence to gain the advantages thereby. It's not anyone else's responsibility to take a handicap to make someone else equal in the starting lineup. The whole point of building generational excellence is to make sure that you get a head start in the race.
  14. Oh I know what "equity" is supposed to mean. That's why I said: At face value, everyone should love equity - equality. The devil is in the details, though. If your idea of equity/equality means that everyone has the right to participate in something and give it the old "college try" with whatever they came to the game with, then sure, that's my idea of equity/equality. Everyone deserves a shot at the prize. That's equity to me. But today, "equity" has been co-opted to mean something else entirely. Equity now generally means "equity of outcome" (or sometimes "equity of opport
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