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  1. Buggie

    The liability of being a Boy Scout Leader

    On a related question, one of the things I hear about is where a case is dragged on through the courts, in the hopes that the other side will finally cave or reach settlement in order to stop the constant drain due to the costs of keeping the litigation alive. Is this a frequent thing for cases we might face in the BSA?
  2. Buggie

    Tenting: 2 years apart

    I don't have the link, but there's a scout trek in the Big Bend area of Texas that has a week long adventure riding horses and camping. My son's old troop is attending this year.
  3. Buggie


    I can't speak for your council, however my council filters that through the process it follows up the chain and it will be added as time goes on. Your council will control the speed of that initially. Either it will be there as fast as paper can travel, somewhere in between, or you're going to tie with a sloth carrying a turtle.
  4. Buggie

    Best comfort items & traditions for summer camp

    Just bunching them down? I can see that, I think. Not sure though. Any idea how it helps keep away the dirt and chiggers? Really curious as I love new things that work and I like to know how it does it.
  5. Buggie

    What color is your Class B ?

    our troop sports 3 shirts in different colors: red, grey, and blue. Grey being near white, but not quiet there... for that patriotic affect. Also recently branched into hoodies. I feel it is a bit overkill.
  6. Buggie


    Yah, the troop I'm with has a designated necker. However I'm nearly certain that this is because adults decided it at some point. That's a whole other issue with adults mouthing the words scout lead while doing the opposite. Something I hope to change course on with assistance in the future. I've no problem with the necker, per se. I don't like that it's so small on my adult frame, but that's the situation with being adult size. I don't care for the slide, but I can make a woggle if I so wish, so I'll do that some day. In this troop, nearly all of the adults wear the approved necker whenever we are in uniform. If they don't, its only temporary for whatever reason. And some are wearing another sanctioned necker (wood badge, eagle, etc) depending. I really appreciate the scouters who wear their neckers and their beads together. That's dedication there. However about 1/3rd of the scouts don't wear the necker generally. It comes and goes in fashion depending on who in the troop is wearing it. The older scouts stop wearing it as they exert their independence or if they become sloppy, and thus the younger scouts think that's the way to go. Some have lost it or whatever and aren't interested in asking for a replacement. The fun is when we get some good scouts in charge and they wear the necker proudly. It causes the other scouts to start wearing theirs too. That's the current status this year. I'm pleased as punched about it. Nearly all the scouts are currently wearing it.
  7. Buggie

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    The uniform is not required. Not even when in front of the Eagle Board. It serves a purpose and we want our scouts and ourselves to be in the appropriate uniform to the best of our ability. But again, not required.
  8. Buggie

    Trailer Recommendation

    My son's troop has a small trailer. That along with a pickup for when needed ensures they have everything they need. I'm all on board the idea of small trailers. My troop (different from my son's) had their trailer stolen a few years ago. There was a rash of trailers being stolen in the region (which I share with another poster here), and a lot of scout troops were suddenly missing not only their trailer, but they also stored all their gear in them. My troop has a storage room, so most of their gear was in there. Unfortunately, they had also recently returned from a camping trip, so not all their gear was saved. Long post in short bullets. 1) If you have a trailer, practice unloading it after camping trips and reloading it before then. 2) Do your best to secure it. We have a chain and bolt sealed in concrete. If you aren't aware of it, boom goes the axle if you try to haul it away. 3) What you can haul sets the tone for your camping like Eagledad said. Adults are really lazy folks, as we like our comforts so we're willing to carry everything. 4) Big trailers mean you're required to have something to haul it. If you don't have the ability, you're in trouble. Usually not a problem for us, but now we're down to two folks with the trucks capable of doing the hauling. 5) There's a summer camp in the state that has a huge grade going down into the camp and coming out. I've not been there, but my SM talks about how many folks tend to ruin their transmissions because of it. 6) After our trailer was stolen, it of course made big news in the region. And a company stepped forward and supplied a new trailer with custom paint job etc. It's a beautiful trailer with shelves and everything.
  9. Buggie

    Sea Scouting

    Similar to what we have here in Oklahoma City. A large enough lake and good wind. Oh and a star to sail by.
  10. Buggie

    Privacy of Health Forms

    Good idea on that backing packing point. Having it readily available is important.
  11. Buggie

    When Do Girl Topics Move to Open Discussion?

    We had our spring ordeal a few weeks back. All the under 18 girl candidates were put into their own clan. Adult women were embedded in the various clans the same as everyone else from Venture Crews, Scout Troops, and Scurvy Sea Scout... whatever their unit names are matey. LOL Arggghhh. I can honestly say I didn't hear any negative comments anywhere about girls who were candidates. Could have been because we were going through the ordeal and couldn't talk.... But honestly, there just weren't any folks who were expressing negative attitudes. If they had them, they probably weren't there to begin with or knew to keep it to themselves.
  12. Buggie

    Need a Cot or...?

    I have a hand me down cot from Bass Pro Shops. It's alright, but the plastic feet have a habit of wandering off. I'd like to get something better someday, but one can't knock a free and serviceable cot. I saw this somewhere out there in the internet world and I do it for my cots when I put them on a tarp or in a tent. Luckily I know some folks who play tennis and have a lot of cast off tennis balls. Take a tennis ball, cut it open to make a little pac-man for each cot foot/leg. (watch that blood circle! I had scouts trying to get close enough to see what I was doing.) Place the foot/leg of the cot into the tennis ball. Instant weight distribution in the feet that won't tear into the tarp/tent floor.
  13. Buggie

    Need a Cot or...?

    $400.....for a cot....that's like, aluminum poles and a piece of canvas. And that's $400? I could buy 10 regular cots for that. Of course, then I'd need a bigger tent....(and some more friends)... It is cheaper now. Around $250 or so, with alternative brands available. Not something I'll get soon, as I've got other gear I want first. Specifically a tent of my own other than the family giganto tent.
  14. Buggie

    Need a Cot or...?

    Has anyone tried those super low to the ground cots? I'm a side sleeper with a cpap hose. I was wondering about making an under-quilt for the cot for the cold months and the low to ground cots look better for winter than the normal height ones. For me, the cpap doesn't lend itself well to hammocks and we don't always camp where there are good hanging spots. Oh, and my hammock rope broke with me in it. Gravity works!!! But I do enjoy them for afternoon "rests".
  15. Buggie

    When Do Girl Topics Move to Open Discussion?

    I'm sure it will take time for the buzz to die down. Old items still resurface for a while, Evan after years go by. Our UK friends have stated it takes a while for it to become the norm. It is a new world and we all have to grow with it.