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  1. Buggie

    What is the protocol?

    Do let us know how it plays out. I think I speak for everyone that we love to see how things work out, especially if they get resolved to your satisfaction. All of us are very motivated in supporting the kids to be within scouts.
  2. I fell in love with tech shirts a few years back. (and my troop moved to them for their class B.) And I love having the long sleeve tech shirts for sun protection and for an added layer in cold weather. I think uniforms are a great thing, but sometimes I feel folks are too hung up on them. I certainly don't endorse where there's a new uniform pieces you have to purchase every time you move up a year through the programs. It's bad enough for the kids who go through those growth spurts. The talk in the other (or is it this?) thread about new neckerchiefs as the cub scouts move up makes my eyes roll.
  3. I get why people feel that the magazine name change shouldn't have happened. Still I wonder, would you feel comfortable reading a magazine for the program if it was titled, "Girls Life"?
  4. Buggie

    Committee Members for BORs

    For years as a parent I kept asking what the guidance for BORs was. I never received a good answer. More of a "follow along and you'll get it". I hated that answer because different people did different things and what I saw didn't really make sense to me. No one ever told me that there was training out there for what to do in a BOR nor did it appear they new themselves. They followed along with what they saw done before them. As a parent I didn't know I could even participate in any training. When I switched over to a volunteer role I took all the training for SM, CO, and the Committee Member and of course, read the guide to advancement you posted. I discovered from that training that people really have no idea what a BOR is supposed to do. I plan to talk with some folks about that when I can get a nice one on one, to see if I can nudge it towards what the program states and not a retest or uniform inspection etc.
  5. Buggie

    Just curious about background

    In favor, with some concerns about how it all will work out but no reservations about it. I was a Webelos Scout and Boy Scout from the late 70's. And yes, I wore the long socks with garters/tassels, but I wore a garrison cap. I did not stick with the program.
  6. related/unrelated question. Is there a date for a new handbook for 11-18 scouts to arrive? (not sure how to state that without saying boy scouts and being clear enough that I"m not talking about the various cub scout programs, LOL)
  7. Buggie

    Breaking Point

    I'm fairly new as a scouter, having transitioned from being a parent who volunteered when there was a need to be met. A change of job expectations of being available 24x7 regardless allowed that to happen. My kids are still below 18, but one's turning that magic age this year. I'm old enough that most men my age are within the "grandpa-hood" phase of their life, so I'm more mellow and experienced in some things. And I'm quite capable of not being mellow and certainly I have a lot of things left to learn. Yet I do have some breaking points. If I find I can't assist in some way then I'll bow out. Corollary to that is if I'm more of a hindrance than a help, it's time for me to go If the troop I'm with turns exceptionally sour or goes into an adult led type of direction that I can't some how turn back to scout lead? I'll find a different troop.
  8. Buggie

    Motivation Quote of the Day

    Be a leader, not a superior. - Toyotomi Hideyoshi
  9. Like @qwazse mentioned, I carry a brief case most places because it is part of my job 24x7. If it isn't on my person, it's in my trunk hidden away from sight. I carry basic office supplies, wet wipes, basic meds, cords, pocket knife, and magnifying glass. (because the print keeps getting smaller) Also in my trunk are some work gloves, first aid kit (changed out every so often), mug, a collapsible stool, tarp, cordage, stakes, multi-tool, blanket, emergency rain poncho, hat, Frisbee (gives scouts something to do), and a comfy folding chair. The thing I use most out of my trunk is my chair.
  10. Buggie

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Thank you! I'm here all week. Remember to tip your wait staff.
  11. Buggie

    BSA Executive Salaries

    He's DEad.
  12. Buggie

    Breaking Point

    Completely agree on all your points @cgail. WB isn't scout craft and definitely IOLS is shorter now than it used to be. There's more to be taught than can be fit in the time allotted, even if you can stop a scouter from straying off topic. However I think they might be expecting us to pick it up either ourselves or with our troop. However in some troops, there's not a whole lot of experience going on. Some troops have it and apply it with different programs for the scouts to pick and choose what interests them (climbing, canoeing, backpacking, hiking etc). Other troops are a bit lean on the experience and get by with just camping.
  13. Buggie

    Breaking Point

    yah, I completed IOLS recently and there were a number of folks in there who had been in WB already. They were all from the cub scout side of the fence and crossing over as it were. I can't speak to their abilities as none of them were in my patrol so I didn't get a chance to know them all that well. I can say that they didn't have the basic scout craft down when it came time to demonstrate their knowledge.
  14. Buggie

    Summer camp - too many adults?

    I find camp a great place to do some service, do some training, and generally take some time to work on my sitting skills or how to talk to other adults skills. As far as adult/youth ratio? Yah, it depends (I wonder who said that before? Oh, yah, everyone,) I think a 10 scouts to 1 adult being a good norm, with a minimum of 2 required. One of the things that it depends on is how much of a need there is to be with the scouts. Typically you don't need to do anything as the scouts will take care of themselves. Maybe the first day to show the new scouts where to go if an older scout isn't available. Not being the SM or CC, it is very difficult to do the other thing which it sounds you need done. Keeping the well meaning adults away from the scouts and letting them do their thing. But yes, try to engage the adults in activity away from the scouts.
  15. We use "group me" for troop communication, with one for everyone and another for PLC. MB is a different thing altogether. I'm not sure what is the best thing to use outside of email.