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  1. Buggie

    possible fee increase coming

    Except of course, that the scout has to show leadership and you'd have a tough time selling that leadership of one counts.
  2. Are you asking about team performance or public perception?
  3. Buggie

    Council lost application

    My council is notorious for losing paperwork. Most often, it isn't lost per se. More that the form is lacking some information or something is incomplete or not checked off, so instead of communicating the situation back to the unit/individual, they toss it and you have to figure it out months later and submit new paperwork. And likewise, even when it is received and processed, that isn't always updated on the right systems. Add the fact that some committees are horrible at following the status of things online and you can have situations where a leader is not official registered for over a year, even after paying rechartering etc. So ask me how I feel this whole re-do of background checks are going to go? My troop wasn't aware it was going to happen and as of last week, they didn't have a plan for a mass collection of the forms etc. I can see units having big problems with lost background checks.
  4. Buggie

    possible fee increase coming

    I brought up the subject of fee increases to the SM/COR in my troop and they had no idea it was coming. Desertrat77 and I share the same council, so I'm thankful he stated that council is clueless. At least now I know why my troop hasn't heard anything yet. My troop and myself like so many others, can not generally absorb sudden fee increases. I tend to do long term planning to avoid the sudden major fees, like summer camp. If I plan on going next year, I drop $20 a month into my scout account so that I can stay ahead of the wave. However when my son was in scouting, we didn't do that for him though we should have. My troop already charges the scouts more than the standard $33 for recharter. I don't know how parents will react to a substantial increase.
  5. Buggie

    The Frugal Camp Menu

    Not sure what time machine you've used, but unless you're talking "fun size" that price is way off. Hey, it's near Halloween. Forage that way. LOL
  6. I would add that for a training hike, you want them to be hauling gear like they would be for the later, more difficult hikes. A light pack sounds good, but if you aren't used to the weight you're going to be carrying later, it might be a surprise. Also the 5 mile hike should be as if you've got the full set of gear. Nothing helps shed pounds like realizing you don't need everything you thought you needed.
  7. Buggie

    Completed MB?

    It's been stated in another reply above. But the appropriate response is in several points. He has a signed card saying he's earned it. You have to accept that card. There's nothing you can do to stop that from happening. You will get shot down by council or national if you try and do nothing but build resentment with everyone. You could explain why the requirements weren't fully completed, but you'll likely get gruff for it from the parent. Better yet to determine how each requirement was or was not met, to feed into the next bullet... You definitely should complain to the merit badge college etc that the MBC did not do their duty with details.
  8. Buggie

    divvying up costs for meals

    Our scouts make their menus. Pay the fee set for the weekend. (includes food and whatever costs, but generally only food) The night before they meet at the store and with their budget, shop for their food together. Adults are there getting their food with their menu/budget. We meet and go through the registers, paying out and then loading the ice chests. Drop them off into the trailer and done. Next day, camping fun.
  9. This article hits some of the key notes of YPT in that it talks about grooming. Not only of the kids, but conditioning the adults views. It also emphasised one of the big reasons folks don't follow through with reporting. In this case the abuser was well known and admired/liked (the conditioning I spoke of). Lastly it brings up a situation that makes things like this very difficult to report, the power/authority the abuser can have on the community. And a community can be large as a city/region/state or as small as the scouting council/district/troop. We can never relax in our review of everyone around us. We must watch and ensure that YPT is constantly followed. It can be as simple as seeing where another adult needs some backup because by accident they wandered out of range into a 1 on 1 situation or a scout wandered into a 1 on 1. It can happen very innocently enough. I do this for my scouters and they do this for me. I like to think of it as an adult buddy system. The most important thing I pray for is that we have the courage and bravery to follow through and do the reporting. Especially when it is a friend who violated the rules. Even when doing so could destroy us. People are known to vigorously defend the accused even to the point of willful blindness of the evidence. The consequences of not following YPT are destructive to those we are trusted to protect.
  10. Buggie

    Back to school night recruitment

    The "what den our your kids in" is a classic type of question that feeds into the next question of "why are you doing this then". And I get it and I agree that parents should ask simply because when it comes to protecting our kids, it isn't a spectator role. Might not make us feel all that good with someone eyeing us with suspicion, but no harm with folks being curious. And as with everything, you have to watch folks who come up with a crazy idea and if they try to spread it around. There's always those kinds of parents and they will dream something up no matter what is going on. And frankly, I LIKE not having an adult leader with their kid currently in the unit. I've seen a lot of adults play favoritism with their own and even when they don't try, other adults tend to favor their kids if that adult is in some position of power. We adults whose kids have moved on or even if we don't have a kid in scouting, enjoy being scouters and helping the kids. I love being able to be there when I'm needed. I love not being needed too, where I can enjoy a camping trip and stay out of their way. I especially like the questions of, "how did you tie that rope" when I set up a ridge line.
  11. Buggie

    Old Scouter, new to Forum

    *reads the very long and wonderful lists of all things scouting you have supported in your many years of activity and service* So.... a slacker then? 😃 Welcome to the campfire. Looking forward to all the wisdom you have to share.
  12. Buggie

    Philmont Gear Review

    Good idea. I normally keep it elevated off the ground and on my tote which I spray with some bug spray as a barrier, but my big concern deals with small critters crawling their way inside of he unit through some crack. The provisions I take are my best response so far. In a tent, far less issues with wandering bugs. And the old saying, "Gravity never lets me down." *thud*
  13. Buggie

    Philmont Gear Review

    I wouldn't mind camping with a hammock, but I drag along a CPAP with a deep cycle battery. (we don't go far from the trailer, so carrying isn't an issue.) Sort of tethers me to the ground via the hose. I prefer to put my Sansbug (netting pop-up shelter) on the ground or on a cot and if needed, string a tarp on a ridge line. If I know the weekend will have storms or if it is winter then I'll use a tent. Currently our troop only has one hammock-eteer (adult) and that's the only way he wants to camp. I admire him because he keeps his gear down to a single backpack. I had a hammock, but at last year's summer camp the rope attached to the tree broke while I was in it. Luckily 1) I was relaxed so the sudden drop to the ground didn't give me time to tense up 2) I had cleared any rocks/debris out from under the hammock 3) I had placed a camping pillow under my head. My fellow adult leaders didn't bother getting out of their respective chair/tent. Only offering their concerns before going back to sleep. LOL I was a little sore, but nothing bad. Didn't need to nap after that.
  14. Buggie

    Back to Scouting

    Definitely shop around for a troop that fits the needs both ways. And as stated, be careful that you don't get over volunteered. I advise easing into things, taking the training online up front so that you know how scouting works these days. Some things remain the same and a lot of other things change over time. All of it is free to take online, so it's a great primer. And it's nice to be able to answer that you've recently retaken a lot of training. If you did your IOLS back in the day, that's fine. Modern IOLS isn't going to teach you anything new, but it might introduce you to others in your area. And it's all about knowing folks and sharing you're excitement. Drop by your district's round table and introduce yourself. It's a great way to meet a lot of folks from a lot of other troops and you might spark some friendships that lead you in. But above all, make sure you've got your YPT training done first. Being able to state that you're aware of the awesome responsibility involving working with youth and that you would like to meet folks and their troops is a great step forward. And as stated above, Venturing and other arms of scouting are all wonderful ways to be involved.
  15. Buggie

    Patrol Method Started!

    Also was fun explaining to a first year why sweat bees were very pleased with their kitchen area. After a meal of watermelon, brownies, pink lemon aide, and chili made with baked beans (they seemed to love it) was left out after supper. Course the scouts didn't clean up right away, and all ran off to do something way over there. So when this one scout and his buddy came back to get a drink, they find all these bees loving their kitchen and dining area. Minor freak out ensues. Why doesn't the adult kitchen and eating area have bees? Because they like sweet things and we're all bitter and sour. That or we cleaned everything up right after supper. Also fun, scout needs X and can't find it in the trailer. Okay, I'll go to the trailer. Stand outside the trailer while I go inside to get it. No, don't come in with me. Stand out here. ... Why are you in here with me? I need you to go stand outside the trailer please. Ah, SM. thank goodness you're here. I needed another adult to assist. LOL