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    • I don't think calling another scouting organization that doubled in size a joke is scout like, my friend. Nor is it something to draw laughter. I'm trying to recall the part of the Scout Law that teaches us to do either of those things. BSA losing 1.2+ million in 5 years doesn't give those in the BSA a solid perch to smirk from. Those are 60,000 youth being served in the scouting movement.
    • Youth sports dwarf scouting. Around 80% of kids ages 5-18 each year are enrolled in sports and prefer their chosen sports to scouts.  Scouting currently involves only about 1%-2% of the kid population. That reality means there is no point in comparing scouts to sports, yet a lot of energy and attention in scouting is spent on blaming sports -- as if sports is the reason more kids don't do scouts. There are few kids today who, after a day of near inactivity in school, want to sit around in den or troop meetings for another hour or two of "being good".  In an outdoor youth program, leaders shouldn't need to move activities outdoors to make scouting more appealing -- the rank advancement and merit badge activities themselves should be appealing because they are things you can only do while outdoors.  At a monthly campout or summer camp, it's not unusual to have kids sitting around campsites doing homework like tasks to complete requirements. It's like having a soccer league where the kids sit on the pitch and study the rules of soccer and talk about soccer and write reports about soccer maybe more than they actually play soccer. 
    • Good time to practice using the most important gear a leader has:  Your chair.  And, a close second, working on your coffee (or perhaps tea) skills.
    • Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council,Boy Scouts of America > News > Top News > California Assembly Bill 506 and Youth Protection Training California Assembly Bill 506 and Youth Protection Training   Online training and Live Scan background checks required by law for all volunteers. A new law has taken effect in California, effective January 1, 2022 and will further support our mission to protect youth in our program from neglect and abuse. Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code Section 18975 (formally referred to as AB 506 of 2021), volunteers, employees, and administrators are now required to take an additional training and complete a Live Scan background check.                 INSTRUCTIONS:  Complete Mandated Reporter Training from the state of California Upload certificate of completion for training to SVMBC council portal on www.californiascouting.org Get a Live Scan Fingerprint & Background check Download and print the Request for Live Scan Form (unique to our council) Find the Live Scan site near you, bring the completed form to the service provider. Each individual must pay a fingerprint rolling fee ($20-$40) and FBI background check fee ($15) to the Live Scan provider. Live Scan Location: Verify Group Inc. located at 262 E Hamilton Ave Suite A, Campbell, CA 95008. Click on https://verifygroup.youcanbook.me/ and select “Live Scan Fingerprinting” to schedule. Any Live Scan Location is allowed.  We are offering Live Scan Background checks at many upcoming council events. Visit www.californiascouting.org for full details and resources.
    • That is true for many sports, but I pay fees to be a NICA mountain bike coach.  There is an annual background check fee to a 3rd party and annual registration fee.  To be a level 2 coach I have to take a specific training course, in person.  In addition I have to pay for mountain bike first aid and CPR every two years.  NICA tracks the level of coaches and has very strict rules on rider to coach ratios, including coaching levels.  It ensures the program is run well and consistently. I do wish BSA used the same background check company as other organizations so and then that fee would be once for multiple orgs.
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