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No districts or roundtables

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From a draft Table of organization I have seen change is coming to my older council in a BIG way.


No districts.  Organization is by program: cubs, Scouts, and "Teen Scouting."  The council now stretches over 100 miles end to end.


No roundtables.  The decision-meister has decided all could be learned at a RT can be learned on line.  Good thing given that centrally-located meetings would be a two-hour round trip away - in decent weather - now that districts are going away.


Also titles unknown to the Guide for Insignia - "Deputy Commissioners"


No FOS.  Massive emphasis on selling popcorn.

All to be announced shortly after district kickoffs.   :rolleyes:


Effective when ?

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The Deputy Council Commissioner, Boy Scouting Program Support, has an Assistant Council Commissioner, Advancement.


Districts always acted by delegated authority from Councils.  Districts are optional in the Bylaws ("may")


There is also an ACC "Boy Scout Packs."  Probably just a mistake.


No Wood Badge Coordinator listed.

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Sounds like a new manager wants his fiefdom to be operated his way, make his mark, leave his org in his image.  

Loss of face to face?  How is IOLS , WB, other training to be done?   Scouting is NOT an "online " activity.  It is an out in the woods activity, if you catch my drift.


I was a Deputy District Commissioner, a few years back, show you my patch if you like.   I was told it was a "specialized" Commish, mine was to be helping with new units, which I did.  Then I was "promoted" to Assistant  DC, and told the title of DDC was to be "retired" from the National lexicon.


Sorry for your angst, Tahawk.  Maybe they are trying to economize by eliminating underused DEs....   naw, couldn't happen.   The DEs will be made Assistant Chief Scout Executives, bet. 


Wait a bit.  They will feel the heat from the volunteers, the lack of "service" from the pro's and presto !  Eastern Service Area, Western Service Area, River Bend Service Area.....


See you on the trail.......

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But governors under the First Empire were titled "Moff."   :rolleyes:


Evidently they were referred to as both, because Miami Chief's quote was correct.  And now that you mention it, the quote coming from Grand Moff Tarkin is kind of strange, because he himself used the term "governors."


That's enough of this, I think.  :)

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