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    I am a 14 year Scouter. I am currently a Unit Commissioner, Merit Badge Counselor and Scoutmaster. I have served as a Pack Trainer, Den Leader, Committee Chairman and Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster.
  1. I would have to agree that this would be considered gambling. The scouts in our Troop always play this at Lock-In's and campouts. They have never used money and it does not require money to play.
  2. Ranman328

    Sad sign of the times

    Hey.40AET do not be bullied into signing off. Many of the folks on these feeds try to push others into their narrative. We are all here to express our feelings and opinions. No one opinion is right. That is why it is an opinion. It is neither right or wrong. To walk away and not express it punishes all others on this page from having an additional opinion to consider. @ CalicoPenn, I have followed you for some time and agree with a significant amount of your feelings but shame on you for putting down another member's opinion. I am sure I can go back and find someone doing the same thing to you that you have taken and exception to. Just my $ 0.02.
  3. Ranman328

    Rejected Adult Application

    Update to the previous Troop. During our District Commissioner Meeting the other night we were having discussion about a problem Charter Organization and COR. It just so happens that we have a Venture Crew Leader that moved here from over seas. He is in the military. He was assigned the "problem" Troop in early August after the previous problems settled down (he was not aware of most of it). Things apparently were going well until recently when it was time to do recharter. The UC had never had any dealings with the CO or COR because they are usually absent. The COR now wants to get involved in the recharter process. The CC has been doing the recharter for over 10 years and never had a problem. Not sure what the exact problem was but the COR contacted the UC many times to complain about the process. The end result is the new Unit Commissioner has recommended that the Troop find another Charter Organization or the Charter Organization assign a new COR as there is a major disconnect and the Troop is not receiving the resources from the CO that it needs to thrive. Imagine that, I said that months ago.
  4. Again, I ask who is the "WE" and how are the "WE" going to bring in new members and match or increase the losses that this decision is going to generate. I wonder if the latest fee increase is geared to have the current BSA members "ME" pay for getting this program started or is it because previous poor decisions have drove membership down so much that they can't pay for the current program?
  5. Hawkwin, who is "We" that asked for this? Me personally, I am already swamped doing my volunteer work as a Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor and Unit Commissioner, I don't have any more time to spend away from my family to recruit for a decision I don't support. Our District is already shutting down and merging Venture Crews because of lack of membership and adult volunteers. This decision is going to further drive people away from the program.
  6. Ranman328

    Girl Scouts letter to BSA

    NJCUBSCOUTER your comment about lowering the Venturing age just makes my point. So its OK to defeat the whole purpose of "BOY SCOUTING" but not OK to defeat the purpose of "Venturing". Just create a new program for coeds and leave the Boy Scout Program alone. This entire discussion is utterly silly. It appears that anything that has Boy, Dad, Man in it needs to be abolished. I just read today that a group is out there trying to get rid of "Fathers Day" and change it to "Special Persons Day". Really, when does it stop. Give boys the ability to be boys. They need to be outside, camping, fishing, playing getting skinned knees and strawberries from sliding in baseball, poison ivy, falling in creeks and getting wet. We are teaching out youth to be idle and wasting these great resources that god has provided us. We now sit behind computers and wasting time arguing about stupid stuff that doesn't really matter in the end. If BSA or whoever else wants to make silly decisions and waste time pushing away its "Customers" so be it. They are wasting a great opportunity and at some point the entire program will fold due to politics. This would be a shame.
  7. Ranman328

    Asking an SPL to Resign?

    @ChristianDad I would like to say Thank you to you and your son for being passionate about Scouting. I think you have raised an exception young man that is going to do great things in life. Please do not let this deter him in his leadership training. It breaks my heart to hear about your wife and his mother. As a man that has lost his mother, I know what a blow some day this will be. Spend every chance you can together and do what makes you happy including any Duty to God that will make mom happy. My priorities in life are Family, God and Country. It appears yours might be as well. Everyone on this thread is well meaning and helpful, use it as a guide or just advice. My advice would be to follow your own instincts, they appear to be spot on. Good Luck and Thank you.
  8. Ranman328

    Asking an SPL to Resign?

    Based on the father's information, it appears the only one having a problem is the SM. My comment about calling out sick would be a last minute issue they would have to deal with. Again, based on the father's information, the SPL will still be planning and participating in everything except going to the event. It would be the same thing if he got sick or had an emergency and couldn't go. Doesn't really matter why or if it is sick or whatever. My point is if he had to miss the event for whatever emergency or reason, he still planned it and couldn't go. My question is, would the SM still request his resignation? Seems petty to me. Again, my $0.02.
  9. Ranman328

    Asking an SPL to Resign?

    As an ASM, I applaud your SPL for being a good leader and giving plenty of notice, getting a suitable replacement for the event and still working t ensure the event is a success. It looks like the only thing he will not be doing is attending the event. What if a family emergency or illness came up. Would the Scoutmaster ask for his resignation then. Shouldn't the scouts be running the troop? Maybe the SM should check with the PLC or PL's only if their is complaints. Doesn't sound like there are any here. The SM should step back and let these boys become leaders and see how they handle some adversity. That is how good leaders are trained.
  10. Ranman328

    Girl Scouts letter to BSA

    I am a little confused. It is my understanding with all the PC stuff lately and the BSA Policy changes due to SJW Police, their hand was forced to start talking about allowing in girls. I would think if BSA would lower the age for Venturing, more boys and girls would join and get the same type of program they are already looking for and we wouldn't be talking about letting girls in Boy Scouts or stealing Girl Scouts. I can understand why the Girl Scouts of America might be upset but where were they when the BSA was being attacked from all sides? BSA had to make some very difficult decisions based on pressure from outside organizations that had no interest in helping BSA after they got BSA to make policy changes. They got their win, did a few fist pumps and moved on to the next crusade. Never heard the GS come forward, defend or give support during the attacks. Now BSA sees a potential to expand its program (I do not agree or disagree as I don't know the specifics) and the GS are upset. Sometimes people should think about the ramifications of sitting on their hands and watching others get attacked because you don't want to be next. Just my to cents.
  11. Ranman328

    Earning Cooking MB without doing any cooking.

    I would be interested to see if the camp had any prerequisites for the Merit Badges. A camp my son went to offered multiple badges that had prerequisites prior to camp. The Scoutmaster was running the camp set up and sent the information to the scouts going and ensured they had completed those requirements before camp. This is indeed a tricky situation because you don't want to discourage the scout but at the same time want to teach him and have him learn the right way. This might be the only way some of these scouts will learn to cook or get some of these life skills.
  12. Ranman328

    Rejected Adult Application

    Good news and Bad News. The guys scouts visited another troop and it just so happened that they were having a Flag Retirement Ceremony. The Troop is small and the boys were welcomed and even participated in a skit. Bad News, guy meets with Institutional Head and they have no idea what happened to application. They don't appear to care about it.
  13. Ranman328

    Rejected Adult Application

    Desertrat77. I feel bad for the guy. I just found out tonight that he is letting his scouts decide if they want to go to another troop. The boys went to the SM and CC and asked if they could meet with the council and discuss the unfounded accusations with them and let them know that the troop and scouts are going to be the ones hurt by this decision. Apparently no one has even met the COR or anyone on the council. They do not attend any of the Troop activities. The SM contacted the scouts to say their request was immediately denied. If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what does. I spoke to the UC for this unit and he told me there have been years of issues with the one lady and the troop. She apparently was a member of the troop with her son and did nothing but badmouth the SM, CC and former ASM. She works behind the scenes to discourage people from going to that troop. Not sure why nothing has been done to discourage this type of activity but that is above my pay grade. The UC met with the SM, CC and COR to find a resolution because the SM and CC were fighting the rejection decision. They apparently had emails proving this lady was spreading false information regarding this guy but the COR wouldn't budge. Looks like this troop will be back to 6 scouts soon. The good news is that some other troop will pick up a fine group scouts and leaders to build the future. I agree about the making copies but I would hope a church organization would do the right thing and just let this guy move on. They obviously don't have much interest in promoting scouting and to continue messing with the guy is just bad business.
  14. Ranman328

    Rejected Adult Application

    They aren't worried about losing their clearance. Financials play a part in the clearance process. If this application is misplaced or lost or gets in the wrong hands, someone could open up all kinds of credit or anything else for that matter and do some real damage. The rejection part is apparently due to the CO having hard feelings against this guy. A few years ago the Cub Scout Pack he was the Cubmaster for left this CO. It is a Lutheran Church and the COR decided to quit scouting due to the new leadership policy. He did this in September and the CO could not find a replacement. As you know you are required to have a COR to recharter. The Pack had 50 scouts and the Pack Committee took a vote on what to do because by mid October, no one had stepped up to be the COR. This District requires their Charters to be turned in November 1. So this left them in a very difficult spot. The Pack Committee voted to move to a new CO. They didn't leave because of any hard feelings or anything like that, only because they couldn't get a COR. There is also a very small Troop there as well. They only had about 6 scouts (another story in itself). This guy had made promise to the Scoutmaster and CC that he would do his best to build that troop back up. This past March the guy brought over eight bridging Webelos Scouts and two additional scouts that he got to rejoin Scouts. 10 total with four more coming at the end of summer. The SM and CC had already asked him to join as an ASM and he accepted which is why all these other families decided to join this troop that only had 6 scouts at the time. Little did he know there was a lady on the church council that had it in for him because of the Packs move a few years ago. The funny thing is, he had nothing to do with it as the CM doesn't have voting rights on the Pack Committee. The Council told the CC that starting with this guys application, they were going to review and approve all Adult Applications. They were not going to take the SM and CC recommendations. As all of you know is just fine and well within their rights. They decided to reject his application based on the Pack moving. Seems a little silly to me as this guy is well liked in the district and in scouting in general. There was a big uproar at the District level asking why any troop would reject an adult leader that has been in scouting over 10 years with the credentials this guy has. It appears that the lady with the axe to grind sits on CS Roundtable. Five other Troops have contacted this guy and offered him an ASM position at their Troops. Last I talked to him, he was visiting other troops to find a good fit for his two scouts. He was torn because he made a promise to these two guys about building the troop back up and if he leaves, so will the 10 possibly 14 of the scouts that followed him there. They all get along well have quite a bit of fun. It is a shame that someone that doesn't even have a kid in scouting wants to ruin it for others. Anyway, sorry to ramble on, but his major concern was that he just doesn't want his Personal info floating around especially since there seems to be some hard feelings on the other end. I don't blame him, I guess I wouldn't want mine out there either. I told him as a UC (not this troops UC), I would try to help. But as always, when I come here for advice, you guys and gals come through. Thanks for all you do!
  15. Ranman328

    Rejected Adult Application

    They have already contacted the COR and CO three times. All started by having the SM and CC contact them. No big deal about being rejected but they are concerned about the PII floating around out there. They carry the highest level Security Clearance for their job and know how important this information is. I am trying to assist so it doesn't go legal.