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  1. I understand it is covered in the interview but if you are to treat them as what they put on their application then what would the CO use to disqualify the applicant? Seems to me this would lead to some sort of discrimination complaint.
  2. Ranman328

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    @The Latin Scot, I could not have said it better. I do wish the new program made a requirement to better prepare the boys for Boy Scouting. I wonder if some leaders are getting burned out especially if they have been in the program from the Tigers on and they just want to be done. I have been asking around about the Pack with the Scout I am asking about and have found out that this might be the case. They just want to be done which is sad because in my opinion the last two years of Cub Scouts are the most important when it comes to preparing the boys for Boys Scouts.
  3. This is the same information we were provided and clearly states that we are to accept scouts based on what they put on their application. Unless they say otherwise, my CO can not deny their application. It concerns me that members here are posting information or giving advice contrary to the information National has sent out.
  4. When did the National Policy change? All information we have received is that ALL units must take whatever is listed on the application at face value. If it is a girl that says they are a boy, then you treat them as a boy and vice versa. I have not received any information to contradict this nor has our DE? Please provide me with the information you have so I can take that to our District Key 3. Thanks
  5. Ranman328

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    You know, I started this thread asking a simple question because I was concerned that an AoL Scout might cross over early and think he earned the AoL when he did not. No, I don't have any additional time to give. I already work more hours in Scouting per week than I do my full time paid job. I have run very successful Cub Scout Programs and now run a very successful Boy Scout Troop. I am also a Merit Badge Counselor for Multiple Troops for 27 different Merit Badges and serve as a Unit Commissioner for 6 Cub Scout Packs. I would like to see leaders become better trained instead of saying "I didn't know" Your statements are a common response I get from Packs. Always remember "Scouts deserve a TRAINED LEADER" Take the time to get trained. If a Scout crosses over to my Troop after earning the AoL, YES, I expect that a leader like you would have taught him the BASICS. If you as the leader signed off on his requirements, then you as the leader are saying you are acknowledging he has proved to you he has accomplished them. All the things you are saying the Boy Scouts should teach like the Patrol Method, YOU should have already started teaching in first year Webelos. I have never heard any Den Leader refer to their job as a sales job. That is very disturbing. My Troop has not had any first year losses. I suspect if your Troop is losing a lot of scouts as you say, it comes down to the scouts not being prepared and having culture shock when they are being led by all boys and go on their campouts with mom and dad. Again, It all comes down to preparing the boys in the Webelos Program and not selling something to them. My two cents.
  6. Ranman328

    Neckers back in the "news"

    Message received! I thought this was a discussion forum to discuss things. Recommend you provide your guidance on every thread as they all seem to veer off course. I will keep my two cents to myself in the future.
  7. Ranman328

    Neckers back in the "news"

    Never said anyone attacked neckerchiefs. What I said is that lately, "ANYTHING DEALING WITH TRADITION" is attacked. Not just in Scouting but ANYTHING dealing with TRADITION. Seems like we have people that go around and see what kind of trouble they can cause and protest long standing traditions.
  8. Ranman328

    Neckers back in the "news"

    I think you answered your own question "accepting the tradition". Lately, anything dealing with tradition is attacked and must be changed. As the Committee Chairman, I asked that if the Adult Leaders were going to wear the uniform, they try to wear it properly. I had a few female leaders coming to events wearing leggings and the Leader Uniform untucked. One was wearing Disney Leggings with white socks pulled up over top of them. I am not saying everyone needs to have a complete uniform but at least give the scouts a good example. I wish BSA would invest in a better cloth and go back to the larger neckerchief. I always keep a bandanna in my pocket. Great utility item.
  9. Ranman328

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    Doesn't your District provide training to your Leaders? Did your pack provide Leaders with Leader guides? There are plenty of resources out there to provide additional ideas and activities to the boys other than what is just in the book. Attaching the Pack to a Troop is also a good idea as you can invite the Troop to participate in events to help the Cubs see older boys in he uniform and help mentor them. I never said I would not welcome the new scout in my Troop. His twin brothers are already in my Troop. My concern is that the Pack he is coming from is not preparing these scouts and not giving them the Program they deserve. I find it interesting that a Scout can join Cub Scouts in October 2017 and earn his Bobcat, Webelos and AoL in less than a Year. This Pack also takes off the entire summer off (June, July, August) which makes it even more difficult as those are the best dates to do outdoor activities. Here in Virginia, the weather can play havoc with outdoor activities in the spring and fall so summertime is a great time to get the boys out.
  10. Ranman328

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    When we went through our New Program Training, they were very specific that the AoL program is it's own rank. It sounds like they have watered down the program even more since I was in it and that was two years ago. I think the Cub Scout Leaders need to spend more time making sure the boys are ready for Boy Scouts. I had a Den/Patrol of 12 boys and we finished up at the beginning of February. We didn't cross over to Boy Scouts until Mid March. I didn't want them to miss their last Blue and Gold Banquet. We spend the last month working on having them ready for the Scout Rank in Boy Scouts and refining their Patrol Method skills. Good point about Scouts joining in August and September. I had a Scout join in September so the earliest he could cross over was February. I wonder what Packs do about that, cross their boys over and leave the new ones behind?
  11. Ranman328

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Not a fan of our DE. This is the second DE we have had in three years. Both have problems losing adult and youth applications. I have had to send several through multiple times. Both got offended when asked about the applicants Personal Identifiable Information being lost. Last year our District did not come close to meeting our FOS goal of $65,000.00 so they decided to keep it the same this year $65,000.00 again even at the urging of District Volunteers not to have it so high since the District is down 15 units. We are not even half way there as of today. During our FOS presentation, our Troop was asked to give at least $100 per scout. Needless to say, our Troop gave what they could. Recently, someone told the DE how much money our Troop had in the bank and they sent an email to our Troop's key 3 asking that we donate an additional $2,000.00 to the FOS. I politely declined and informed them that the money in our Troop bank account was not their business and that the Scouts worked for that money. We would be reinvesting the funds in our own troop. I am sure there are some good DE's out there but my experience so far in my 14 plus years of scouting has not been positive. My experience says they are money driven and there is a short supply of customer service.
  12. Ranman328

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    Actually, the new program is a two year program. The AoL is it's own separate rank. You don't have to earn the Webelos badge to earn the AoL. I agree, as soon as the boys become Webelos, they should become a patrol and start learning the Patrol Method. That is what I did. At the end of their Bear year, they voted on a Patrol name and I ordered their patrol patches and flag which is actually my profile picture. They all had a chance to be a patrol leader as well as serve other functions within the patrol. I am not sure how this pack is going to get these boys ready especially since I just found out they take the summer off. They just had a bridging ceremony telling everyone that it is their last event until September. What a great way to lose scouts. I think I am going to invite the Webelos to come out to some of my Troop meetings this summer to participate in some of our events.
  13. Ranman328

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    Also of note is that this scout just joined Cub Scouts in October of 2017 and received his Webelos rank at the end of January 2018 three months later. I was in the first group to go through the new Webelos and AOL program. The new program started when my Cub Scouts went from Bears to Webelos. I don't see how they are doing it in three months and providing a quality program for these boys. I have a few scouts in my Troop from the old program that still don't know how to function as a Patrol and can't recite the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and outdoor code properly. That just tells me that they were not prepared to become boy scouts. I agree, I was disappointed at the stripped down AoL program as well. They really need most of the year to prepare for Boy Scouts. I am seeing way too many boys coming over to Boy Scouts not knowing the basics.
  14. Question to all you Scouters out there. I am a Scoutmaster. I do not have much experience with the new Cub Scout Program. I have two brothers in my Troop with a third in an Arrow of Light Den in a nearby Pack. I was notified by the father of the AOL Scout that he would be crossing over to our Troop in October 2018. I thought that was weird as I was under the impression that the new cub scout year does not start until June 1. They have to be in the AOL Den for six months. This would be December, correct? I just want to make sure this scout doesn't cross over prior to actually earning his AOL and there are not problems with him earning it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.