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  1. Ranman328

    Parents not getting it

    I have a discussion with the entire Troop when we start our Patrol and Troop Elections. I tell them the election is not a popularity contest. I make each scout give a short speech about their qualifications and why they want to be a Leader in the Troop. I encourage the Scouts to vote for the person they feel best can lead their patrol. Ask themselves do they want a Scout in as Quartermaster that is only trying to check the box for Position of Rank and not do his job and get to a campout and find out he didn't get or bring required supplies. They will quickly find out how it works. I just had a discussion with my youngest son. A Life Scout was voted in as the PL and asked my son to be his Assistant (knowing he is the SM son and would be at all the meetings). As you know the Assistant Patrol Leaders do not get credit as a POR. In our Troop for some reason, we do weekly Patrol Leader Council Conference Calls (Something I will soon change to monthly face to face meetings). Since the elections in April, the Patrol Leader has only been on three PLC calls and missed six Troop Meetings, got in trouble for leaving Camp at a Campout. My son is upset that he has attended all these meetings and has been the one serving as the PL but will not get credit. I reminded him of the advice I give out during elections. The popular kid got elected and he gets to do the work. Welcome to the real world. I told him to remember this when elections come back up and this Scout runs for another Leadership position.
  2. Your Scout should not have to wait that long for a SMC. That is entirely unacceptable! I would request that either the SM do it immediately or he turn it over to an ASM to accomplish. The Scout is being punished in this situation. Absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Don't apologize! Four days is more than enough time to respond to a Parent or Scout Concern. If their life is so busy that they can't or won't read or respond to emails, then maybe they need to take on a lesser role with the Troop. As a CC, CM and now SM, I try to respond within 24 hours or sooner even if it is only a response that I have received the email and am working it. Isn't is odd that they already had plans to discuss this very situation at the next committee meeting but they couldn't inform you of this. You did the right thing. I feel that I serve the Scouts ad will do whatever necessary to make sure the Scouts Rank up as soon as they can. It is sad when sometimes the power of being in charge and holding a Scout's rank advancement in their hands makes them feel important.
  4. I would think a Scout refusing to answer a question or refuse to recite the Scout Oath or Law would fall under "Scout Spirit" If there was a "Scout Spirit" issue in our Troop, the Scout might not have a successful BOR. I have had many discussions with the "Committee" not wanting to convene a BOR because one of the Board didn't think the Scout showed enough Scout Spirit. I had to remind them that they can not refuse a BOR. They do not have to recommend the Scout gets rank but they should have a very good reason not granting it. That being said, I am a Scouting traditionalist and feel the Scout should proudly wear the uniform to all formal events. If a Scout can't afford one, I would have no problem purchasing one for him. I would rather do that than have a potential Scout not join because of money. As I don't agree with all the changes that BSA has made, I still feel that the BSA program gives these boys more opportunities to become better people.
  5. Ranman328

    New Cubmaster with a co-ed pack

    @qwazse I don't see anywhere in your bold writings above where it says anything about BSA allowing COED DENS????? I have said all along that BSA says they can meet at the same time and place in a group setting all they want. What I am saying is they can not meet as a coed Den. IMO, before any girl Dens are set up, there should be the correct "Trained" leadership in place to get the girls going. No one should be waiting until after the fact. According to the guidelines, they need to have a trained female leader at all events.
  6. Ranman328

    New Cubmaster with a co-ed pack

    I understand what you are saying but that is not what is going on here. They are talking about just putting this girl in the Den with the boys and calling it a day. It is not a separate meeting area, it will be a coed Den,. That is a against the guidelines according to what BSA put out. I have no problem with joint Pack meetings or even the occasional group get together if they are all working on the same requirement but not making one big group. I haven't even heard if they have female leaders in place for this girl to even be in that Den. That is another issue in itself. The more I think about it, I would just follow the guidance they have already put out.
  7. Ranman328

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Funny you mention all of these. That was the first thing my wife said when she read the magazine. Her response was "I thought this was going to be for both boys and girls, where are all the boys?"
  8. Ranman328

    New Cubmaster with a co-ed pack

    I do believe the policy is NO coed Dens. They are either Boy Dens or Girl Dens. You have obviously read the policy as you clearly state boy and girl dens not mixed Dens. As a Volunteer who just watched a 40 year Scouter spend several thousand dollars of his own money and be forced to retire from a government job while defending himself which he did from a false accusation, I am just passing along information that if you choose to run your Pack, Troop, Crew or whatever contrary to BSA guidelines, you are on your own. I watched BSA abandon a man the first chance they got. Be careful is I am saying. Perception is everything and if someone even thinks they perceive something unusual, they will raise a stink.
  9. Ranman328

    New Cubmaster with a co-ed pack

    The only advice I would give is make sure you follow YPT rules and have all the correct trained leaders in place to cover yourself if you are going to go against National Policy. It is my experience that BSA will run the other way if they can and not support or cover volunteer leaders if they don't have to. I'm not trying to be a downer but I just lost a great ASM with over 40 years of BSA experience over a false accusation. BSA ran as fast as they could the first chance they got when they thought YPT was not followed. Cover yourself while at the same time trying to provide a great program for the kids. Good Luck and welcome aboard
  10. Good luck as well. I hope it works out. Your Scout should not have to wait.
  11. luckily I only have 25 Scouts in my Troop but I hear you, there are nights when a bunch want something and they all wait until the last minute to ask. I do hope there is a reason and not a SM imposed policy on it.
  12. Ranman328

    Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls?

    Our District did not turn away anyone. There were no restrictions on what grade girls could join. There are photos of one Troop in my area that has a girl in it and she went to summer camp with the Troop but yet according to the District Commissioner, we have no girls registered. I guess it wouldn't matter since there are not any girl handbooks out yet.
  13. Ranman328

    Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls?

    Does anyone know what is going on with all the girls that joined in January and earned their AOL by June 1 as per the stated rules of starting a girl den? If the Boy Scouts don't start their program until 2019 what are they doing now?
  14. There is no "Technically" I copied and pasted that straight from the Guide to Advancement. From my reading, the Scout already personally asked the Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster Conference. I am a little confused why he should also not have to send emails as well. If the Scout has completed the requirements, just do it! It should not take any more than 10 to 15 minutes. If the SM is that busy, then she should delegate. The Scout should not have to wait unless he has not finished some requirements.
  15. According to the Guide to Advancement section Unit Leader Conference states "Unit leaders do not have the authority to deny a Scout a conference that is necessary for him to meet the requirements for his rank. If a unit leader conference is denied, a Scout—if he believes he has fulfilled all the remaining requirements—may still request a board of review. Looks like this Scout should just request his BOR and be done with it. Make the Unit Leader explain to the BOR why he is denying the Scout his SM Conference.