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  1. Ranman328

    How to deal with a difficult leader?

    ok whatever. You just don't get it!
  2. Ranman328

    Pack leader dues

    When I was in a Pack, the Pack paid the dues of the leaders. It was only $15 then. The Troop I am in now, the adults pay their own way.
  3. Ranman328

    How to deal with a difficult leader?

    Here is the problem. One of your other posts you say there is "No Liability" but the above post suggests you don't always follow YPT rules. That was my point. Be careful because BSA will leave you out in the cold the first chance they get if you don't follow the YPT. I know this first hand. Our old SM/ASM was forced to quit Scouting, Retire from his Government Job and spend thousands of dollars to defend himself in court. BSA didn't lift a hand to help. Just be careful. My $ .02.
  4. Ranman328

    How to deal with a difficult leader?

    @qwazse, I never said he violated anything. What I did say is that if it was @CodyMiller351 and one other ASM, it would be a problem. I do not agree with this new YPT rule as I feel if you are over 18 and can serve this country then you can run a Troop or Pack. I am not sure what the letter of the G2SS has to do with this.
  5. Ranman328

    How to deal with a difficult leader?

    @CodyMiller351, I am going to have to agree with @David CO. According to BSA regulations you must be 21 years of age to be the Scoutmaster. With the new YPT2 rules, you wouldn't even count toward the two deep leadership yet as the rules state "two 21 year old registered" adults. I understand you are doing the job but there is a risk involved. Trust me when I say this, if something happens and there are only two of you, BSA will not cover or protect you. I know this by personally watching it happen to an Assistant Scoutmaster with over 40 years of experience in BSA. You can get a lot of advice here on this forum but I would encourage you to read up of the rules and regulations of BSA before going out. I only have 15 years of Scouting Experience and I am learning something new all the time. Good Luck.
  6. Our Troop uses Coleman Sundome 3 ($39 each) and Sundome 4 ($47 each) tents. I have three Alps Mountaineering (Merimac 2 and 3 and a Taurus 4). I love the Alps Mountaineering for having two doors but the thin floor material worries me if we used it for the Troop. We just had to do a Troop re-training on how to maintain equipment. Each of our Patrols (we have three patrols with 8 Scouts each) has one 4-man and five 3-man tents. They are responsible for maintaining these tents, which they didn't. Now, we have four tents that were not aired out and have mold in them. Guess what, the PL now has to assign a scout to take it home and take it to Laundromat to get the mold out and make sure it is dry before returning it. The Coleman tents work great for us are several years old and you can get replacement parts cheap. Many times three boys will stay in one tent and use a second for equipment and changing.
  7. Ranman328

    Must you have an "official" uniform to salute the flag?

    I have been a stickler for years to wear the uniform. Now I do not think everyone needs to go out and buy the $40 Scout pants from BSA as I feel they are over priced. In our Troop, we refer to "Scout like " pants. These cargo type pants can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon and various other places for around $15. Once a Scout gets to First Class Rank, they should think about wearing the complete uniform. In our Troop, we have Scout Accounts and many fundraisers for the Scouts to earn funds. We allow the Scouts to be reimbursed for equipment and uniforms items as we know not all families have the funds to purchase these items.
  8. Ranman328

    Time line from Scout to Eagle

    Is it me or does it seem like this is becoming all about getting the Eagle Badge. I do believe Lord Baden Powell said "We must change boys from what can I get to what can I give" I think that says it all. I am uncomfortable with all the talk about how fast can I get my Eagle. Maybe go out and learn some very important skills and learn how to become a good leader and quit worrying about what can I get. Just my $.02
  9. Ranman328

    Eagle Project question... help

    I will have to agree with denibug72. Our District just had a scout complete his Eagle Project and it was a Flag Retirement Ceremony. His Father already had over 75 trash bags filled with flags in his garage. If you google Eagle Projects, you will find some very "thin" projects. Another Scout in our District installed a single flag pole with 36 bricks in a circle around it. I think if done right, this project could turn out well. I do wonder if the old rule about how it helps out the Charter Organization still applies. But then again, if you have a large Troop, you can only do so many projects. I have three Eagle Projects coming up and they all depend on the other project being completed.
  10. Ranman328

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    SFF, I would appreciate it if you would not take my comment out of context. I never said "ALL" boys would do this. You are going from one end of the spectrum to the other. The fact is that this was not just one Scout. Several other Scouts sat by watched and did nothing! These other scouts are apparently in the PLC. Please retract your statement. Thank you!
  11. Ranman328

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    This is kind of where I was going as how are these Scouts going to treat others. Apparently @SFF doesn't like the fact that I have grouped these boys into a group and has berated me for it but I find it upsetting that an SPL and the PLC would conduct themselves in this manner. You appear to think along the same lines as me as this can become a behavior and would have probably become worse had they not been caught.
  12. Ranman328

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    No it is not a damning statement to make against boys. Maybe you have not read about all the issues that transpired at the Scout Jamboree over the summer. Dozens of reports of Scouts inappropriate behavior toward females at the event. The fact that they will be handing out condoms at the World Jamboree is very disturbing to me as well. You go ahead and look at this from your point of view and I hope it never hits close to your back yard. Thank you for your opinion and I will move on.
  13. Ranman328

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    Sir, I don't know what to say, as a father of two boys, I am not sure what I would do or say. I am not sure I would be in Scouting any longer because my protective father instinct would probably have taken over. I applaud you for holding back. As a Scout Leader, I am disgusted that an SPL and a group in the PLC would do this. There is no place in scouting for this type of behavior. I understand the event was not a Scouting event but it occurred to a Scout by other Scouts in the same Troop. We teach them to protect each other not assault each other. Personally, as a Scoutmaster, I would have a meeting with the parents and Scouts that participated in the attach and hand each of them an application and ask them to complete a Transfer to another Troop as their behavior is not acceptable in this Troop. I would hand them a list of other Troops in the area. I am not sure they should be in the same Troop any longer. I have read some good advice on here to let the District handle it. As you have said, anything you do or say will be under the microscope. I hope your Scout does not quit Scouting because of this. I am very sorry your Scout and Family had to deal with this.
  14. Ranman328

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    I couldn't agree more! Especially since we are recruiting girls into Scouts. Some on this Forum might not agree but girls will be going out camping with tents right next to boys. If boys will do this to another boy, they will certainly try it with girls. I am sad and disappointed to read this situation.
  15. Ranman328

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    I couldn't agree more. Just because they take the uniform off doesn't mean they stop being a Scout. The fact that they are Scouts and Stand up in front of everyone each week and recite the Scout Oath and Scout Law and still did this makes me sick. It also makes me wonder what they haven't been caught for. No place in Scouting for this. Any and all discussion in front of the Troop should require all parents of the Troop be there. Make everyone involved see what is going on there. Sounds like some parents need a wake up call as well.