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Membership Problem - A Council's Perspective

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This presentation was given by Narragansett Council (RI) in response to closing a  summer  camp in 2018.

Numerous graphs showing the dramatic membership drop in that Council and Area 1 (New England) and  this Council conclusion is a membership problem exists.


I agree with some of the reasons and some corrective actions. We definitely need to get back in the schools where the kids are. Also parents need fewer logistics problems.

Imagine if a troop met after school at a local school with a restructured, flexible troop meeting  - game time, scout time, dinner,  cleanup, closing,  scoutwork/homework? until parents pick up after work.

I wish Councils would push back to National and tell them the customer is not buying their product (program). 

My $0.01,

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Kudos to THAT Council to providing info for an objective if hard discussion. The solutions are debatable but it is good to have some facts presented to start the discussion rather than being behind closed doors and the pronouncements given to Scouters from above. (I was gonna say 'on stone tablets' but that would entail some permanence).

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