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    • The online systems works ok overall for new scouts; however, we ran into a couple of issues.  - The system seems to only work ok with certain browsers and parents have stated they had to try multiple times to enroll. - There were issues with the credit card system early this year that led to multiple parents being charged 2-3x for the same app.  It took well over a month to get credits back from BSA. - Some parents who were confused accidentally registered existing scouts (the system should flag someone if it notices the same name/birthdate/Pack for a scout app).  It doesn’t, and charges the parent and creates a BSA number.  As CC I can reject those apps but they go into a black hole and take 6 months to credit the parents back. The benefits is that you can auto load Scoutbook and it handles the payment to BSA.  As mentioned earlier, I would love to add Pack dues as parents can be confused that there is an additional charge (even though we added a clear message in the online system). This is definitely a step in the right direction, they just need to keep working on the tool.
    • But I know once he gets his Eagle in a month or two he’ll never show up to another meeting, so it’ll be reduced.
    • FYI, it’s beem going on for 4 years.
    • Yep- I'm pretty certain this is the only reason.   From the GTA: Before he begins working with a merit badge counselor, however, he is to have a discussion with his unit leader.  I think this is really just their way of helping to make sure this happens  
    • @ItsBrian, this is not your fight. Talk to your SM. One of his jobs is to keep people like this off your back. You work with the scouts. Someone else should be dealing with the adults. The SM is your main resource to help make that happen.
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