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  1. Same CO...multiple CORs

    Are each of them allowed to vote at council annual meetings? That would seem to give that particular CO disproportionate influence.
  2. BSA Hammock Rules

    My Hennessey has tie outs on the side of both the hammock and rainfly to minimize this. Never been through a severe storm to test the limits of this, but my guess is that such a storm would be bad enough to affect anything less than a 4 season tent as well.
  3. Which is More Challenging Philmont or Northern Tier

    While I know this was posted with nothing but the best intentions, keep in mind that this is a wilderness area; none of those are things you should be doing on your own.
  4. Which is More Challenging Philmont or Northern Tier

    Angleworm and Nina-Moose, respectively?
  5. Blue cards for EBOR?

    Prior to the EBOR, the council registrar has to certify that all of the advancement details, including MB's that are noted on the application, are accurate. So it's unclear why the EBOR would want to see them. Seems like a waste of time for the Board to be bogged down in reviewing things that have already been certified when they should be focusing on the candidate's achievements and experiences.
  6. Council Pressure

    Professionals' salaries.
  7. Monthly camping

    I'm curious why you wouldn't consider it such?
  8. Is retention a problem?

    Did you look at other units? There may be other units in your area that are a better fit.
  9. can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    If you believe that is the most important question here, then your priorities are quite skewed. I'm more concerned for the scout who was dismissed without rational explanation. Your speculation about whether recording was permitted is a red herring. It doesn't appear to be a surreptitiously recorded video; i'm guessing she was sitting there recording with her phone. If the leaders had an issue with it, they would have asked her to stop. I see videos of pinewood derbies and pack awards posted all the time.
  10. can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    This has now made the national news. BSA and councils are keenly aware of their image and wants to avoid public relations debacles like the plague. That's why they employ people like the "marketing director" who is quoted in the story. I feel fairly confident that if there were a more rational explanation for this incident, it would have been put forth by now.
  11. can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    This is straying pretty far from the original scope of the thread, but again I have to ask, where?, what laws? There aren't any that would apply, except in the very limited area of Youth Protection disclosures.
  12. can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    Where? Show me a BSA rule that says if I, a registered volunteer, am falsely accused in the media of something improper, I cannot respond publicly to set the record straight. I think you're confusing scouting with a school or medical provider, who do have statutory privacy obligations.
  13. can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    I didn't; I took the mother's word in the absence of any contrary account put forth by the unit, the council, or anyone else. The only account of which I am aware to judge the event is the mother's (other than the video of the actual exchange with Sen. Marble, which corroborates what was said). To continue your line of speculative "maybe's," maybe the den leader is a racist knuckle-dragger who agrees with the senator's "chicken & barbecue" comments and retaliated against the scout because of that. His or her silence certainly leaves the door open for that conclusion. The lack of a substantive response is quite conspicuous. If there were a defensible explanation for this, the reputation-conscious folks at council would have been all over it.
  14. can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    Well said. I agree.
  15. can a den leader remove a Cub Scout?

    Why would you presume that the mother is being anything less than forthright? If her version were incorrect, one would think someone would correct it in order to save face. The second story linked above makes more sense and also makes her story seem even more credible.