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  1. Some may find this topic subject line off putting, but I want opinions on an important subject. The issue arises when a council does not have the equipment required, the expertise required, or the facilities required to offer a merit badge either at summer camp or elsewhere in its program. What is the attitude towards entering into an arrangment with a third party to offer the merit badge where that third paryt may already be offering similar training? What I have in mind is the new kayaking merit badge. Kayaking is growing in popularity yet we have no capability of offering this merit bad
  2. I have to agree with the other posts. You should have a conversation with the SM, but after that I would not hesitate to go around him. It is too bad that things like this happen, but recognize that all of us are human and some of us let authority go to our heads.
  3. Regarding Ryan Andresen I think I can clear some things up. Some of you will recall that I wrote posts when that whole thing blew up a year and a half ago. I met Ryan and his father in August 2012 when I reviewed and approved his project on behalf of the district. He completed his project and it was late in September when a former trooop committee member blew the whistle on Ryan which led to the national office removing Ryan from BSA altogether prior to Ryan's 18th birthday which fell in October of 2012. Subsequently a great many people, self included, suggested that Ryan should at least g
  4. If memory serves me correctly I have written in this forum in the past to avoid Coleman canoes. Last night I was searching for information on Coleman canoes and learned that Coleman no longer manufactures canoes. Apparently they sold their canoe line to a Canadian company called Pelican. When one visits the Pelican site one can find some canoes that resemble old Coleman models. Does anybody know when this change took place?
  5. The unit leaders have no good choices in this wierd situation. Given that the unit leaders have bungled, I think they have an obligation to do what they can to help, but the mom has to get on board as well and register her son and complete all required paperwork and pay past dues if any. I would also make clear the it is largely out of local hands and that national may decide not to award the eagle. That is all you can do and should attempt to do. The earlier post suggesting that all youth records be reviewed to see what other ugly surprises may await is sound advice.
  6. This one somewhat blows my mind. If all the facts are as presented, the prior troop adult leadership needs serious re training. I cannot understand how a boy could even hang around so long without being required to formally join. If the mom is as described, she needs some serious re orientation as well. One cannot expect to reap all the benefits accruing to one's progeny from participating in any youth organization without following the rules. She has set a horrible example for her son and he may pay a serious price in being denied the eagle that he thinks he has earned. BSA needs someon
  7. The Library of Congress (LOC) under a congressional enactment is interested in having local citizens conduct and record interviews of veterans and others (e.g., Rosie the Riveter) who were directly involved in the wars of the USA. The idea is to conduct oral history interviews in a prescribed format and submit the results to the LOC for inclusion in their system. The LOC web site even has a small blurb about how this can be an eagle project. As a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and a scouter who reviews eagle project proposals for our district, I am very interested in this. Others
  8. It is a question of balance, and that balance is different for every one of us. Never sacrifice the important interests of the your own kids for other people's kids. Take time with your spouse to do something together, just the two of you. Ask your spouse directly about his/her view of your scouting involvement and work it out. I know some highly effective scouters whom I feel are over committed. I don't know their spouses but I can't imagine their level of commitment to scouting going on forever without consequences.(This message has been edited by eisely)
  9. Wow! Some real science appears to refute the PETA position that fish feel pain. So everybody get their fishing tackle back out of the closet. See link below. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/9797948/Fish-cannot-feel-pain-say-scientists.html
  10. It is worth noting that the single best known Mormon nationally, Mitt Romney, was asked about the gay issue in regards to boy scouts during the recent election campaign. He answered that he thought the BSA ought to change its policy.
  11. One way to make the sash less empty would be to sew some excess "temporary insignia" for which there is no room on the right breast pocket that the scout may have earned, onto the back of the sash.
  12. Watergate matters today because it led to articles of impeachment being voted by the House of Representatives and Nixon resigning the presidency. It is important to note that NOBODY DIED as a result of the criminal activities of some of Nixon's people. On the other hand the current "fast and furious" scandal that goes completely ignored by the mainstream media resulted in the death of a US border patrol agent. And of course four brave americans died in Benghazi because of the blinkered incompetence of the current administration. Oh wait, the Benghazi thing was just a movie review that got
  13. It is my understanding that merely registering as an adult volunteer triggers a background check. I have always advocated that parents should sit through the YP training even if they are not registered, do not plan to register, and do not plan to lift a finger to help the unit in any way. Parents need to understand the policies simply because they are a parent of a youth in scouting.
  14. In a conversation with our council program director Thursday evening, he said that the council received the cards only in August. I don't know when this thing was developed at the national level, but there clearly has been a failure to get the word out up and down the chain of command.
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