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  1. Crossroads of the West (uses same EIN as Great Salt Lake Council did) shows only one paid position for 2020, the SE, at $123,107 for reportable compensation from the organization, plus $71,592 in other compensation from the orgnaization and related organizations, so $194,699 in total.
  2. New to the forum (naturally, as I'm writing this..) - ADL in Cub Scouting (1 boy in Webelos 1, 1 in Tigers where I am the ADL and my wife is the DL). Followed our two through from Lions. Not new to Scouting, per se, but a little different as I was a cub and scout in the late 70s/early 80s in the UK - the era of (cubs) sweaters with badges, green caps (not ball caps..), gray shorts (or pants if you were lucky), green long socks with elasti c garters and tabs, (scouts) green shirt, tan polyester pants, green beret.. Hope to follow with the boys through cubs, at least
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