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  1. From a general view the point of a wilderness area is to explore on your own. This means minimizing your impact on the wilderness and others in the area. If you want to travel as a large group, that is fine, but a wilderness area is probably the wrong place. There have been problems with unprepared units in the Boundary Waters that go on their own through an outfitter. (Note, there are also a lot of well prepared units.) They are simply not prepared as they are not educated in the purpose of a wilderness area or the regulations that must be followed. Keep in mind it's not really abou
  2. I understand the plan to replace the membership and financial systems is in progress. But be patient as it can take a long time to successfully upgrade a large system. Also, as far as what you have heard what is coming, remember this is from council staff seeing presentations on possibilities and not what is being done immediately.
  3. I've had crews for many years consisting of all ages of Scouts that have gone into the BWCA and Quetico very safely without any issues. High Adventure is great for all scouts, younger or older. What I have found with younger scouts it that their high adventure experience motivates them to stay in scouting longer than their peers who have not. Your crew will need to adapt based on the abilities of everyone in the crew. Also, it is often not the younger scout the crew will have to adapt for. This may mean someone taking a lighter pack (not all the packs weight 85 pounds, the food pack d
  4. This coming weekend is the Canoecopia expo in Madison, Wisconsin. This event features many outdoor vendors, outfitters, and presentations. Northern Tier which will be in attendance with a booth to allow you to learn more about the program or ask questions. The best part of the expo are the three days of presentation sessions on a wide range of topics from skills to different areas of the country. Northern Tier Committee member Chuck Rose will be presenting twice: Kayak Camping - For the Canoeist (Fri 7:30pm-8:20pm) and Sea Kayaking with Boy Scouts (Fri 7:30pm-8:20pm). The cost for
  5. The requirement is "13 years of age by December 31st of the year they are attending." I've also asked about the age requirement as I was confused. The clarification I received reflected the more specific description (above) that is printed on Page 2 of Northern Tier's Expedition & Route Planning book. http://www.ntier.org/filestore/NorthernTier/pdf/ERPG.pdf
  6. Like nldscout mentioned, I would highly recommend the basic economy paddles sold by Carlisle (~$20). These paddles are very durable and light enough for basic trip paddling. Remember to order an appropriate paddle length, generally you will want paddles that reach conformable in the water, not toe-to-chin. So shorter than you would think, we use a lot of 48-52" paddles. For a Type III PFD I would recommend something from Stearns or Extrasport. Stearn's Comfort Series Life Vest ($25-35) are popular with organizations. The design is durable, long-lasting, easy to put on, and the upper p
  7. Hello, The Triple Crown of High Adventure award (TCA) is not being discontinued or immediately changing. The purpose of the award is to promote all National High Adventure programs to our youth members. Not to simply purvey an award patch. We also want to have an award for youth that is reasonably within reach to earn. While the Charles L. Sommers Alumni Association (SAA) will likely issue a new award for those who have been to all four national high adventure programs, it will not be used to change or shift away from the purpose of the TCA. However, the fact there will be a fo
  8. As mentioned, AHG has been very comprehensively discussed already. This is not very unique, the BSA has memorandums of mutual support with many organizations (American Canoe Association, Knights of Columbus, etc). The difference is that AHG has effectively used the agreement for public relations purposes and there is nothing wrong with that.
  9. @le Voyageur - The Summit property is heavily focused on economic development of the area. As a result believe the current plan is to outsource much of the high adventure program similar to Sea Base, where a commercial outfitter will be used. The upfront cost to independently develop a rafting program is too high for a program that has no footing yet.
  10. Philmont consists of many land acquisitions made over time. I am sure each transaction had different conditions. The land donated by Phillips is deeded to the National Council but had conditions such remaining an operating ranch. Bechtel Summit will be the seventh National High Adventure program. There are National programs that have closed due to declining participation (Maine, Wisconsin, and Between the Lakes). While there have been closed programs, there is no chance of the current programs being discontinued. All three programs are very, very busy as it is. In the past to all
  11. Like Pack212Scouter mentioned, the purpose of transferring mineral rights is to avoid having to grant access to the property for mineral exploration. This is an issue as you must the mineral rights owner on the property and can result in safety issues. The focus is on the 2013 Jamboree. Other programs at the facility such as the High Adventure program are secondary. This post was made on the Facebook page by the administrator: "until after the 2013 National Jamboree, so 2014 at the earliest". It also does not make sense to open another High Adventure program right now with the economy
  12. National is not paying the salaries of council employees. The financial system is still original (terminal, 'green screen'). Before the upgrades in the late 90's each council ran this application on their own server (mini). As part of the upgrade this was centralized. This made a lot of sense (not having a server in each council for financials) and did not change functionality. To print paychecks you need a thermal laser printer. If I remember correctly, there is also an option to have National (actually a vendor) print and mail the paychecks. The funds in both places are stil
  13. The Northern Tier Trading Post is clearing its inventory of "BSA 100" patches. (These are the patches you see folks trying to sell for $20 each on eBay...) The cost is $6.95 for large "Back Patches" and $1.75 for regular "Non-restricted" patches. Link to the online store: http://bit.ly/agstiC
  14. Re: Insect bombs. As packsaddle mentioned, these are ineffective and highly advised against as it apparently only exacerbates the problem. Building a cabinet with heaters is excessive, particularly as many outdoor materials cannot handle very well the 2 hours (minimum) at 120f to kill bugs. Bed bugs are becoming a bigger issue when traveling also. The best option is to not spread what you traveled with until it is inspected. If you find a bug it can be killed (crushed, etc). When returning have clothes in plastic bags and place directly in the laundry (highest temperature for wa
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