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  1. Someone once said - "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But no one is entitled to their own facts."
  2. BadenP said: "You three kinda remind me of the Pharisees in the Bible parading around with that look at me attitude and whom Jesus was constantly condemning." I'm so glad that you've refrained from judging others. Interesting how disagreement over the AHG program can trigger such vitriol from a self proclaimed minister. Perhaps the AHG axe which you're so visibly grinding has more to do with your personal views on faith than anything else. Hey everyone, look at me...I have an opinion that is contrary to BadenP. I think the AHG is an excellent Scouting program. Sorry - I didn't r
  3. Undoubtedly, BadenP will deem my opinion to be belligerent and closed minded as well. Perhaps, to save time, Scouter.com should rename this thread to - "If you agree with BadenP and/or want to insult those who disagree with BadenP, your posts are welcomed here"(This message has been edited by Rooster7)
  4. IMO, AHG is a Scouting program comparable to the BSAs. They emphasize: Life Skill enhancement through multi-level achievement badge program. Girl leadership opportunities at all levels of programming. Developing teamwork and building confidence through varied outdoor experiences. Character development through community service and citizenship programs. Social development through organized Special Events. Spiritual development through religious awards program. Call me crazy, but they seem very comparable to the BSA. Regardless of what
  5. OGE, BadenP's version of history and the actual facts are in conflict again. Look at this link, which I think is just a little bit more credible: http://www.catholicscouting.org/NCCS_History/NCCS_Chronology/nccs_chronology.html
  6. I know how an AHG troop works firsthand... not through some friend's experience or by reading some Internet article or by some other uninformed means. And I can tell you that 95% of the garbage spewed here on this thread is garbage. They are not far right. They don't have a secret agenda. They are not evangelistic in the sense that they do not actively preach to anyone. Interweaved in the program they will act out their faith. They support Judeo-Christian values and act accordingly, and they will say the occasional prayer (and yes, they do pray to the God of the Bible). But beyond that,
  7. BadenP, You said: In the Gospels Jesus many times had to explain and re-explain his parables to his disciples who seemed to have trouble understanding their true meaning, hence the scripture quote, "they have eyes yet they do not see and ears yet they do not hear." I clearly answered your question in my last post in a way I thought you would be able to relate to the best, and was not at all dismissive unlike your own question. However I guess that you just did not see the answer. It is clearly there. However this discussion does not belong in this thread and should end here. If you
  8. BadenP, You said: I do not want to get into a theological debate with you here Nor do I. You said: I know I am right with God in my life. My post never inferred otherwise. You said: I will not presume to speak for God as to who is saved and who is not. In my faith (apparently not shared by you), if you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, then you are saved. Theres no reason to doubt that unless you doubt your own response as being genuine. But thats my faith. If you dont believe that, thats fine. You said: One definition of Heaven and Hell in semina
  9. "First of all I am not antiChristian as I am an ordained Christian minister, and an associate pastor for many years now, with two graduate degrees in Theology and Pastoral Counseling." BadenP - well, I truly hope that you are saved. I feel compelled to ask. At the seminary you attended, did they teach that Jesus is God and the only path to God the Father? I am not judging you...but I am curious. I have heard from several others that they were not so taught at the seminary that they attended. If the answer is yes, then amen and I hope one day we can reconcile our differences - as
  10. All - Look and see for yourself. Don't believe the rhetoric woven through this thread. Investigate AHG on your own. Go visit a troop and ask some questions. Personally, I think you'll be pleased with the AHG organization.
  11. There's no secret decoder ring for AHG members. If you attend a couple of their meetings, you'll discover that they are indeed very similar to the BSA. Many, if not most, of their leaders had boys in the BSA and wanted something similar for their daughters.
  12. I am not a Pentacostal. But don't let that hinder your personal attacks. It is true that AHG is a Christian organization. So it should not surprise you to see its membership limited to Christians. But that does not make them bigotted or hateful. Do you go to a chess club to play checkers? There's a time to celebrate differences. There's also a time to celebrate commonality - whether that be faith, hertiage, or something else that one believes in and/or has passion for.
  13. BadenP - you don't know what you're talking about. I know the program first hand and from what I have seen AHGs number one objective is to give the girls a safe place to have fun with other girls. While faith is important no one is forcing their doctrinal beliefs down anyones throats. The troop that I am familiar with has Catholics and Protestants participating.
  14. CalicoPenn said, To be a leader in AHG, you must be an American Citizen. You can delude yourself into thinking this isn't anti-immigrant, but I can't think of a better way to discourage immigrant families from joining than requiring leaders to be American citizens. I really doubt that it would discourage immigrant families from joining an organization focused on providing fun and recreation to their daughters. In fact, some if not most may not want the obligation of serving the organization as a leader. BTW, shouldnt we (as a nation) encourage immigrants, people who receive benefits fro
  15. BadenP - What exactly did I propose? You sure managed to extract a lot, but I don't think you represented my words very well. I stand by my posting - not yours. Others can judge for themselves as to what I said and meant.
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