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  1. I shut down a Troop 17 years ago that had been Chartered for 43 years and the Council never said a word or did anything until 6 months later when someone called me to inquire about something, nobody even missed us not Rechartering. I held onto everything for two years when I went to a new Troop as an ASM and brought 3 of my Committee people along on paper so we would have the base of adults to recharter if the opportunity came. After two years the Preacher at our former Charter Partner said we want the space where the troop gear is so you have to get rid of it. I kept a few pieces for mysel
  2. There is still only 1 Official Methodist Church, anything else is just a part of the chatter that is been going on for awhile and has yet to be voted on. I suspect that a change where there are two groups, Progressives and Traditionalists, may come about, but it hasn't yet.
  3. The mailing I saw today included a draft Facility Use Agreement laying out the responsibilities or lack of of the Church, Troop and Council and it had places for signatures from each party. I'll have to take another look at it tomorrow to see if it said it was required. Depending on how a church's Board of Trustees feels regarding this, I could see where a church could really restrict a Troop and what it does with the church and it's facilities/vehicles. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. My church hasn't had any Scouting Units since 2006 but I am still a ASM, glad I am
  4. Here in Arkansas the Bishop has sent a letter telling all Methodist Churches to NOT sign a new Charter Agreement after 12/31/2021, but instead to go to a Facility Use Agreement between the Church, the Troop and the Council. Scout Units will now become a group that meets at the Church instead of a part of the church and the church basically has no connection to the Troop. This agreement has to be formally signed by all parties. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  5. Quapaw Council in Arkansas announced May 27 that there will be NO Summer Camp.
  6. I totally agree on the worthlessness of the skillet with the Trail Chef Kit and the cups weren't much good for anything but a measuring cup, however the rest of the kit was quite handy in my opinion. We has cast iron skillets for cooking.
  7. I need to update the email address associated with my ID on MYSCOUTING.ORG but clicking around on the website I can't find anyway to do it. Any help would be welcome.
  8. " According to the "Rules and Regulations", the DE should meet with the CO and determine their intent to recharter now or sometime in the future." Ha, ha. 11 Years ago I shut down a troop that had been chartered for 43 straight years and never heard a word from the District or Council professionals. I keep the gear in storage for several years hoping we would restart until the CO said we need the space and the gear has to go. I gave some of it away to other troops and since I had associated with a new troop I gave them first dibs on gear they wanted out of our stock. We had some gear th
  9. I have no experience with the new backpacking stoves, back when I was doing it only white gas was available. As for static camping, we would go through white gas like crazy on a weekend campout, whereas a 20 lb propane tank lasts almost a whole season. I haven't looked at the price of white gas in Wal-Mart lately but the last time I saw it at Cabelas I almost choked at the price.
  10. I can't fathom the new all in one WoodBadge with Power Point presentations inside. I did a Walking Wood Badge back in 1978 where we were taught the 11 Leadership Skills. Prior to the new WB the whole course was done OUTDOORS! You slept outside, you did your own cooking outside, and your training was outside. Of course lets not forget there was Boy Scout WoodBadge and Cub Scout WoodBadge, 2 totally different courses. Fortunately nobody has ever mentioned to me that my Beads weren't any good and I needed to be retrained.
  11. Here is the Leaders Guide for the Quapaw Area Council in Arkansas. This camp is located about an hour Northwest of Little Rock outside of the big metropolis of Greenbrier off of Hwy 65. http://www.quapawbsa.org/content/uploads/2016/03/2016-Leaders-Guide.pdf
  12. "Our council AND national does." Interesting. I was SM for 28 years 1979-2007 and produced 26 Eagles and never turned in a Blue Card to Council.
  13. Rethink being SM with your young family. They may tell you it is 1 hour per week, but the "one hour per week per boy" joke is not far off. I started as SM about the same age as you did, but I had no wife or family so my time was my time. I did this for 28 years and went back to being an ASM where now I decide if I want to go on this outing or come to that meeting. To succeed as SM you will need to attend monthly Roundtable, Training, etc, all of which will eat into your family time. I would say wait a few years and then give it a go when your son is part of the program.
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