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  1. Don't know if it's just me but I have a hard time reading longer posts across my entire screen. Keep loosing the sentence I am on. Looks great..
  2. Some of our troop spent 1 night there this past summer. Roaming buffalo, snakes, cactus. Some of us less adventerous spent the night in the campground so cannot give 1st hand knowledge. The ones who went said they had an amazing time.
  3. Any local sign painters that maybe willing to help? Keep it simple and they would be more likely to help. Any artists around? Auto pinstripers can sometimes do lettering. Community arts center? If you go with vinyl graphics/lettering be sure someone knows how to correctly apply them.
  4. Scoutnut our CO has no clue when our committee meets. Am pretty sure we are not in the minority on this. Try contacting your District Executive about getting current phone numbers of Scoutmasters or show up before a scout meeting and have a chat.(This message has been edited by kbandit)
  5. What is the donated money going to be used for? Maybe if it were for a specific item/use it would be better understood. Example "I am raising money to help purchase a refrigerator for XYZ Charity."
  6. Could the list have been made up for the shock value? In our troop we have the parent(s) choose whom they would like the announcement sent to. The letters received are sent to Eagle Scout C/O Scoutmaster Elm Street USA. They are then put in plastic sleeves and added to the end of his Eagle Project Book. Some are read at the ECOH and then presented to the Eagle Scout. Never had to deal with your situation. Please if you speak to the scout make sure your personal beliefs do not interfer. I may not like what Mr. YX speaks of however alot of others do, sort of thing.
  7. I would suggest having your potential "Eagle" scout contact his troop leadership as to whom HE needs to ask this question. It is HIS project and I believe funding is part of his project book. It may be a touchy subject since it will already have been paid for by private individuals and the fundraising will be going to private individuals. Try this on - Someone supporting the fundraiser- "What is the money going to?" Participant - "It is going to the Eagle Scout's parents." To me it would leave a bad taste. Very hard to undo bad PR.
  8. Taking 2 change of clothes to rotate during the week. Ok are you going to wash them at camp? If not please stay down wind of me. LOL Where we goto summer camp usually high humidity and warm temps. Shirts tend to get ripe in one day of wear. Suggestion try just wearing 2 days worth of clothes and see how it will work. If need be you will have the extra clothes with you this time. Have a great time!!!!!!
  9. If you (troop) writes a letter please have someone other than the author of the letter read if before it is sent to make sure it conveys the message the troop/committee wants to send. Please spell out exactly what you (troop) want to see with regards to parent supervision. The parent could come and not give a care in the world what their son is doing. Spell out what the next step will be if the parent accompanying the scout does not work. Sometimes it is better to lose a bad apple than the whole basket. Every scout should feel safe with their troop. Template letter - Every situ
  10. Ok did my online tour plan today. Had to call National. Kept getting a 404 error which after talking to the guy we did some adjusting to my puter internet settings and it worked. It is pretty straight forward and fairly simple for me. Liked being able to pull registered adults from the list and most info is there. Should definately go quicker next time.
  11. I think adults would appreciate going to camp for no cost. They are already giving their time. My .02
  12. You might want to look at what age he will be as a graduating/crossing over Webelo 2 to Boy Scouts. There are age requirements to join Boy Scouts. This might help in the decision making. Good luck.
  13. Seems to me I had seen that on a University of Scouting/PowWow CD.
  14. The form you need is the scout registration form. You can find them at your local council office. These are in triplicate and I have not seen them online. Everyone has to have a yearly physical. So yes you would need a physical. That form is available online. Don't see why you couldn't use a military physician. Welcome back to scouting and thanks for your service.
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