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  1. Our pack typically gives a plaque that lists the years of service. Also, see if they qualify for the Scout Leader Award of Merit or Scouters Key Award. See attached link that show these awards plus all others. http://www.boyscouttrail.com/square-knots.asp
  2. We use Packmaster for record keeping. Primarily for me as the Cubmaster. For communications, we use a free website called Scoutlander. Here are the key area's I like about this site. 1. It is secure. 2. You can match parents up with youth 3. You can add a picture of the individual with their profile. It works great matching names to faces. 4. It has a calendar 5. It sends out E-mail notices 48 hours prior to an event as a reminder Here is a link to set it up. http://www.scoutlander.com/PublicSite/home.aspx
  3. Using Facebook, ask people to share and create a event. Check at the council if they know of anyone that collects scouting uniforms, books and other memorabilia. See if they will set up a display at your celebration.
  4. Take a look at the Leader Award of Merit for your Cubmaster. It can be done in just 18 months.
  5. Also remember, you must have been registered for that position. Example: You are registered as Assistant Cubmaster. You fill in because there is not a Webelos Den Leader for 1 year. Even if you did all the work, it will not count because you were not registered in that position. This link will also give you requirements for knots that have been retired.
  6. ~~I've heard it and I don't care for that term at all and wish it was never coined. A scout has no obligation, absolutely none, to do anything in the OA. Who's to say that the scout isn't active and supporting his unit just because he never does anything with the lodge or chapter? He certainly didn't pledge to do so at the ordeal Wrong!!! All members pledge. I, John Doe, on my honor as a scout, will always and faithfully observe and preserve the traditions of the order of the arrow. If you take the obligation to be a member, that means you are expected to live up to t
  7. A parent in our troop registered a exchange student from China so he could attend a troop campout. Looking further down the line, would we have him do advancement while he is here. What do you do about requirements like the pledge of allegiance for the Scout badge? Any thoughts?
  8. When I was a scout "75-79" merit badge and skill award classes were in the morning slots only. Afternoon and evenings were open camp, or time to work on your badges on your own. We were encouraged to visit every area in camp and at least try every area. Water front, pool, scoutcraft, handycraft, shooting sports, and Eco-con. By doing this we had more chances to try new things, and perhaps taking badges in those area's in the future. If not, just have a more enjoyable camp with doing the fun things you liked.
  9. Camp Loud Thunder {Illowa Council}did a pilot program last year introducing pistol shooting for scouts. I believe there was a age level of 14, Each troop received 2 slots to fill. Our council had several volunteers step forward to help with instruction. 1 per 2 boys on the range. From what I understand, this year several more camps are doing it around the country.
  10. Is there a BSA policy about youth members dating that are part of the same crew?
  11. Our committee chair collects Colman lanterns. He gives each boy that earns AOL a reconditioned lantern. These come out of his own pocket, not from the pack. The pack gives the certificate, patch, and card.
  12. I have several issues. Example: I have arleady earned my Scout Leader Training Award for the troop. I am currently Pack Trainer. Once I have my 2 years in do I put the Cub Pin on that know along with the Boy Scout Pin? Or just the Cub Pin. In the military, you usuallly do not add a device unless you have received the same award more than once. I bought the Pack Trainer knots when I heard the system was changing. Later I found out you had to be finished by the endof 2012. I will have my time up in May 2014. Is it wrong to substitute the older knot? My other issue is the chan
  13. It's not the gun, but the person behind it that is dangerous. Hitler did not have a gun, but with freedom of speach and assembly, look where he took the Nazi Party.
  14. In the last few years, our pack has played music during the procession of the boys for Arrow of Light. We have used the theme music from Band of Brothers. I also found a song that would be good a month ago. The theme song from the TV shows "Star Trek Enterprise". You can find both of these on Youtube.
  15. Indoor Snowball Fight. Kids - vs - Adults I work in the retail buisness. Our store saves plastic shrink wrap that comes with boxes of merchadise. I got the ok from the store manager to use some of this materal. During lunch hour for 2 weeks I made plastic snowballs and sealed them with packing tape that I bought. My goal was 400 snowballs, but I think I ended up with around 300. Our church has a gym, and we split them between the kids and the adults and let them have fun. No parents were allowed to miss out on the fun. I have them in my basement to be used again next year.
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