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  2. I'm in the chat for a bit, come on by
  3. Eagle Charge: _____________: "Scouts of all nations make up one of the most wholesome and significant movements in the world's history. You have been judged by the Boy Scouts of America as being worthy of this honor. All who know you rejoice in your achievement. This award, as you will know, is one of honor and responsibility. You are a marked man. As an Eagle Scout, you have assumed a solemn obligation to do your duty to God, to Country, to your fellow Scouts, and to mankind in general. This is a great undertaking. As you live up to your obligations you bring honor to yourself and to your brother Scouts." "America has many good things to give you and your children after you; but these good things depend for the most part on the quality of her citizens. Our country has had a great past. You can help make the future even greater." "I charge you to undertake your citizenship with a solemn dedication. Be a leader, but lead only toward the best. Lift up every task you do and every office you hold to the highest level of service to God and to your fellow man." "So live and serve, that those who know you will be inspired to finer living. I charge you to be among those who dedicate their hearts, hands, skills, and abilities to the common good. Help to build America's future by continuing to set an example of clean living, honest work, unselfish citizenship and reverence for God, whatever others may do. You will leave behind you a record of which you may be justly proud." "Eagle Candidate _____________, I charge you to enter this Eagle Scout brotherhood holding without reservation and ever before you the ideals of honor and service. By the repetition of the Eagle Scout promise before your fellow members, you will become an Eagle Scout. When you pledge yourself on your sacred honor, you will be sealing your eternal loyalty to the code of the Eagle Scout with the same words which closed the Declaration of Independence." "Will all Eagle Scouts here tonight please stand and renew your Eagle Scout promise as_____________ joins our brotherhood? (Pause) Scout sign; repeat after me;" "I reaffirm my allegiance .... to the three promises of the Scout Oath .... I thoughtfully recognize .... and take upon myself .... the obligations and responsibilities .... of an Eagle Scout. .... On my honor, I will do my best .... to make my training an example .... and my status and my influence .... count strongly for better Scouting .... and for better citizenship .... in my troop, .... in my community, .... and in my contacts with other people. .... To this I pledge my sacred honor." "Two. Please be seated" "_____________, your conduct along the trail has been excellent. You have rededicated yourself to the principles of Scouting. But one more thing is important ... your future." "As an Eagle Scout, you become a guide to other Scouts. You become an example in your community. Remember that your actions are now a little more conspicuous and people will expect more of you. To falter in your responsibility would reflect not only on you, but on your fellow Eagles and all of Scouting. The torch you carry is not only yours, but it is also ours." --------------------- This was the Eagle charge at my Eagle ceremony. There are different versions out there though. According to: ""Will all Eagle Scouts here tonight please stand and renew your Eagle Scout promise as_____________ joins our brotherhood? (Pause) Scout sign; repeat after me;" "Our brotherhood" sounds like the speaker is an Eagle himself. Either way, I say let the Scout have whomever he likes read the Eagle charge. Usually in my experience only other Eagles give the charge, whether that is required or not I am not sure. Keep us posted. YIS
  4. Those look cool! I have never seen them before. Can you bring/fit anything in them comfortably, day pack etc? How are they in windy weather and rainy weather? YIS
  5. Anyone else Laugh Out Loud when they opened up the BSA website!!?? I'm still laughing, that is one funny picture! Looks to me he's too happy to be wearing the uniform incorrectly! My questions is what is in his right hand? YIS
  6. I would like to echo SWScouter, How is Supplex nylon and sparks?
  7. Would this supplex nylon stuff be good for winter time use as well? YIS
  8. BrentAllen, thanks for the response. Out of the different material short sleeves you wear, which is the best in the hot weather, what keeps you coolest?
  9. What material shorts/pants do you all wear? I have to buy new shorts and pants and plan of getting a couple of each. Any suggestions? I see the shorts are available in different materials as well as the pants. What kinds do you all prefer? Especialy for different occassions, camping, formal etc... Thanks! Poly/Wool-shorts/pants vs Poly/Cotton-shorts/pants vs Cotton-shorts/pants I have to also get a few new shirts, any suggestions for the different seasons. Too many choices imo! Three different materials for short sleeve shirts! What should I choose!? YIS
  10. Yes I have considered some reproduction stuff but I have not had much luck locating them. Any suggestions of military re-enactment repro stuff/manufacturers? Websites etc...
  11. How long were these jackets in circulation? I have seen pictures of Scoutmasters from the 40's wearing neater and shorter length versions than the early 20th century ones... YIS
  12. Does anyone know what kind of Jackets were worn I believe prior to the 1950's by Scoutmasters. They have 4 pockets on them, and are worn with a belt. I believe the only insignia is the Boy Scouts of America strip. I have been trying to track down some pictures, but they are hard to find. BP and Uncle Dan are seen in some old photos wearing them... I have heard that they are called norfolk jackets. Anyone know? YIS
  13. "Urban Scouting"? Here we go again (remember 1974?). What happened? I was born in 84. Eagle in 03. I know of some bad stories of scouts during the vietnam years. Is that what they are referring to? Fill me in... IMO, scouting in urban areas should be looked into in a big way. Lot's of urban kids need the solid direction scouting can provide. YIS
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