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    • They are about to get laid off if they haven't already with the new territory system to replace areas and regions. And it makes no sense anyway. Regions (and now territories) are massive swaths of land. Asking them to go drive hundreds of miles all around to sign off on charters? Such visits would be short and cursory. But let's game that out. The latest data says 51,594 units NE Region: 12,150 units Southern Region: 15,450 Central Region: 15,194 Western Region: 8,800 The latest report (2019) was BSA National had 4026 employees. That was in 2019, before the MASSIVE layoffs. But let's say we assign 100 units per "regional" person. That means you are hiring (and paying for travel expenses for) 515 people. To do what? Come to a unit for 1-3 hours. Talk about YPT and sign off on their charter every year? And since recharter happens around the same time every year, what the really means is having the 500+ people visiting 100 units in a 3 month period (October/November/December). And it isn't like a business that is open 5 days a week. Those 100 visits would have to be scheduled for committee meeting days or unit meetings. So you are packing DOZENS of trips in a matter of a few weeks for what? So they can sign a piece of paper? As I said, if you want to do this, the answer is making the DE's enforcers OR creating YPT enforcer positions in councils. Not "YPT champions". Not volunteers who encourage. Hired compliance people (think health/safety inspectors or inspectors general) whose purpose is to come in and be the bad guy. That's hard enough to do when the people involved are ALL EMPLOYEES OF THE SAME COMPANY and therefore compliance is a condition of employment. You think a SM is going to give two rips if a regional person or DE or Council enforcer tells them they are doing it wrong? Of course not. The only way this works is heads on pikes. SMs removed. Charters not renewed. It will only take a few to get the message across.  
    • Also watch out: that list included GSUSA and a lot of Girl Scout councils.
    • Yes - the Commissioner service is the red-headed stepchild of Scouting volunteer positions. They are there to help units, to serve as trusted advisors, and to enable leaders to have a stronger program.  I doubt that most would be able to navigate being both advisor and compliance officer all at once.  I suspect it would kill the commissioner program. There will be one or two territory employees per 15 councils.  Let's say a council averages 200 units - that's one or two employees per 3,000 units.  If they are always on the road and do three a week - that's 20 years to visit everyone... What is it that we actually want them to check?  
    • What about those people employed at the regional level... what do they fill their days with???  And could they be tasked to do Unit Compliance visits (inspections) every two to three years? 
    • Two problems. 1) My district hasn't had a DC in years, much less a unit commissioner. Not everywhere has commissioners coming out of the ears. 2) The entire idea of the commissioner corp is they are there to assist where they are welcome. Granting them (a volunteer) authority over a unit is fundamentally altering the deal. They already have a bad reputation as Council's spies and enforcers. This would codify it. That said, district executive or other paid professional might take this on but it creates a conflict there as well. But it may be better than trying to overhaul commissioners into enforcers.
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