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  1. BigDale

    Font for Unit Numbers

    My anal retentive mind won't let do that. Maybe I should explain more. I want to make, or have made, some leather stamps of the uniform numerals. Along with the border and everything. and in different sizes. do several leatherworking MB courses throughout the year and am going to do them at one or more summer camps next year.
  2. I have looked at many fonts and cannot find any numbers that match the Unit Numeral Patches. Does anyone know if such a font actually exists? I noticed the CS and BS are different. I don't know about the others though. Thanks, Dale
  3. I'm looking for the following 3D leather stamps. Please contact me with what you have and the price you want for each stamp. Boy/Cub Scout Stamps 5 - Craftool 8506 - BSA Eagle 6 - Craftool 8543 - BSA Eagle 6 - Craftool 8508 - OA Indian Head 6 - Craftool 8545 - OA Indian Head 5 - Craftool 8511 - OA Round stamp with Arrow or 8411 - OA Round Stamp with Arrow 5 - Craftool No # - Cub Scout with Type 2 Background 4 - Craftool 8445 - Tiger Cub 2 - Craftool 8440 - Arrow of Light Wood Badge 6 - 8544, 8507 or 8410 - Axe & Log 4 - 8412 - Fox 5 - 8413 - Buffalo 6 - 8414 - Antelope 6 - 8415 - Bear 6 - 8416 - Owl 6 - 8417 - Bobwhite 1 - 8418 - Beaver 6 - 8419 - Eagle Girl Scout Stamps 5 - Craftool 8483 - Girl Scout Contemporary 5 - Craftool 8484 - Girl Scout Trefoil Traditional 3 - Craftool 8485 - Daisy Scout 5 - Craftool 8486 - Brownie Thank, Dale
  4. We can get 20 through easy enough. I think the main issue is that in a larger group there is less participation per scout during the discussion time. In addition getting all the blue cards signed there is a lot of waiting around. With an assistant or two, we would have the chance to work with the scouts that need to take a little longer (and I can assign the lanyard part to someone else). I really don't want to organize my own event. What I may do is work at the troop level. That way it could be from just a few scouts to the whole troop. We may have to meet several times since most troop meetings are only about 1.5 hours.
  5. Wow! I would love to have that few number of students. I can see that at a troop event. I'd be happy to get down to about a dozen.
  6. I was wondering what you think is the proper number of Scouts in a single Leatherwork Merit Badge Class should be? Our Council schedules 20 per class and up until recently it was for a 3 hour class. Now it is 4 hours. At 4 hours, by myself, I am able to get all the kids done and signed off. If I had an assistant, we might be able to get more Scouts through, but I'm not sure that is a good idea. Any thoughts?
  7. BigDale

    Merit Badge Workshops and Universities

    Several years ago, I sat in the leatherwork merit badge class at summer camp (as a Scouter). I had recently started leatherworking myself and wanted to see what they were teaching. The counselor was a Scout (not unusual at summer camps) and based on his knowledge, I'm not sure he did the merit badge himself. After camp I went to our council office and had a discussion with the director. I explained what I witnessed at the camp and this what he said. With some merit badge classes, the counselor is chosen by the process of, "whoever is not doing anything else at the time". That was even more disappointing. We then got into a deeper conversation about merit badges in general. I brought up the issue of the "Merit Badge" events and whether the kids were able to learn anything in the 3 hour classes. He said that kids today have a shorter attention spans and that most kids wouldn't go through the same process, I did as a scout, of finding a MBC and scheduling a time and actually reading the MB book before seeing the MBC. So they have to provide these opportunities for them. Fast forward a year and my son had turned 18 but I still wanted to stay involved. I decided to become a MBC for Leatherwork so I went to one of these events and assisted the MBC that was teaching the class. He actually had taught the class several times so I was looking forward to learning from someone that knew what they were doing. I was excited. The class started and after introductions he said, "I know what I'm doing because last night, I read the Leatherworking MB book 3 times". What? Sure he knew some of the basics but when asked some questions, he got them wrong. Then, on top of all that, they didn't even have any projects to work on. The had some suede mystery bracelets and leather lace. Nothing they could stamp on. So I went to the person in charge of merit badges at the event and told her the situation. She said, "there is nothing we can do about it now, so we have to use what we have". I explained that what they had was not enough to complete the merit badge and she said that the blue cards had to be signed. So I offered to run home and get some projects for the next class. I got back just in time for the class and offered to teach it while he observed and did all the paperwork. We were able to get all the requirements done but a few had to stay late to do it. So I've worked my way to be the "go to" person for any leatherworking. I've done some Cub Scout Day Camps and more MB classes. I did get them to change some things. We order the MB kits that come with everything they need to complete the class. Now the LW MB classes are 4 hours long instead of 3. I'm trying to get a helper in every class. Is it perfect? No. But we do manage to get all the requirements completed. Yes. Ideally, I'd like to spread the class over 2 days. This way the leather can have enough time to dry after dying. We can assemble the next day plus give them some extra time to stamp on some leather scraps just to have fun.
  8. BigDale

    Leatherwork Merit Badge

    In my effort to find the cheapest prices for leather tools I ran across some on ebay that I wanted to mention. The Native American Symbol set that Tandy sells I found with a seller from overseas. Tandy Price 29.99 + tax ebay price 12.85 including shipping. Same with the 8137 Alphabet and Number set. 8.52 including shipping from overseas. I'll give them a try and let you know they work out. I have ordered leatherworking tools from overseas before on ebay and amazon. It takes longer to receive and have not had issues with quality. Others have had quality problems. But when you buy a 250 piece tool set for 9.00 it's not going to be top quality. I think it depends on the items though. I am ordering 1 item at a time, not a group of items. If these test OK then I'll go to our Council with all the pricing. I'll post in another topic what I think a Leather tool kit for scouts should include.
  9. BigDale

    Leatherwork Merit Badge

    Thanks TMSM. That is a great project and method for teaching the scouts. I have thought of doing that same project but wondered if the scouts would like that particular project. I still have the one my Dad made from a tandy kit over 40 years ago. Can you tell me the approximate cost of each one? Most of what I talked about was for MB classes put on by the Council either at their office or other planned merit badge event like the Scout Expo. I have done classes with Girl Scouts and the projects are chosen by the girls since there is no official LW badge for them. One of the other things I want to accomplish is to work at the troop and pack level doing projects they choose. That way we can work over several meetings to get them done. I also want to make some videos for MB counselors on teaching the LWMB class, using the tools and doing the projects. Thanks
  10. BigDale

    Leatherwork Merit Badge

    I am planning an intermediate class that would be for both Scouts and Scouters. It would include a number of projects over several weeks. I want to put together a set of tools that they could take home to work on their projects between classes. It would include almost all the tools needed to complete most project kits, except finishing. Or, as part of the fee they get a starter set of tools and projects to begin with. Tandy has some nice sets and Springfield Leather will put together custom sets for me. I love Springfield Leather. The have been good to me and are very supportive of Scouts. I would probably start with 6 - 10 students and up to 24 after I get it down. I also want to do an advanced class where all the projects are created from scratch using patterns and templates. Full disclosure - I'm not particularly good at LW myself. I have to learn all the above stuff before I teach it. So I'm hoping to start the intermediate classes next year and the advanced, shortly after. I didn't mention it in the 1st post, but I was planning on being the LWMB Counselor at our summer camp this year. MB classes are scheduled 2hrs each for 4 days. I was going to go through the whole Tandy beginning tooling class using the swivel knife and stamps to make that stupid western flower. Then have them do projects that would cover the rest of the MB. Then with any free time they could buy kits at the trading post to complete if they wanted. But they decided to close the summer camp here in Las Vegas so I'm SOL. I've been putting together a list of the best prices for various tools needed for the above kits. Some at Tandy, Springfield Leather, Amazon and even from Japan and China. I just need to tap into the unlimited funds I think I have, but really don't. So i'm thinking of doing some fundraising on Kickstarter or GoFundMe. I've tried to get a couple of leatherworkers registered as MB Counselors but they show no interest at all. In fact, none of them would even help me learn new techniques or show me some finishing tips. As far as the display goes. Right now it's just a bunch of pieces I spread out on a table. I plan on glueing the different species of leather on a board as some have already disappeared. I want to also do the same with the other items that are tooled and create some of my own tooled examples. Most of my tooled samples are pieces that have been included with leather tools I bought on ebay. I've also picked up, from craigslist in Alaska, and auctions in Vegas, some hair on hides that I want to stretch out between 4-branch frames with leather lace. I tend to go overboard whenever I do something like this but I think it just adds to the experience. I would love to have display boards surrounding the whole room to make it an immersive experience.
  11. OK, this past year I have done quite a few Leatherwork Merit Badge Classes (LWMB) in our Council and I've had a few problems. The main one has to do with time management. The classes have been 3 hours long and it seems that a high percentage of students don't get their project completed. So, I mark on their blue card that they have to complete the project and show the Scoutmaster. I do spend what I think is an appropriate amount of time on the discussion part of the class, but there is never enough time at the end to do everything. So I have come up with some ideas that I think might help others with their classes. 1 - I convinced the MB Coordinator to make the classes 4 hours long. That will solve most of the problems. 2 - Use the LWMB kits for the classes. BSA puts out 2 kits for the LWMB and they're about 13.00 each. They both include the 5 leather samples, the plastic lace and clasp to braid a lanyard (there is enough lace to make about 8" of braiding), a neckerchief slide project and one additional project. Either a pocket knife belt case or a wallet. I used to get half and half and let the kids choose but now only get the knife case. The reasons are: Having to explain 2 different projects and having to re-explain them over and over wastes a lot of time. And, the knife case is sewn as opposed to laced. Hand sewing is much faster than lacing. 3 - Give them fairly strict guideline on how they are to stamp the leather. The reason for this, is that given the choice, a high percentage of them try to fit every stamp image on their projects as possible. This, of course, looks like crap and whatever the project, it will end up on their floor at home in the back of the closet or just thrown away. I explain to them that these projects, done at an official BSA event, can be officially part of your uniform. Plus their parents are actually impressed with their projects. So I give them strict instructions for the 2 leather projects. For the neckerchief slide, I allow them 1 main image and possibly a border. They may also put their troop number and name above or below the main image. For the knife kit, There is room for 1 large 3d stamp on the flap and 1 on the front. Then I have them stamp their name and troop# either on the back or front (in case they lose it at summer camp). They can also do a border. Then we dye them. While they are drying I have them work on the lanyard. As soon as the dye is dry enough, I get them started on the sewing of the project. Item 1 above doesn't start until the next LWMB classes in October. But I followed 2 and 3 and all projects were completed. Although the kids had to stay after while I signed the blue cards. The best thing was that almost all the scouts were wearing their projects when they left. Here are a few more things I wanted to mention: I only had 2 of the 1/4" alphabet and number sets (T8137) so there was a lot of time wasted waiting for letters. It would be best to have one of these sets for every 3 to 4 scouts. In the room we were in, the tables could fit 3 scouts, so I would need 7 sets and then I could place them on their tables. Each Scout is given 1 poundo board, 1 wood mallet, 1 large tool handle and 1 small tool handle. The rest of the stamps I spread out on 1 large table up front. This worked really well as I have a wide variety of stamps that I bring when I do a LWMB class. I don't use the councils tools because I want to give them a lot of options for stamps. This however may also cause some slowdown due to the kids having to look over hundreds of stamps for that "perfect" one. I've seen MB Counselors put stamps on every table before, but then the Scouts get up and look at the other table's stamps anyways. I bring lots of display items that they can look at for ideas and to show them what can be done. I also have about 2 dozen small leather samples from different animals. I don't bring any swivel knives to the classes. There is not enough time to teach them how to use it. Bring an assistant. I was supposed to have an assistant at the last couple of classes that didn't show. That would have been really helpful. That way you have 2 trainers. My biggest issue is there isn't enough time for the leather to dry before dying and also waiting enough time for the dye to dry before assembly. But we have to work within our time limit. Getting that extra hour will help with that. I'm sure there's a lot more I could add but it's 4am so I'm going to sleep now. please add your own ideas to this post or ask any questions about the LWMB classes. Thanks, Dale
  12. I'm not sure if it is allowed in this Forum, but I have over 500 extra leathercraft stamps that I'm looking to trade for other leathercraft stamps that I need. In most cases you will get more stamps than you trade to me. I'm not interested in cash transactions. Just trade. We each pay our own shipping. I use these working with both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I put them in order by manufacturer, but some stamps may not have the manufacturer shown on the back of the stamp. However, each manufacturer uses the same numbers so make sure both the number and description match. Here is what I need: Scout Related: Wood Badge Stamps 8410 or 8544 Axe & Log 8413 Buffalo 8414 Antelope 8415 Bear 8416 Owl 8417 Bobwhite 8419 Eagle The 4 Girl Scout Stamps (8483, 8484, 8485, 8486) OA Stamps (8508, 8511, 8411, 8545) BSA Eagle Stamps (8506 and 8543) Craftool: 8381 YMCA Indian Guide 8389 Sports Car 8395 Boat Steering Wheel 8396 Beaver 8401 Leather Hide "Made in USA" 8432 Swimming Duck 8433 Goose 8447 Armadillo 8448 Roadrunner 8478 Cowboy/Horse/Lasso 8480 Bull Rider 8488 Barrel Racer 8511 Sword in Bible 8516 Motorcycle 8522 Flying Saucer 8523 Flag of Israel 8524 Star of David 8527 Eternal Flame 8528 Dreidel 8529 Menorah 8530 Shofar Horn 8532 2 Finger Peace Sign 8533 Celtic Cross 8536 Rearing Horse 8537 Running Wild Horse 8538 Eagle with Talons 8539 Roaring Bear 8541 Smiley Face 8542 Ying/Yang The Leather Factory: 8501 Eagle Head 8502 Deer Head 8503 Horse Head 8504 Cougar Head 8505 Tiger Head 8507 Wolf Head 8508 Buffalo Head 8510 Ram Head 8517 Eagle on a Branch 8522 Ram 8524 Moose Standing 8526 Deer 8530 Wolf 8531 Butterfly 8539 Oval Design Concho 8540 Wild Cat 8545 Eagle Head 8546 Bear 8548 Praying Hands Midas: 8234 Wild Boar 8299 Wood Duck 8307 Deer Family 8339 Kangaroo with Joey 8344 Religious Fish 8347 Flower 8368 Leopard 8375 Semi Truck 8379 Cowboy Boots Please let me know if you have any of these. Please contact me with what you have and what you want to trade for and I will send you a list of what I have to trade. Thanks, Dale
  13. I was wondering if anyone does Leathercraft with Girl Scout Troops. I currently work with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. I've thought about Girl Scouts, but am having trouble coming up with projects for GS. I want projects they might actually use and not stupid, "throwaway" projects. Anyone have ideas what good projects to do. Dale
  14. I'm trying to put together an awesome set of leather stamps for use in scouting. I really hate trying to sell stuff so I want to do some bartering. I currently have over 500 2D/3D leather stamps that I want to trade for other leather stamps. If you want to donate any leather stamps and tools, please see address on attached spreadsheet for instructions. Below are some of the stamps I'm looking for: (for a complete list, see attached files) Scout Related: The 9 Wood Badge Stamps( 8410, 8412, 8413, 8414, 8415, 8416, 8417, 8418, 8419, 8507, 8544) The 4 Girl Scout Stamps (8483, 8484, 8485, 8486) OA Stamps (8508, 8511, 8545) BSA Eagle Stamps (8506 and 8543) Craftool: 8523 Flag of Israel 8524 Star of David 8536 Rearing Horse The Leather Factory: 8501 Eagle Head 8502 Deer Head 8504 Cougar Head 8507 Wolf Head 8517 Eagle on a Branch 8540 Wild Cat 8546 Bear Facing Right Midas: 8234 Wild Boar 8299 Wood Duck Left 8307 Deer Family 8339 Kangaroo with Joey 8344 Religious Fish 8347 Flower 8368 Leopard 8375 Semi Truck 8379 Cowboy Boots Please let me know if you have any of these. See both attached files for stamps I need and Stamps I have for trade. Please contact me with what you have and what you want to trade for. Thanks, Dale Leather Stamps to Trade.pdf Leather Stamps Needed.pdf
  15. I've already donated over 300 (leatherworking) stamps to the 4 sets of Day Camp (for our Council in Las Vegas, NV) tools and have another 300 that will be going to our Summer camp and Girl Scout set that I am putting together. I am documenting my progress in putting the leather tool sets together and will be able to provide information about what works and what doesn't in order to help other councils do the same. Of note to all the Scouters out there willing to donate leather tools and stamps. I especially need the following: All 2d/3d stamps & sets, even if incomplete All sizes of 2d/3d Stamps 1", 3/4", 5/8", 1/2". 3/8" & 1/4" Any 2d/3d stamps in the number range 8500 to 8549, especially the Jewish and other religious symbols. All Scout stamps 13 sets of the Cub Scout Stamps (8532, 8445, 8442, 8441, 8443, 8444, 8440 & some have no number) 17 sets of the Boy Scout Stamps (Craftool 8508, 8543, Some have no number) 7 sets of the OA Stamps (8508, 8545 & 8411) 6 sets of the Wood Badge (8544, 8412, 8413, 8414, 8415, 8416, 8417, 8148, 8419 & ?) 7 sets of the Girl Scout Stamps (Craftool 8483, 8484, 8485 & 8486) Yes I'm working with Girl Scouts also. Alphabet and number sets, even if incomplete 3/4" & 1/2" Standard Alphabet 3/4" & 1/2" Numbers 3/4" & 1/2" Wood Alphabet 3/8" Fancy Alphabet 3/8" Fancy Number Set Any other sets that the kids would like Swivel Knives and Blades Poundo boards All Handle Stamps and Stamp Sets Tool handles for 3d stamps 500 - Large Handles 1200 - Small Handles (These are being glued to the smaller stamps so they don't get lost as easily) Mallets 182 - Wooden Mallets 130 - Plastic or Rawhide Mallets 48 - Number 2 or 3 Edge Bevelers Please PM me if you can donate leather tools and stamps. . (ed - RS) Thanks for you assistance. Dale