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  1. I'm not sure if it is allowed in this Forum, but I have over 500 extra leathercraft stamps that I'm looking to trade for other leathercraft stamps that I need. In most cases you will get more stamps than you trade to me. I'm not interested in cash transactions. Just trade. We each pay our own shipping. I use these working with both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I put them in order by manufacturer, but some stamps may not have the manufacturer shown on the back of the stamp. However, each manufacturer uses the same numbers so make sure both the number and description match. Here is what I need: Scout Related: Wood Badge Stamps 8410 or 8544 Axe & Log 8413 Buffalo 8414 Antelope 8415 Bear 8416 Owl 8417 Bobwhite 8419 Eagle The 4 Girl Scout Stamps (8483, 8484, 8485, 8486) OA Stamps (8508, 8511, 8411, 8545) BSA Eagle Stamps (8506 and 8543) Craftool: 8381 YMCA Indian Guide 8389 Sports Car 8395 Boat Steering Wheel 8396 Beaver 8401 Leather Hide "Made in USA" 8432 Swimming Duck 8433 Goose 8447 Armadillo 8448 Roadrunner 8478 Cowboy/Horse/Lasso 8480 Bull Rider 8488 Barrel Racer 8511 Sword in Bible 8516 Motorcycle 8522 Flying Saucer 8523 Flag of Israel 8524 Star of David 8527 Eternal Flame 8528 Dreidel 8529 Menorah 8530 Shofar Horn 8532 2 Finger Peace Sign 8533 Celtic Cross 8536 Rearing Horse 8537 Running Wild Horse 8538 Eagle with Talons 8539 Roaring Bear 8541 Smiley Face 8542 Ying/Yang The Leather Factory: 8501 Eagle Head 8502 Deer Head 8503 Horse Head 8504 Cougar Head 8505 Tiger Head 8507 Wolf Head 8508 Buffalo Head 8510 Ram Head 8517 Eagle on a Branch 8522 Ram 8524 Moose Standing 8526 Deer 8530 Wolf 8531 Butterfly 8539 Oval Design Concho 8540 Wild Cat 8545 Eagle Head 8546 Bear 8548 Praying Hands Midas: 8234 Wild Boar 8299 Wood Duck 8307 Deer Family 8339 Kangaroo with Joey 8344 Religious Fish 8347 Flower 8368 Leopard 8375 Semi Truck 8379 Cowboy Boots Please let me know if you have any of these. Please contact me with what you have and what you want to trade for and I will send you a list of what I have to trade. Thanks, Dale
  2. I was wondering if anyone does Leathercraft with Girl Scout Troops. I currently work with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. I've thought about Girl Scouts, but am having trouble coming up with projects for GS. I want projects they might actually use and not stupid, "throwaway" projects. Anyone have ideas what good projects to do. Dale
  3. I'm trying to put together an awesome set of leather stamps for use in scouting. I really hate trying to sell stuff so I want to do some bartering. I currently have over 500 2D/3D leather stamps that I want to trade for other leather stamps. If you want to donate any leather stamps and tools, please see address on attached spreadsheet for instructions. Below are some of the stamps I'm looking for: (for a complete list, see attached files) Scout Related: The 9 Wood Badge Stamps( 8410, 8412, 8413, 8414, 8415, 8416, 8417, 8418, 8419, 8507, 8544) The 4 Girl Scout Stamps (8483, 8484, 8485, 8486) OA Stamps (8508, 8511, 8545) BSA Eagle Stamps (8506 and 8543) Craftool: 8523 Flag of Israel 8524 Star of David 8536 Rearing Horse The Leather Factory: 8501 Eagle Head 8502 Deer Head 8504 Cougar Head 8507 Wolf Head 8517 Eagle on a Branch 8540 Wild Cat 8546 Bear Facing Right Midas: 8234 Wild Boar 8299 Wood Duck Left 8307 Deer Family 8339 Kangaroo with Joey 8344 Religious Fish 8347 Flower 8368 Leopard 8375 Semi Truck 8379 Cowboy Boots Please let me know if you have any of these. See both attached files for stamps I need and Stamps I have for trade. Please contact me with what you have and what you want to trade for. Thanks, Dale Leather Stamps to Trade.pdf Leather Stamps Needed.pdf
  4. I've already donated over 300 (leatherworking) stamps to the 4 sets of Day Camp (for our Council in Las Vegas, NV) tools and have another 300 that will be going to our Summer camp and Girl Scout set that I am putting together. I am documenting my progress in putting the leather tool sets together and will be able to provide information about what works and what doesn't in order to help other councils do the same. Of note to all the Scouters out there willing to donate leather tools and stamps. I especially need the following: All 2d/3d stamps & sets, even if incomplete All sizes of 2d/3d Stamps 1", 3/4", 5/8", 1/2". 3/8" & 1/4" Any 2d/3d stamps in the number range 8500 to 8549, especially the Jewish and other religious symbols. All Scout stamps 13 sets of the Cub Scout Stamps (8532, 8445, 8442, 8441, 8443, 8444, 8440 & some have no number) 17 sets of the Boy Scout Stamps (Craftool 8508, 8543, Some have no number) 7 sets of the OA Stamps (8508, 8545 & 8411) 6 sets of the Wood Badge (8544, 8412, 8413, 8414, 8415, 8416, 8417, 8148, 8419 & ?) 7 sets of the Girl Scout Stamps (Craftool 8483, 8484, 8485 & 8486) Yes I'm working with Girl Scouts also. Alphabet and number sets, even if incomplete 3/4" & 1/2" Standard Alphabet 3/4" & 1/2" Numbers 3/4" & 1/2" Wood Alphabet 3/8" Fancy Alphabet 3/8" Fancy Number Set Any other sets that the kids would like Swivel Knives and Blades Poundo boards All Handle Stamps and Stamp Sets Tool handles for 3d stamps 500 - Large Handles 1200 - Small Handles (These are being glued to the smaller stamps so they don't get lost as easily) Mallets 182 - Wooden Mallets 130 - Plastic or Rawhide Mallets 48 - Number 2 or 3 Edge Bevelers Please PM me if you can donate leather tools and stamps. . (ed - RS) Thanks for you assistance. Dale
  5. BigDale

    Las Vegas Area Council Donation

    We'll see how it turns out I just found out that there are actually 3 separate sets of leather stamps. 4 bins of tools that can be checked out for Day Camps and Merit Badges. This is what I'm working on now. 1 large set of leather tools that they keep at the summer camp. I'm going to check out these this week. Scout Reach also has some leather tools that I need to check out. I will try to look at those this week or next. All have to be kept separate from each other. Looks like I have quite a task ahead of me.
  6. BigDale

    My 1st Cub Scout Day Camp

    Thanks for the advise. I have already been asked to do the leatherwork merit badge at next years Expo. I even get to pick the projects. Yeah. After I get all this stuff figured out I am going to go to the monthly roundtable in my district and offer to come to pack/troop meetings for leatherworking activities/merit badge.
  7. BigDale

    My 1st Cub Scout Day Camp

    It was. The kids can't keep their hands off them. I would have the same problem though, even at my age.
  8. OK, I worked my 1st Cub Scout Day Camp. I handled the Leather Craft table. (See my other posts if you are interested in leatherworking and scouts). I have a lot of unique experience with kids since my mom ran a daycare from our home while I was growing up. We helped out when needed and I treated the (12) kids like little brothers and sisters. It was good practice for raising my own kids and many of the kids brought their own kids later in life when my mom opened a larger center with 125 kids. I've done some leatherworking with girl scout and boy scout troops but It's been a long time since I worked with groups of young boys (and a few girls) and it brought back some memories. We had a specific project to work on and a bit of information I had to pass on, and their attention span was low. These kids don't care about where leather comes from and how it's processed. Why would they? But just before the 1st session I was handed a sheet of paper with information on Italian leather. Apparently I was to inform them about this leather and it took me a couple of sessions to figure out why. The theme was "Passport to Adventure" and I was Italy. For me, the best method I've found when working with young kids is to be a performer and treat them as the audience. But you need to engage them in the "act". Lots of silliness and audience participation. And I'm ok playing the "fool" so this works for me. So after introductions and spending a few minutes just talking about whatever popped up I, I told them it's time to start and flat out said, "OK, we're going to do a leather project today. But first we have to go over some boring stuff." Now the important thing about making a statement like this is that whatever you say during the boring part can't be boring. I felt like I worked out a pretty good routine throughout the day. Next was the description of the project and a demo on how to use the tools. I discovered that it is best not to pass out the tools until just before you turn them loose on the stamping tools. I showed them samples that looked good with some design and also some that were just random stamping, all over the place. And as much as it kills me to see random stamping I told them it was totally up to them what they wanted to do. At this age I think it is important that with any art they should decide what looks good to them. Now we cover the rules. I do this last because they would not remember most of them if I did them earlier. This is not the time for silliness. The key is to present the rules and explain the consequences if they are not followed. Basically, telling them not to use the tools for anything but what they are designed to do, for our project, and if they didn't then I would take the tools away and they wouldn't be able to finish the project. Keep the list short and sweet. After I gave them the rules I had them tell them back to me. Then I hand out the basic tools and turn them loose, while I'm repeating the rules again. I was really surprised to see many of the kids put in some actual thought before they started stamping. But there were also a lot that NEED to stamp on every square micro-millimeter of the leather, front and back. Even when they say they are done they find a place where one more tiny stamp might fit. I made a list of some additional things to bring in to the next day camp. Samples or leather items, additional supplies and such. All in all it was a pretty good experience and I look forward to the next one. But, as I was asking about the next one. I found out that each district, within the council has their own volunteers. Silly me, I thought that there was a group of volunteers that moved from district to district until they were all completed. Like Gypsies moving from town to town. But nooooo. It isn't that easy. I have to WORK to be a volunteer. There are 9 more this summer, but only 6 that I can be at. I want do as many as I can in order to work towards my ultimate goal within the council regarding the leather program (see my other posts). Dale
  9. BigDale

    Las Vegas Area Council Donation

    Thank, I'll order some and test them out. Dale
  10. BigDale

    Las Vegas Area Council Donation

    I've gone through Wood Badge and served on staff a couple times. I'm a Fox. Which also happens to be my patrol animal. But your right about "trickle down" respect and pride. I took all the stuff in today and is being used tomorrow at a day camp. I'm working the next 4 day camps so I know the tools will be taken care of. I'll miss the next one but by then I'll have a manual together and a sign in/out procedure that will make a single person responsible for the tools. So if anything is missing that district would have to pay for it. We'll see what happens. Dale
  11. BigDale

    Las Vegas Area Council Donation

    I don't qualify to itemize but I get the receipt anyways because I know people that do.
  12. BigDale

    Las Vegas Area Council Donation

    Thanks, I am going to order a set and try them out.
  13. Sorry for the late response. I am still learning how this site works. That is a difficult question. Cost is a very real concern because even the smallest projects can be expensive. But my main concern is that the kids make something they will actually use. And a rounder isn't it. I consider those practice pieces. And repeating projects every year is no fun also. Here are some thoughts: Neckerchief slides are good projects would be used every time the uniform is worn. Especially if the whole pack makes them with a common design. They can be bought in packs of 100 at a cost of about 65 cents. Add a foot long piece of leather lace and maybe some beads and you have a nice item. Comes out to less than 1.00 each Wallet - A very good project because in involves different pieces of leather and some lacing. It's a good project for the webelos because they will have an ID card from school and a place to keep money. But the cheapest kit I've found is still 9.00 each. Wristband - I like these but I've discovered that the kids don't wear them very long. I think it is because most scouts want to just stamp as much as they can fit on them and there is no design. Around 2.00 each depending on size. Bookmark - This is a simple and often overlooked project but having them make one for use with their scout handbooks will keep the project used for a long time. These can be purchased for less than 1.50 each in bulk. Book Cover - I think this is a great project for Boy Scouts. There are a lot of customizing options with this project and the scouts can get very creative and really make it their own. It is also a good project for tooling. But this is a very expensive project. My price at Tandy is about 25.00 each. Key Fob - A good project for older scouts because they will be driving. Or younger scouts can make one for their parents. I also let the parents make one if they want to. The key to this project is a wide variety of 3d stamps. But most programs don't have a large number of stamps. I just donated over 200 3d stamps to our council's Day Camp program so they could have 4 identical bins of tools. So, along with their stamps, I put together 4 identical sets of 60 stamps each. And I still don't think 60 is enough of a variety. I have about 400 different stamps and there are about 350 that I don't have. Anyways, these cost less than 1.00 each. Coin Purse - Admittedly this is a better option for Girl Scouts but if I was doing a class just before mother's day or Christmas this is a good present for mom. The kit I would use runs about 5.00 each Mystery Bracelet - There is not much stamping you can do on these but the cool thing about it is how it is braided. You can even get these pre-finished so all you have to do is the braiding. Unfinished ones at Tandy are around 2.00. Rounders - I consider these practice pieces but can be used for multiple projects. Coasters are obvious, but punch a button hole at the top and a small hole at the bottom with a piece of lace running through to add beads to and you have an award "patch" Make sure they stamp the name of the event on it and the date. Depending on size they run about .50 each Leather Braided Bracelet - I think this is a great project because braided bracelets are still "in". There are a lot of designs that use no hardware so that keeps the cost down. There are also a bunch of colors of round leather lace in different sizes so that leaves tons of options. Plus the Leatherwork Merit Badge requires a braided project. And let me tell you that using plastic lace and even paracord for that requirement is not real popular with the kids, but sooooo widely used. Once again we come to cost. I'm still looking for the best prices on the internet so I don't feel comfortable listing any. Leather shapes. There are a lot of leather shapes you can purchase and design a project around them (like all 50 states). Costs vary but are reasonable. So these are the project ideas that I have right now. I want to do a more research with actual kids to see what they would really want. So I'm thinking of starting a few leathercraft clubs at some of high schools and middle schools in my area. An important factor that I've mentioned several times above is design. I think that if the kids got a bunch of scraps to stamp all over and get it out of their system then we could concentrate on design. Starting with a name, initials or 3d stamp and a nice border. is all they need for most projects. Another really important factor is the finishing of the projects. That is why I want to spread the class to two meetings. The 2nd meeting is for dyeing, finishing and assembly. Not just a clear coat, but giving the kids a choice of colors. I think Tandy's Professional water based dyes come in 23 colors. I want to be able to offer each of them. Once again cost comes into play. So where do you draw the line? I don't know. I want to do some fundraising to raise a bunch of money so I can provide all the dyes, paints, finishes, varieties of lace, etc... Who knows, maybe even offsetting at least part of the cost of the projects. Buying the projects in bulk saves a lot but has a big upfront cost. It comes down to how much the troop or pack wants to spend. By not having to purchase tools every year they could spend more on projects. So there is that. As far as my actual plan, I'm still working on it. I'll probably let the unit pick the projects and charge them slightly above cost plus a fee for replacement of the dyes, paper towels, disposable gloves, etc... maybe 25.00. Still working out the details on that part. I'm not trying to make money, I just don't want to lose any. Dale
  14. BigDale

    Las Vegas Area Council Donation

    I totally agree and nice job. It does take someone that has a real interest in a particular activity to make things really interesting for the scouts. Someone willing to take care of tools and supplies to make sure the next time they are used. Yours is archery and mine is leatherwork. I talked to the person in charge of our local camp and volunteered to come out every morning and either teach or help out with the leatherworking merit badge. He said it was ok and asked if I wanted to do other merit badges. My reply was "No". Not because I can't do basket weaving, I have no interest. I don't want to do merit badges I have no interest in. My heart wouldn't be in it. Some people can do that no problem. I'm just not one of them. To be honest, I'm not even that good at leatherwork yet. But I have a strong desire to learn. Eventually I would like to do Entrepreneurship, Gardening, Sustainability, Woodworking and Pioneering merit badges. Along with cast iron/dutch oven cooking classes. But I'm not ready yet. Since I'm not going to be at each event I want to make sure it is as easy as possible for those that borrow the tools to make sure they are back in order when they turn them in. Sometime this summer I'm going to color code each bin's boxes and it's contents so it will be easy to find out what is missing. That includes all tools. For example, there are two 1/2" alphabet sets in each bin. One will be red and the other green. So when the kids put them away, as long as they put them in the right color box, and there are no empty spaces, we know that it is a complete set. That way we don't end up with two w's in one box and none in the other. I'm even going to try to make it so none of the colors will be repeated, even in other bins. So once red is used it will not be used in another bin. That shouldn't be too hard. I think there are enough shades in all the colors that I won't need to repeat any. It may seem excessive to go to that length in organizing the tools but I think it will be worth it in the long run. I also plan on putting together a binder that has an inventory of all the tools and how to use them. In addition to a video that will demonstrate how to conduct the class from start to finish. Including about a half dozen or so projects that they could complete. But as much as I enjoy doing this, I don't know how long I will be available. Hopefully, if I make it easy enough, someone else would take it over because it is so organized and complete. I can dream. Or our council will think I'm another anal retentive a-hole, get tired of me and kick me out. Dale
  15. BigDale

    Las Vegas Area Council Donation

    After repairing what I could it looks like I need 16 wooden mallets. They run about 4.50 each at Tandy. I put together a spreadsheet of what we have, what we need as a bare minimum and what I would like to have. It's amazing how much it adds up to. I eventually want to add additional bins and advertise to the packs that there are leather tools that can be loaned to them. Then I will go out there every week or two and make sure everything is in order for the next pack to borrow it. I am hoping to do a Go Fund Me campaign or a Kickstarter Campaign. Our council is checking if I can actually use the the BSA name in the campaign. I think they need to control use of the name and funds. They don't make it easy. I will probably just do it and not mention the name but elude to it. Then I can spend it without having to go through the whole approval process. I am working with Tandy about donating wridtbands or another small project in order to keep the cost of the whole program down. But it might fall through if I don't get approval from BSA to hang a small banner during the class and mention that Tandy donated X. Maybe even pass out a 10% off coupon from Tandy. We'll see what happens.