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  1. I'm trying to find the following leather stamps for Scouts. If you or your Troop/Pack has any of these that I can either buy or trade for please contact me ASAP I have a bunch of extra (more than 400 different) 2d/3d stamps to trade. Please let me know what you are looking for and there is a good chance I'll have it to trade. Thanks, Dale
  2. I'm trying to find the following leather stamps for Scouts. If you or your Troop/Pack has any of these that I can either buy or trade for please contact me ASAP I have a bunch of extra (more than 400 different) 2d/3d stamps to trade. Please let me know what you are looking for and there is a good chance I'll have it to trade. Thanks, Dale
  3. I'm putting together a couple sets of leather tools to use in Scouts. One of my goals is to get all of the 3d stamps that I can find. I'm very close and need about 21 stamps to complete one of the sets. If you have any stamps for sale or trade, let me know and I'll send you a list of the specific stamps I need. Thanks, Dale
  4. I'm sorry if I missed this post and have not contacted you. I'm interested in any leather tools you would be willing to donate. I'm currently working with 2 Councils trying to improve their Leatherwork MB offerings. Any tools donated will be used for that purpose. The Las Vegas Area Council has 5 sets of tools they use for LW MB and Cub Scout Day Camps. The Anchorage, Alaska council only offers LW MB during Summer Camps. But they have 3 Summer Camp locations. So that's 3 sets of tools. I have 2 sets of leather tools I use for Scouts. One in Las Vegas and the other I've bee
  5. There are lots of people that still do leather carving. Unfortunately, there is not enough time allocated in the Leatherwork MB to allow Scouts the chance. Whenever I teach the LW MB I have as few as 3 and a max of 4 hours to complete the whole MB. After teaching about a dozen of the MB classes I finally settled into a rhythm that allows me get all the Scouts through. The Scouts take home a nice project they can use and even impresses their parents. I only hope that I inspired some of them to explore leatherworking further with my own enthusiasm and examples of what can be mad
  6. Anyone interested in trading leather stamps? I'm not looking to sell anything. Just trade. I'm looking for multiples of all the Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Girl Scout, O.A. and Wood Badge Leather Stamps. Plus a lot more. Our Council has at least 5 sets of leather stamps I'm trying to add to. Four of the sets are smaller and loaned out to MB Counselors and used in CS Day Camps. The fifth stays at the Council and I'm trying to get as many different stamps as I can for it. I also want to have an extra or two of some stamps, especially the Scout stamps since we do occasionally lose o
  7. My anal retentive mind won't let do that. Maybe I should explain more. I want to make, or have made, some leather stamps of the uniform numerals. Along with the border and everything. and in different sizes. do several leatherworking MB courses throughout the year and am going to do them at one or more summer camps next year.
  8. I have looked at many fonts and cannot find any numbers that match the Unit Numeral Patches. Does anyone know if such a font actually exists? I noticed the CS and BS are different. I don't know about the others though. Thanks, Dale
  9. We can get 20 through easy enough. I think the main issue is that in a larger group there is less participation per scout during the discussion time. In addition getting all the blue cards signed there is a lot of waiting around. With an assistant or two, we would have the chance to work with the scouts that need to take a little longer (and I can assign the lanyard part to someone else). I really don't want to organize my own event. What I may do is work at the troop level. That way it could be from just a few scouts to the whole troop. We may have to meet several times since
  10. Wow! I would love to have that few number of students. I can see that at a troop event. I'd be happy to get down to about a dozen.
  11. I was wondering what you think is the proper number of Scouts in a single Leatherwork Merit Badge Class should be? Our Council schedules 20 per class and up until recently it was for a 3 hour class. Now it is 4 hours. At 4 hours, by myself, I am able to get all the kids done and signed off. If I had an assistant, we might be able to get more Scouts through, but I'm not sure that is a good idea. Any thoughts?
  12. Several years ago, I sat in the leatherwork merit badge class at summer camp (as a Scouter). I had recently started leatherworking myself and wanted to see what they were teaching. The counselor was a Scout (not unusual at summer camps) and based on his knowledge, I'm not sure he did the merit badge himself. After camp I went to our council office and had a discussion with the director. I explained what I witnessed at the camp and this what he said. With some merit badge classes, the counselor is chosen by the process of, "whoever is not doing anything else at the time". That was even m
  13. In my effort to find the cheapest prices for leather tools I ran across some on ebay that I wanted to mention. The Native American Symbol set that Tandy sells I found with a seller from overseas. Tandy Price 29.99 + tax ebay price 12.85 including shipping. Same with the 8137 Alphabet and Number set. 8.52 including shipping from overseas. I'll give them a try and let you know they work out. I have ordered leatherworking tools from overseas before on ebay and amazon. It takes longer to receive and have not had issues with quality. Others have had quality problems. But
  14. Thanks TMSM. That is a great project and method for teaching the scouts. I have thought of doing that same project but wondered if the scouts would like that particular project. I still have the one my Dad made from a tandy kit over 40 years ago. Can you tell me the approximate cost of each one? Most of what I talked about was for MB classes put on by the Council either at their office or other planned merit badge event like the Scout Expo. I have done classes with Girl Scouts and the projects are chosen by the girls since there is no official LW badge for them. One of th
  15. I am planning an intermediate class that would be for both Scouts and Scouters. It would include a number of projects over several weeks. I want to put together a set of tools that they could take home to work on their projects between classes. It would include almost all the tools needed to complete most project kits, except finishing. Or, as part of the fee they get a starter set of tools and projects to begin with. Tandy has some nice sets and Springfield Leather will put together custom sets for me. I love Springfield Leather. The have been good to me and are very supportive of Sco
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