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  1. Great question. From the guide to advancement. The Scout, the Blue Card, and the Unit Leader"A few merit badges have certain restrictions, but otherwise any registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or qualified Venturer or Sea Scout may work on any of them at any time." So while they can earn them (or any venturer not in a troop) they just can’t wear them or currently use them for advancement.
  2. Bowline

    Qualities of Your Best Troop Committee Chair

    Perfect timing. Great suggestions and insight. We recently moved and the new unit was in need of a CC. I’m still learning, but it seems the former cc wasn’t too active so I have some rebuilding to do.
  3. To the OP- maybe it’s just me, but this months magazine was the most consistent information since the announcement of girls entering scouts. I think there still could be been some hard facts just to reinforce things like the early adopter packs, girls joining cubs but not AOL until next year, and girls in troops starting in Jan. Or that Scout age girls can already join venturing and if their goal is Eagle, they can start working merit badges.
  4. Bowline

    Background checks - concerned parent

    Great question. Yes, all registered adult leaders will have had a background check. This looks at any reported legal issues in their background. It’s ultimately up to the council exec to admit a leader with a “history “. In all seriousness, if you have a concern about a leader’s background just report it. I want to believe the council will handle the question professionally.
  5. We offered a big group setting and a smaller one for the leaders which has worked so far Time will tell with our fall rostering The new course is longer at 1.5 hours, but I found it really well done. The Monday after I took it last spring there was something in the news about a young girl getting aducted. I had deja VP as the story was text book from the course and all the warning signs were there.
  6. Bowline

    Backpacking Down Time Fun Activity Ideas

    On hikes, I’ve seen everything from cards to D&D or other role play games to small pioneering projects. The scouts seem to always find something fun to do. I like to bring a star guide to stargaze after dark. Skits and songs work great too even without a camp fire.
  7. Bowline

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    Has anyone tried the “custom fit” option. http://www.scoutinsignia.com/smallbig.htm. I continue to be amazed at the sizing of uniforms. I remember trying on a new shirt based on the size guidance. My wife was rolling on the floor laughing at how big it was. To the OP, it looks like national supply didn’t try to roll out those terrible looking designs. At least they don’t seem to be on sale.
  8. Bowline

    Our Sea Base Sea Exploring Report

    Thanks for sharing! You’re letting me re live our coral seas adventure earlier this summer. It looks like everyone on your adventure had a great time.
  9. For future planning ..... how many scouts? What a great idea for a troop. I’ve only ever camped with the plane on field in the many years I’ve been going. There is a campground about 3 miles south of the airport with a bus to/from airventure. Some friends have stayed there in their rv, but you would need to call about a troop staying there. I do remember seeing folks tent camping. There is always camp Scholler which is right on site.
  10. Bowline

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    Sadly, the glue can actually leach the color from the fabric too. For me, I’ll alwas be sewing patches on. And maybe using Velcro for leader position patches.
  11. Bowline

    I used to be...

    Now I have that earwig stuck in my head 😁 But what does a beagle do?
  12. All in all this sounds like positive changes. Loosing the win all we can game will be both good and bad. I like the tickets being developed early but I wonder how participants can really have sound ideas that early without coming to to program with ideas in mind.
  13. Bowline

    10,000 Girl Cub Scouts

    I wonder how they are measuring that without the formal fall registration. I know of a number of units that will gain up tp 6 girls just by siblings joining and more with friends and fall recruiting. Overs this is great news.
  14. Bowline

    Teaching Basic Compass Skills

    So bad it’s great. But I’m Not sure I would show that to younger scouts.