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  1. At some point , like now, the numbers game catches up with you.
  2. There really isn’t any prep other than clearing your calendar. yes there are some post course goals to work. You get 18 months to finish those Find something in scouts you want to learn more about are want to get involved with. Bring those ideas to the class. But don’t start working on them until after the course.
  3. Agree that loosing sea base would suck. I’m hoping to take my venture crew there in 23 Already have other plans for 21 and 22. if you want to create a non sea basescuba adventure and still visit the keys, you could talk to rainbow reef in key largo and see about a package. Blackbeard cruises offers a live aboard sailing and scuba adventure that offers discounts to scouts.
  4. I don’t live in Seattle, but have driven the 405 many times during rush hour and traffic can downright suck. There are probably some REI employees doing the happy dance not having to drive in.
  5. I fear many parents Or scouts who were on the edge about remaining in the program will choose to leave. For one of my units this is a 2k impact and we need to scramble about changing this fiscal years Unit dues or eating into the operating budget.
  6. Have you seen the price of good hiking socks? These are priced about the same and based on the manufacture they are real hiking socks. Those old green socks with the garter were a pain. The original red top were great until they stretched out and they didn’t stay up.
  7. Going back in time I wonder if you could pull in Daniel Boone hats or a mountain man theme or going forward space travel. If you want nostalgic see if a troop has an old canvas troop tent.
  8. Our district reported a rather small number of girls. I had expected more based an a neighbor district. My pack has 1 girl in the nearly 30 new bobcats and she and den leader mom are quite ecstatic about being in bsa. I remember seeing more girls/sisters at join scouting night who are interested but just haven’t joined yet. My crew is still holding about 50/50.
  9. @carebear3895 I’m not tracking how a council merger relates to quote “death” to small town units. The afore mentioned gslac merger last year has been fairly transparent to the old Lewis and Clark council. Units will ebb and flow through time.
  10. I think @Eagledad nailed it with the first day training followed by more position specific training. Especially in cubs where we get lots of new leaders who may not have much of any scouting experience. I think this would be a very welcome beginning step before the existing 4+ hour training.
  11. Just yesterday I presented to my local radio club to get them interested and on the air during the event. The closest registered station to us is 40 miles away. I think there are a few folks in the club who want to setup a JOTA station that is a bit more local which would be easier to get to for local units. 73
  12. Great question. From the guide to advancement. The Scout, the Blue Card, and the Unit Leader"A few merit badges have certain restrictions, but otherwise any registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or qualified Venturer or Sea Scout may work on any of them at any time." So while they can earn them (or any venturer not in a troop) they just can’t wear them or currently use them for advancement.
  13. Perfect timing. Great suggestions and insight. We recently moved and the new unit was in need of a CC. I’m still learning, but it seems the former cc wasn’t too active so I have some rebuilding to do.
  14. To the OP- maybe it’s just me, but this months magazine was the most consistent information since the announcement of girls entering scouts. I think there still could be been some hard facts just to reinforce things like the early adopter packs, girls joining cubs but not AOL until next year, and girls in troops starting in Jan. Or that Scout age girls can already join venturing and if their goal is Eagle, they can start working merit badges.
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