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  1. Momleader

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    I’ve been at this leader gig what feels like a long time. Over 12 years. I totally understand burnout. I would say, first and foremost focus on your child and families happiness before the ‘good of the group’. It sounds selfish, but if your child isn’t having fun and you’re stressed out from wearing to many hats then they could start resenting the program and the other kids. I’ve seen it happen - in our pack and in others. Our own Kids can be fickle creatures some days - happy you’re involved but green eyed & jealous when they feel others are getting all the attention - even if it’s not the case - it’s all perception. Sometimes just stepping back to a fun role is helpful. I would try that and maybe ask if your Woodbadge fee could be credit it’s toward another course In the future.
  2. Momleader

    What are the BSA priorities??

    Bring back the pioneering and Native American skills and games that were in the old Cub Program. Let them play games that they can get filthy dirty in. Our fall hike was based on the old Bear leaf ID elective and the kids had a blast stomping around to identify them with an arborist dad. One Grampa in the group found paw prints near the water and the cubs were trying to ID them back at the luncheon with the old stalking/tracking MB books the troop in town keeps on hand. parents need to let the youth fail - fail at making a fire, or a meal or having their tent set up so it doesn’t leak. It’s not like they’re being sent into the woods solo to fail - there are friends and adults there so it doesn’t get dangerous. STEM/STEAM is good but they get that at school. What about letting the kids make the connection from ‘old’ skills to the STEMy stuff themselves.
  3. Momleader

    Where would you go?

    Actually they are voting today I believe, announcement tomorrow if the They includes scout execs I know ours will vote for more $$. He has to protect his well over $200k every year (yes it’s that high. Saw & read the annual report). He actually makes more than a few superintendents of schools in the council area. no matter how large and well funded a unit is. The increase in fees will have a negative impact on the program that can be delivered at the local level. Something that seems to have been lost on the bombardiers of this latest adventure.
  4. Momleader

    Where would you go?

    Considering tomorrow is the date we have been told we would hear by....every council is doing a good job keeping mum about it if they know yet. as to pack’s budgeting for this - it’s hard to budget for something like this when we were told NO New Increases. Then we get told as school starts, there’s an increase to insurance fees, and we might be raising the council fees now .... then the day after recruiting night ‘guess what?! National is raising the rates!!’ It’s a moving target and makes you dizzy trying to follow it after the dust settles if our pack doesn’t have to refund all the parents the fees paid for this year (19-20) I will probably stick around and keep finding adult training like Baloo/owls for the pack leaders even going out of Council when need arises and planning kid friendly stuff for the remaining cubs to do
  5. Momleader

    Court of Honor

    Let the girls who are working on communication merit badge know if they plan and emcee the COH it counts as a requirement #8 I believe
  6. Momleader

    What Summertime Activities Does Your Pack Do?

    Also if your town/area communities have a small gauge RR with RR car bikes that can be tons of fun for cub families. (Workout for the parents) but really a neat free/low cost thing to do
  7. Momleader

    First Campout...

    Double Eagle: Stop Running / No running is acceptable. Especially in our council camps - when my boys were cubs we had a summer camp week where the ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) child was told stop running in camp several times and it was explained daily why no running in camp - until he ran in camp, tripped on a rock or tree root and broke his hand. Safety doesn’t always need gentle reminders this weekend we had a cub Activity day with picnic & s’mores after. One cub family left early because their child wanted to eat s’mores while everyone was eating lunch (everyone was told those would be made after everyone ate lunch). Parents told the child - to eat their lunch or sit quietly and “if your going to have a tantrum over the rules-we go home” and they did. 👏👏👏
  8. Momleader

    Council lost application

    At Roundtable yesterday - heard our council lost a packet of Cub Applications with a leader application from a pack the next town over. And I know of a couple Eagle Applications that were misplaced for months, presumed lost and found after parents of Eagles raised heck. how do other councils handle this handing over of information? Do they sign for it or give a receipt? sadly this is nothing new in our council (most of us scan and keep a copy just in case) but in the event of leader apps there are SSNs on there. Shouldn’t they be more careful to protect that information?
  9. Momleader

    Cub Scout Fishing Derby

    What about best selfie with catch. Parents will probably be taking photos
  10. Momleader

    possible fee increase coming

    At Roundtable yesterday our interim DE (6 months) said they’ve heard nothing about what the national fees might be, other than substantial (probably more than $5-10/registeree). When he was pressed if the council fee would stay the same or increase also, answered the board will decide after National makes an announcement what the council fee will be based on membership numbers. But they want our Charters returned and paid for on 12/2/19 for processing. 🤦‍♀️ 7 business days out from national’s communicated date and no leaks or rumblings - hmmm. not sure what anyone else is hearing but that’s what we have heard in our state
  11. Momleader

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    I see 2 HUGE flaws with their way of thinking on this one.... My pack’s CO (we have to follow safe church and BSA YPT) requires if cubs are camping a parent/guardian attends while cub is on campout regardless of rank and we have had NO problems. When they cross to the Troop the kids are excited to finally camp without a parent present 😂. first flaw - site rental at the council run camps in our state - you book for the weekend. And they are minimum hour drive away. Following this rule of national councils should reduce the rate we pay so we only pay for the time in camp it will be a cold day in hades before that will ever happen. We have to rent the site and pay a per person surcharge ($3). second flaw - what happens on a pack family campout when a parent comes with 2 siblings (Tiger and Bear or Above). “Sorry but little Joey has to go home after one night but little Johnny can stay?” How is that family friendly BSA? Kids here know that our pack is Year round outdoors activity related. We’ve had more kids join because of this and a few quit because they don’t like the outdoor activities much. I held my fist Lion/Tiger den meeting this week every child was asked what was the one thing they wanted to do before the Blue & Gold awards ceremony In spring as a Cub Scout? #1 Sleep in the woods in a tent with a fire, #2 catch lots of fish (we have a large state forest in town - good fishing). We have den goals posters every year the kids make up...bears want to earn whittling chip and get a knife and camp.
  12. Momleader

    Webelos Camporee (Webelosree)

    Tried to attend one of these when my own kid was a Webelos. It was in a different district in our council - those running it weren’t very welcoming when we asked if we could attend (we had never heard of one before). what kind of activities/achievements were worked on?
  13. The squirrels have run through. I think folks heads are still trying to absorb the idea of increases in fees and looming bankruptcy announcements while trying to run a decent program for the kids.
  14. Momleader

    patrol and den flags

    We’re bringing back the den flags this year! Going to Walmart getting some white cloth and a packet of grommets (have the install tool). Each den gets one with the rank name on it for the kids to decorate with fabric markers.
  15. Momleader

    Join Scouts, get a free uniform via Goodwill and Council

    Glad to see that Goodwill is working with them cooperatively. I tried working with the 2 Goodwill Stores in my area and the manager says they usually toss scout uniforms out to the bins that go to the goodwill outlet (where you rummage around and pay per pound) or they wind up in the bin of Halloween costumes. I offered to bring a bin in for them to toss uniforms into but they said it wasn’t allowed. Kind of a shame because we could have recycled them into the pack and other packs in the area. I did leave a card at the kid consignment shops and smaller thrift stores for this reason though - I will buy them. One problem we have is kids join and their parents come asking for a uniform they can’t afford, if we have a uniform for them, we ask they return it for the next size or if they decide to not do scouts anymore. We NEVER get those back to pass along to another scout in need. Biggest reason I would love to see Cub Scouts move to a polo shirt uniform per rank (keeping it around $15-$20 each) - plus they would fit better.