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  1. Seriously? This is really happening? Have they redesigned the program to fit the needs of girls? How will young men and boys not be left behind - much like they are school - they learn differently! So many studies prove this. Think of the implications of summer camp or troop camp outs. “They’re peeping in my tent!†Or the parents who quip back with “what do you mean she can’t wear a bikini to waterfront - don’t body shame her!†So you have a co-ed Troop. Just like venturing for 2 Deep Leadership (minimum 1 leader each gender) What happens on the first campout where you have a leader drop out last minute - if you had 3 adults (2M & 1 F or 2F & 1-M). Does that mean that one gender doesn’t get to go? Or do you cancel for everyone? Just like the increase in fees - no heads up from council before it’s announced nationally. as to how leaders are to respond to the questions we will all get from parents in the next few weeks/months. I guess it’s weird to think they would get info to the volunteers that essentially run the program - because other than give us some flyers for recruitment and process paperwork we fill out - our council doesn’t do much for us.
  2. Momleader

    Sibling Discounts?

    Wondering how other troops/packs handle this? Fee to join our pack is $XX year per scout (boys life extra) That includes, national fees + insurance + council fees + pack Dues. Pack dues just pays for car kit and awards earned plus we don't charge leaders for thier fees to be leaders (they pay for thier son though). If/when Cubs earn more than the required it throws our budget into a tizzy. We had a family ask about a sibling discount (more than 2 sons). Would love to offer one but the pack dues barely cover the awards and derby car. Which is why the popcorn sale is so important. Our council only offers discount/scholarship if boys get free lunch at school (not reduced) Other than upping the fees - anyone have an idea? Are we bad for not offering a discount?
  3. Momleader

    Helicopter parents -please focus!

    Dear Helicopter Parents, I just spent a week with your Cub Scout as a program area teacher at day camp. As a mom of 2 Boy Scouts (both teens and one with limitations), please let me offer some ideas on how to help your Cub Scout at future drop off events. 1. Teach your child how go re-apply his own sunscreen - we adults at camp aren't allowed to do that. 2. Please remind your son that when a camp staff member asks for a certain behavior to stop we mean it. Arguing with us that they didn't break a camp safety rule in front of us isn't going to help them learn anything. Admitting they did wrong or just accepting the consequences will make them a stronger young man. We don't like using a time out for bad behavior - but it's better than calling you to pick them up mid-day. 3. Please send your Cub Scout to camp in clothes/shoes they can manage on their own, we change for water sports and swimming, just like the sunscreen thing - we can't by law help them dress/change clothes. 4. Ban the phrase "I Can't" from their vocabulary. If there are physical limitations that need accommodation the camp nurse will let us know and we can adapt the program area activity. When one whines 'I cant do this.....' The rest of the den either imitates and progress in learning & fun slows down or the other boys might pick on him, creating another problem. 5. If your son doesn't like a program area safety rule please check with us about it first - BSA has specific ways certain safety rules in place and teaching methods are based around those. As for Cub Scout shooting instruction - the range officers will gladly share them with you. 6. Remind your son he will meet boys from other towns & to be kind with words and deeds during the day. Please Do Your Best to be on time at drop off and pick up! Remember except for 2-3 people of the staff we are all volunteers, even the Boy Scouts that we have helping out.
  4. Momleader

    Do you go by the age 7 or 1st grade rule for Tigers?

    I think you could turn this into a teachable moment before the next campout. Using the Scout Law. If you need to ask a boy more than 3 times to stop doing an off limits behavior they aren't being very Courteous or Obedient. Tigers have a tough time with those words sometimes. Do you remember the cartoon in Highlights Magazine Goofus & Gallant? You could do something like that - if there is a den chief or 2 or even a few Boy Scouts (say 6th-7th graders) see if they could come do a little skit - maybe the cubs will have the lightbulb moment.
  5. Momleader

    Do you go by the age 7 or 1st grade rule for Tigers?

    We are a grade level pack. With the only exceptions when a cub is held back in school. If they have met the Cub Scout rank requirements and kept up in scouting by doing their best they advance on. Provides them with a success in life. In the case of this tiger & mom, maybe a gentle reminder to all kids about the good things from the campout and some areas the leaders need to see improvement on at the next would be good to deliver soon to all the boys. "Great job keeping the campsite clean and cooperating at games/skills, as a group we need all of you scouts to keep up that good work and work on listening to the leaders and following the rules of the camp, so we can continue to go back" I would also invite all tiger parents to attend the next baloo training so they can gain the knowledge of why Cub Scout camping is different from family camping.
  6. Momleader

    Travel Sports Coaches - rant

    We lost 3 Webelos II boys because their travel soccer coach told the parents if the boys miss practices because of other activities they don't play on the weekend. If the boys miss a day of games because of a campout they miss the next weekend of games too. It's a coaching group and they told the kids & parent 'now is the time to get serious if they want to be an elite player, soccer should be the main activity focus'. 2 of those same boys also are not participating in after school band at school because of the new focus. How are kids supposed to become well rounded individuals when adults are bullying 5th graders into making choices like that. Since the parents pay loads of cash for this opportunity to play with this team they want to be sure their kid isn't benched - I get that, sort of. Scouts is a bargain! And if you can't make it to a meeting we don't "bench" you from a campout.
  7. Momleader

    Cub Scout Day Camp "science" Theme

    Paper airplane design time & test flights - stemy activity....kids at out flight camps had fun (cheap too paper reams on sale) nice for rainy day. Conservation projects for older scouts - leave no trace principles can apply here - natural science. Building bat boxes It can be integrated into a good camp - my boys went to a Phineas & Ferb theme CS Residence week and had a ball! Roll with it and gave fun!
  8. Momleader

    Girl Scout Jamboree July 22-26 At Summit

    What a load of bunk! Why should the Girl Scouts have less stringent health requirements than BSA to use their facility? Girls that were in Venture Crews proved they could handle it at Jambo and they did just fine. As a woman I'm kinda offended that this was even done - did they provide hot showers and electricity for hair dryers too? There is no reason that women and girls can't learn to toughen up and still have fun. Heck, our pioneer grandmothers could handle it - and more.
  9. Momleader

    Appreciation Gift For Leaders Attending Summer Camp

    When I took Webelos to resident camp, the parents chipped in and bought me a dunkin donuts cold cup - inside was a $25 gift card for Dunkin a Donuts. There was one between camp and the highway home. Best tasting iced coffee ever! 4years later I still use the cup. Simple and personalized. Made me smile & they know how much I love/need my iced coffees
  10. Momleader

    Do You Really Need The Book ?

    @ SeattlePioneer, when the committee chair asked at the council for the name of the manufacturer of the neckerchiefs, they asked why - he told them of our plan - they (old guard guys) went heavy handed with the " violations of official uniform guidelines!" I think they scared the crayola out of him - so at the next leaders meeting it was relayed back to us and of course the COR was at that meeting. So our idea of pack neckerchiefs was shot down fast. I'm finding that unless it's a health and safety or legal issue it's better to ask forgiveness rather than permission - ha ha ha I had already done the legwork (email request) and had the pricing....committee chair was just looking for cheaper price. He's not with us now.
  11. Troop $65/year. Suggested each boy sell $250 of popcorn, no monthly dues, campout fees and summer camp fees each family must pay - this includes boys life and fees to national Pack $85/year. Suggested each family sell $250 of popcorn to help w expenses for pack. Includes, all awards earned, derby car kit, regatta kit, food for a Blue & Gold and end of the year burgers at picnic, rocket making materials for spring event, boys life subscription and fees to national. Special event sleepovers and summer camp are for the parents to pay
  12. Momleader

    Do You Really Need The Book ?

    The book is helpful for kids that are self motivated learners or have parents that get involved with them learning on days off from school, etc. We don't require the uniform neckerchief slide - if parents want to buy it that's fine. Each den makes a new one in the first couple meetings for the year. The kids make it and the parents man the Hot hot glue gun. We wanted to do Pack neckerchiefs like the Troop in town does but were told NO WAY when the council found out (I asked here, but the committee chair asked the office). Was a shame because we were going to do a nice blue with gold embroidery on it ($15 each - but you get to wear it for all 4.5 years).
  13. Momleader

    Do You Really Need The Book ?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the price was steep. National likes making it tough for us with this one. The Boy Scout handbook is the same price and in theory boys use it for many years (if they don't lose or destroy it), They should have made the den leader book $20 and put pages to copy in for the kids (workbook style) then packs would just need to copy for boys and buy some binders at Walmart or staples in the back to school super sales. Orange, yellow, blue, green by rank. Would have been less expensive
  14. Momleader

    STEM Scout pilot program

    Already can see the questions coming, we are in one of the councils that will roll it out this fall): If my elementary age son & daughter can both be a STEM Scout does why can't my daughter can now join the pack with her brother? (Answer is it's a co-Ed program, cub packs are gender specific). I know several families that will ask loudly though. I give up! Also might have been nice to hear about thus from the council and what their plans are for rolling it out rather than seeing it on Bryan first.
  15. Has anyone ever been told that a district event gas to make a profit and been given a dollar figure to aim for?