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  1. Our pack pays for the leaders to attend training. Essentially the leaders are requested to attend, complete it and submit a photo of their training cert and we will reimburse them (had to do this after a swathe of them years ago blew it off and we couldn’t get refunds) Now we need leaders to attend Balloo and Univ of Scouting (new crop of leaders) and there is sooo much whining about it. We even include their lunch for Univ of Scouting. who has a winning idea to get the grown ups to go?
  2. Cooking MB - you could do a supermarket sweep themed relay game - doesn’t take the whole block of time but the theme would generate some laughs - and you have from now until summer to gather props (empty cans and boxes) laminate so they survive longer. Have the scouts run it as a 3 legged race and at least there will be plenty of belly laughs had for all.
  3. Wondering about something - we are in the middle of recharter and the only leader/parent who has stepped forward to be unit leader is not from USA. Not a dual citizen either but they do have all the paperwork to work here though. if they hold a green card can they be a unit leader? Isn’t that something that would have popped up in the background check in the past couple of years? Parent has been a den leader and passed all the background stuff from BSA but - it’s come to light to the committee they den doesn’t say the pledge, oath & law at meetings (some parents have mentio
  4. My oldest worked on this with marching euphonium - sounded great and didn’t mess up his embrochure (as 1st chair in his HS band that was his biggest concern) since he worked on the mb just as he prepped for all state band competition
  5. Don’t they usually wait until August?
  6. In a bit of a dilemma. I’ve been Pack Committee Chair for the last 9 years. I’ve been actively trying to turn over the position to any other parent who would step up. Problem is the CubMaster has been actively giving me assignments of things to do for the pack - parents see this and don’t want to take that on too. Fist it started out as picking up things at Costco for pack events since I have a membership and setting up meeting times with the CO so we have space. It’s turned into ‘anything CM doesn’t have time to do and his wife doesn’t have time to help him with because she’s busy wit
  7. Ours has a council fee it’s equal to what the National fees are paid at once but presented to families that it’s only $XX per month kinda like the NPR campaigns of old (only this much a day)
  8. I guess partner is the wrong word - council will help facilitate but they don’t really supply staff for day camp unless it’s on their property - our council used to do community Cub Scout day camp and they supplied insurance and a few materials (shooting sports stuff) otherwise it was all run by volunteers with a staffer there at check in and a nurse for the day
  9. It’s expensive for this year, but it was also expensive in 2013 & 2017 - even as a staff member it was expensive to volunteer for the experience that it was. But look at the cost of the cool high adventure trips too - it’s in line with those. I’ve heard from several scouts at their Eagle Board of Review (when asked what would they like to see change in BSA for those that are coming behind them) that they and their parents feel the trips like those are too expensive and that hurts those that are challenged economically- the scouts look surprised when reminded there are ways to f
  10. Looks nice but We will continue to operate a recycled uniform program as long as we can - it helps our parents so much.
  11. We are interested in partnering with 2-3 local packs to offer a 2 evening Twilight Camp this summer. What kind of activities would be good to offer all ranks? Maybe portions of adventures / elective adventures? If you have experience with this - what worked well? we’d love our pack to attend council’s cub day camp but it’s to far for parents to drive daily from our part of the state.
  12. We do 2 all pack activities in July and August along with a week of resident camp for Webelos/AOL. usually it’s a minor league baseball game, parents v kids kickball game, rocketry day, hikes, and conservation projects - it’s less about advancement and more about fellowship and keeping them connected to the pack structure and they’re encouraged to bring a non scouting friend to all events
  13. IF they were to eliminate Lion/Tigers - hopefully there would be some sort of phase out for those already in packs this year. If they were to shorten the commitment for them to a once a month emerging/outing I would hope they would adjust the fees accordingly, The new adventure based model is very much like school curriculum and kinda of boring for a lot of the kiddos
  14. Based on some of the behavior I’ve observed at recent den meetings and the leaders struggling to get kids to focus for 5 minutes - I would say zero drop offs regardless of rank. And no more parent sitting in the back on their phone either. Get involved and keep yours in line - parents are going to have to step it up a bit to help the leaders because the kids refuse to listen.
  15. Let me also add the whole lack of space to meet makes it harder to get leaders and parents to commit since it feels like we never know where we will be meeting with any certainty.
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