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  1. 69roadrunner - that is awful and I feel your pain. This is really going to make recruiting a challenge this year. Nevermind the $25 new to scouting fee in addition to registration fees & Council fees. It would be helpful to be able to tell returning and New parents - we will meet at XYZ location every ‘Wednesday’ at this time unless there is a holiday or unsafe weather.
  2. Ideally he should have asked for help from his current troop, and then reached out to the youth in his old troops. He also could have had friends from school and other organizations like youth group or sports teams assist him as well on the work party days. Part of learning to be a leader includes recruitment of helpers for work parties.
  3. How about less focus one recruiting one gender over another and getting all genders to join Scouts BSA. Our council allows all girl troops to exist with 5 members but if a all boy troop drops below 8 they suggest merging With another nearby. We get it. Girls can join and work toward Eagle tank - now lets work on getting more 11-18 year olds into the the program regardless of gender.
  4. We’re looking into alternatives - Like the library Community room and the firehouse. Our CO has requested we NOT meet at leader homes so that everyone is covered by YPT and Safe Church. Trying to line up stuff so we can have a leader / parents planning meeting. We wanted to reserve the local park pavilion for the crossover/end of the year awards and were shot down because the max number is 25 until more restrictions are lifted later this summer.
  5. Our CO, church in town , gave the pack meeting space for free, our school system charges to have meetings in the schools in the evening to cover the cost of having a custodian there to clean and lock up. with COVID the CO has halted the use of the building to all until september. Heard through the church secretary they may only have be having church services there and no extra meetings allowed (they will still store our stuff) and the word from the school district is schools may only be used for school related sports after hours at the middle and high school, elementary schools won't be used after school hours except by afterschool care. Puts us in a bit of a bind to find places to have den and pack meetings without a community center building in town.
  6. We haven’t had that but until last February our school district didn’t allow the BSA units to use school property for meetings or events because of the single gender issue & before that it was because of the homosexual leaders and scouts membership issues so it’s just par for the course in my part of the country. All the local units gave up trying - and found other places for meetings and events. Wonder if this has changed. lucky for us the United Church of Christ (congregational) & catholic churches are pretty open to any youth organization.
  7. Eagle1993 - your council is the only one messing with The future of Cub Scout Camp. I posted earlier this month (in the Cub sub forum)about the hair Brained idea our council is doing this summer. And add to it the council that shares our state has a council camp not 15minutes away from the town the pack I work with and they aren’t even offering a Cub Day Camp this summer. They rented the facility out to another camp group to run a day camp program at it. So they suggest the people who want the 2 overnight program use those in our council. Honestly - if I still had a Cub Scout who wanted to go to Cub Scout day camp I would have to drive 25 minutes to the nearest council camp bus stop and they could ride a school bus for an hour to camp from there. That stop picks up at 7am and drops them back off at 6pm (if they don’t get stuck In traffic). And the council exec wonders why parents are sending their kids to the local nature centers, Pack and rec, and ymca camps? Similar costs until you add in the fees for bussing the bell tolls for cub camping in my part of the state
  8. Are individual units allowed to apply for grants and keep the money - or are they supposed to turn it over to the council? I’ve looked all over and haven’t seen anything but our unit commissioner thinks we have to turn it all over to the council since we aren’t a popcorn pack. We found a grant that we can apply for that would help cover two of the enrichment activities for the pack and help with the fees. It’s not huge $$ but would make a big difference in our pack budget -we could keep a couple hundred in the checking account to start off for next fall. Our pack has been trying to come up with a way to fundraise to cover a couple guest speakers for pack meeting enrichment and the increase of national fees and the increase of council fees for the 2020 recharter. Going back to the families for an additional $20 per kit was not feasible since so many were on payment plans as it was. Pack Committee and parents decided last spring/early summer that popcorn would not be sold for a host of many reasons, all that were valid. We are rural (no real neighborhood housing developments), most of the parents are either self employed or work where they aren’t allowed to help their kid sell at work, setting up a booth at the town fall fair is expensive and takes a fair amount of the profit earned in past years, our local supermarket isn’t allowing groups other than school groups to have sales outside their store, 3 years ago we had more than a few quality complaints (council wide thankfully) and parents are tired of selling period.
  9. Our pack uses the laundry detergent jugs with water in them. And hung from the handle is a bar of dial soap in a red mesh bag that held onions
  10. Money problems affect camp big time! Our council - like others has money challenges and now changed the offerings for Cub Scout Camp opportunities. Not really for the best either. This summer if parents from my community who want their cub to attend Cub Scout day camp will need to drive 1 hour each way to our council camp facilities (school bus will take longer since they can’t drive as fast as mom on the highways) Also if you want your child to attend Cub Scout resident camp you must either sign up for a full week program - they eliminated the 2 night mini-camp experience and the Cub & Me overnight camp portion. Granted it’s all because of numbers of campers and the costs involved but, Now there will be cubs who don’t qualify for camp scholarships who have families who might not be able to swing the full price of a week at camp OR who might not be able to attend a full week due to the time being too long for time off work or away from home (where the 2 night/3 day was doable). Eliminating Cub & Me means families with no prior camping experience or are unsure they want their child to do this type of camping won’t have a try before you buy experience. Our pack hasn’t sent a cub for the full week since I stopped going because I wasn’t able to keep going as the leader when my sons crossed to the troop (DFS frowns on leaving minors home alone) and no other cub leader had stepped in - but we can usually get some to the Cub&Me With their child. This is sad because there will be a large section of cubs who won’t get to do some really good activities that are only sanctioned at council events/camps such as BB shooting and archery. Not to mention swim tests for those without BSA test administrators/lifeguards (something really good for webelos so their first experience isn’t as a crossover) What are other Cub leaders funding for this summer??
  11. Sorry, but National cannot blame volunteers for this and the current financial mess the organization is in, they can blame certain volunteers with a predilection and drive to molest the youth entrusted to them and they can blame their predecessors for not being more proactive in eliminating those individuals from the roles of volunteers. They can blame those who were spending the money at the National level for properties like SBR. They can take a long hard look in the salaries at the top level of national and the council execs (who should NOT be earning more that schools superintendents in their region) Since the announcement of the new National fees and this Philmont Mortgage there has been lots of unhappy grumbling in my district. Our council charges a ‘Program Fee’ per youth or adult registered. When pressed over the past years as to what portion of program it covers they finally came clean and said the council offices and salaries. They were offended at the suggestion it be called a Council Membership Fee or Council Joining Fee like National does. When they were pressed about what kind of cub programs (day/weekend events) they will offer, the answer was “depends on what the volunteers want to plan, organize and then we will help them figure a budget and an attendance fee”. No staffers available to come help with the event. Sorry but I’m a little skeptical about the future. We go to Roundtable and get finger wagged about about all the things we could/should be doing to make things better for the organization and a lot of the smaller units want to make things better for the kiddos they are serving first. Show me one adult volunteer who wants to be told by council about all the stuff they aren’t doing right or enough of and here is more paperwork/online training that you need to do so we have data on the program. Case in point: this month the report was how the cub camp at council camps have declining numbers for resident and day camp. This is because, strangely a lot of the packs in our district are opting to hold Weekend Pack Campouts because it’s less $$ for families and program can be tailored to the group. BSA should decide if they want to use camping as a money maker or skills/leader maker. To blame volunteers for the financial problems is wrong. The people at the top control the purse not the volunteers
  12. Ive never made it to Philmont. My husband and kids went twice together and husband went as a scout. We’ve all been to the ‘Summit’ twice. They said they will never go back to WVA. There is absolutely no comparison and it isn’t the ‘summit’ experience you would expect it to be - they felt the Jambos were an exercise in hurry peace and wait. Hubby had been to one at AP Hill. I wasn’t all that impressed with what I saw of the ‘Summit’ either - but I was working 10hr days with 2 half days off in the merit badge area. Seemed like a giant summer camp week
  13. I’ve been at this leader gig what feels like a long time. Over 12 years. I totally understand burnout. I would say, first and foremost focus on your child and families happiness before the ‘good of the group’. It sounds selfish, but if your child isn’t having fun and you’re stressed out from wearing to many hats then they could start resenting the program and the other kids. I’ve seen it happen - in our pack and in others. Our own Kids can be fickle creatures some days - happy you’re involved but green eyed & jealous when they feel others are getting all the attention - even if it’s not the case - it’s all perception. Sometimes just stepping back to a fun role is helpful. I would try that and maybe ask if your Woodbadge fee could be credit it’s toward another course In the future.
  14. Bring back the pioneering and Native American skills and games that were in the old Cub Program. Let them play games that they can get filthy dirty in. Our fall hike was based on the old Bear leaf ID elective and the kids had a blast stomping around to identify them with an arborist dad. One Grampa in the group found paw prints near the water and the cubs were trying to ID them back at the luncheon with the old stalking/tracking MB books the troop in town keeps on hand. parents need to let the youth fail - fail at making a fire, or a meal or having their tent set up so it doesn’t leak. It’s not like they’re being sent into the woods solo to fail - there are friends and adults there so it doesn’t get dangerous. STEM/STEAM is good but they get that at school. What about letting the kids make the connection from ‘old’ skills to the STEMy stuff themselves.
  15. Actually they are voting today I believe, announcement tomorrow if the They includes scout execs I know ours will vote for more $$. He has to protect his well over $200k every year (yes it’s that high. Saw & read the annual report). He actually makes more than a few superintendents of schools in the council area. no matter how large and well funded a unit is. The increase in fees will have a negative impact on the program that can be delivered at the local level. Something that seems to have been lost on the bombardiers of this latest adventure.
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