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  1. Momleader

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    We have 2 girls who want to join the pack as Arrow of Light scouts and are upset there isn’t a Girl Troop set up for them to join in town. (We struggle to get parents to be leaders for the all Boy Troop as it is). The parents of the girls feel it isn’t fair that a plan hasn’t been made to create a girl Troop yet 🤦‍♀️ Can’t even imagine what February will be like.
  2. Momleader

    Parent in need of advice

    Oh sorry. I didn’t mean to offend. In our part of the country that’s the acronym used at my kids school. That way they aren’t saying 504/IEP accommodations since all those kiddos (mine included fall under that department) i do still I’ll stand by the statement that the volunteers do the best they can with the training/experiences they have though - and for a council to expect them to deliver the same services a school might without providing assistance or resources isn’t good for the scout who needs assistance or for the troop who needs support in the giving of that assistance.
  3. Is there another trusted adult that can attest to your beliefs in something greater than yourself? Reverence also includes respect for other folks beliefs as well - are you tolerant of others religious views even if they don’t match your belief system?
  4. Momleader

    Parent in need of advice

    This is where councils should be offering more support to leaders who are in the trenches. Our leaders in my district have been told to “ do like the schools and follow the SPED accommodations”. However they don’t give any resources and what they forget is a lot of (volunteer)leaders don’t naturally have that kind of work experience in that area. Would it be detrimental for you or the dad to become involved with the troop so if they run into a problem you can help both your scout and the leaders through it? Does your council have a scouting with special needs person who could maybe be an ally with resources to the leaders in your son’s troop? That way everyone could learn to work together for the benefit of the boy and any others thy have challenges in the future?
  5. I’ve seen stuff in the past about this and now can’t find it. we are super small - who has a great resource for multi-Rank den meetings? Ones where say lions & tigers could work on similar enough material to cover for a activity loop also need stuff for a combo wolf/bear den. Thankfully the Webelos/arrow of light guys sorted it out already. Our ur biggest issue is we have a lion leader with 2 lions and only 2 tigers (1 boy and 1 girl) and no tiger parent will be the leader. I asked our DE and he responded with “you’ll need to recruit more kids”. Ummm yea, like we haven’t been trying that? School has sharply declining enrollment. What do you all have????
  6. I’m getting too old for this (my own eagles are aged out). But we try to help keep the program going on our town. Got a request that we fast track a Webelos. Scout is a young 4th grade student with a late summer birthday. Dad says he doesn’t feel close to the kids in the den. Wants to hang out with the kids in the arrow of light den. (They’ll Meet concurrently - on separate side of the room after opening - to ensure 2 Deep we are that small). Dad thinks son is much more mature and academically advanced and started reading thru the Webelos/AOL requirements feels son can complete with the AOL den and cross over. My concerns are: son wont be 11 by cross over and will not have completed the 5th grade. And it sends a bad message to the others in the den. Could this derail a potential eagle application down the road? Mare we on the Committee going to be harsh if we say - stay with your age group it’s set up like that for a reason?
  7. Momleader

    Fees? What are packs charging?

    We had Joining night (not one girl came or joined). and some of the leaders heard it too expensive from a few families and they didn’t join. Makes us wonder are we all that expensive? We are In New England and it costs the pack $69 per Scout/leader to recharger before any pack dues are paid or boys life ordered. I’ve gotten good at asking area businesses for help and for asking/begging parents to participate in fundraisers - but they refused to sell popcorn for the last few years (cited quality wasn’t worth the cost). The nearby elks already sponsors a pack and a troop, the Lions club is small here, school PTOs won’t help because Cub scouts wasn’t always as includive as they have been the last couple years. Plus when the high school band started selling pre-popped fun flavored popcorn it killed our market. We are really stuck for ideas. This area is pretty much saturated with school fundraisers too, which aren’t always successful For the $69 we pay at recharger this is how it breaks down: 24 to National + 16 for the insurance + 29 as our council’s activity fee (FOS substitute every Scout must pay) we charge $11 for the pack dues for the year because honestly the market won’t bear more but we have to buy rank patches and belt loops at least. So we are asking parents to pay $80/Scout per year when it costs about $125 actually. When national and our council raised their rates last time in the same year after we held Joining Night - we were stuck. how are your packs charging? What part of the country are you in? Are parents balking? We are shrinking at an alarming pace. And all the leaders are busting their rears to deliver a fun, inclusive and safe program.
  8. Momleader

    Girl issue on social media

    Our council posted photos from one of the District on the council Facebook page. Den of happy arrow of light age girls. Then a photo of them with the flag. All in uniform - wearing shorts. No big deal right. Except 1 young girl had her shirt untucked (my pet peeve) bit it didn’t even cover her shorts. So it looks like she was only wearing a shirt and sneakers. I get it, Scout shorts aren’t inexpensive and maybe they were out of her size or uncomfortable but at least wear something longer on the bottom than the hem of the shirt (it liked like a 60s micromini dress). I can’t believe no one caught that at council before posting it. If it were my kid I would call it have it taken down. There are some sick/weird/unsavory types that would enjoy that kind of photo of children in the world.
  9. Hi. Our pack has a recycled uniform program. It’s worked pretty well too. I’m sure the council store hates it but I would rather have a child join and stay and get a cheaper uniform from our recycled ones than not be able to afford the whole dues, joining fees and uniform so they don’t do it at all. So now National has made the wolf cap and neckerchief red. I have a stack of yellow for wolf. Is there anything wrong with our pack using the yellow if the whole den is outfitted the same? We wanted to do a pack cap and neckerchief because parents were unhappy with having to buy new every year. And the necker wouldnhave an addition made to it at the end of the year awards. When our DE got wind of it she shut it down hard - like with council exec Involvement. (No longer the DE - which is a good thing she wasn’t very nice to the volunteers, emails were not polite)
  10. Seriously? This is really happening? Have they redesigned the program to fit the needs of girls? How will young men and boys not be left behind - much like they are school - they learn differently! So many studies prove this. Think of the implications of summer camp or troop camp outs. “They’re peeping in my tent!†Or the parents who quip back with “what do you mean she can’t wear a bikini to waterfront - don’t body shame her!†So you have a co-ed Troop. Just like venturing for 2 Deep Leadership (minimum 1 leader each gender) What happens on the first campout where you have a leader drop out last minute - if you had 3 adults (2M & 1 F or 2F & 1-M). Does that mean that one gender doesn’t get to go? Or do you cancel for everyone? Just like the increase in fees - no heads up from council before it’s announced nationally. as to how leaders are to respond to the questions we will all get from parents in the next few weeks/months. I guess it’s weird to think they would get info to the volunteers that essentially run the program - because other than give us some flyers for recruitment and process paperwork we fill out - our council doesn’t do much for us.
  11. Momleader

    Sibling Discounts?

    Wondering how other troops/packs handle this? Fee to join our pack is $XX year per scout (boys life extra) That includes, national fees + insurance + council fees + pack Dues. Pack dues just pays for car kit and awards earned plus we don't charge leaders for thier fees to be leaders (they pay for thier son though). If/when Cubs earn more than the required it throws our budget into a tizzy. We had a family ask about a sibling discount (more than 2 sons). Would love to offer one but the pack dues barely cover the awards and derby car. Which is why the popcorn sale is so important. Our council only offers discount/scholarship if boys get free lunch at school (not reduced) Other than upping the fees - anyone have an idea? Are we bad for not offering a discount?
  12. Momleader

    Helicopter parents -please focus!

    Dear Helicopter Parents, I just spent a week with your Cub Scout as a program area teacher at day camp. As a mom of 2 Boy Scouts (both teens and one with limitations), please let me offer some ideas on how to help your Cub Scout at future drop off events. 1. Teach your child how go re-apply his own sunscreen - we adults at camp aren't allowed to do that. 2. Please remind your son that when a camp staff member asks for a certain behavior to stop we mean it. Arguing with us that they didn't break a camp safety rule in front of us isn't going to help them learn anything. Admitting they did wrong or just accepting the consequences will make them a stronger young man. We don't like using a time out for bad behavior - but it's better than calling you to pick them up mid-day. 3. Please send your Cub Scout to camp in clothes/shoes they can manage on their own, we change for water sports and swimming, just like the sunscreen thing - we can't by law help them dress/change clothes. 4. Ban the phrase "I Can't" from their vocabulary. If there are physical limitations that need accommodation the camp nurse will let us know and we can adapt the program area activity. When one whines 'I cant do this.....' The rest of the den either imitates and progress in learning & fun slows down or the other boys might pick on him, creating another problem. 5. If your son doesn't like a program area safety rule please check with us about it first - BSA has specific ways certain safety rules in place and teaching methods are based around those. As for Cub Scout shooting instruction - the range officers will gladly share them with you. 6. Remind your son he will meet boys from other towns & to be kind with words and deeds during the day. Please Do Your Best to be on time at drop off and pick up! Remember except for 2-3 people of the staff we are all volunteers, even the Boy Scouts that we have helping out.
  13. Momleader

    Do you go by the age 7 or 1st grade rule for Tigers?

    I think you could turn this into a teachable moment before the next campout. Using the Scout Law. If you need to ask a boy more than 3 times to stop doing an off limits behavior they aren't being very Courteous or Obedient. Tigers have a tough time with those words sometimes. Do you remember the cartoon in Highlights Magazine Goofus & Gallant? You could do something like that - if there is a den chief or 2 or even a few Boy Scouts (say 6th-7th graders) see if they could come do a little skit - maybe the cubs will have the lightbulb moment.
  14. Momleader

    Do you go by the age 7 or 1st grade rule for Tigers?

    We are a grade level pack. With the only exceptions when a cub is held back in school. If they have met the Cub Scout rank requirements and kept up in scouting by doing their best they advance on. Provides them with a success in life. In the case of this tiger & mom, maybe a gentle reminder to all kids about the good things from the campout and some areas the leaders need to see improvement on at the next would be good to deliver soon to all the boys. "Great job keeping the campsite clean and cooperating at games/skills, as a group we need all of you scouts to keep up that good work and work on listening to the leaders and following the rules of the camp, so we can continue to go back" I would also invite all tiger parents to attend the next baloo training so they can gain the knowledge of why Cub Scout camping is different from family camping.
  15. Momleader

    Travel Sports Coaches - rant

    We lost 3 Webelos II boys because their travel soccer coach told the parents if the boys miss practices because of other activities they don't play on the weekend. If the boys miss a day of games because of a campout they miss the next weekend of games too. It's a coaching group and they told the kids & parent 'now is the time to get serious if they want to be an elite player, soccer should be the main activity focus'. 2 of those same boys also are not participating in after school band at school because of the new focus. How are kids supposed to become well rounded individuals when adults are bullying 5th graders into making choices like that. Since the parents pay loads of cash for this opportunity to play with this team they want to be sure their kid isn't benched - I get that, sort of. Scouts is a bargain! And if you can't make it to a meeting we don't "bench" you from a campout.