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  1. Thanks for those who responded. No progress on my end. Can't imagine that I am the first to finish Wood Badge and ticket, and not get the beads, etc. I will worry about all that later. Perhaps in a couple month I will try to get a training completion certificate or whatever is used to document I completed the course and ticket. If I ever change councils and still want beads, I can probably find some somewhere.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts. I don't have any control outside when / where I am beaded. I thought about it some more. I have always felt if about the youth, so if never happens, so be it.
  3. I am glad I went to Wood Badge, wish I would have gone years ago (20 year leader) Finished my ticket last month. My Troop Guide would appear to prefer me to beaded at a Troop Court of Honor to reinforce Wood Badge. I agree, but I am not a member of a troop (District Member at Large, and I am new to this District and Council). If I joined a local troop, it would be awkward for me to have my beading a part of Court of Honor. I think I would wait until I was a known, established entity (that would take months or longer). And what if I were to join the troop, but then later discover
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