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  1. Just over 11,000 is the last figure we got. under 2,000 staff, and a few thousand visitors.
  2. Everyone here has some great ideas, and to try to prevent rushing or skipping, I think I want to combine a few suggestions. I think we'll have a paper in the back on something the speaker can see. Each presentation can be broken into 10 minute chunks then. Green for the first 1/3, Yellow for 2nd, red for 3rd.. Then at 4 minutes remaining, go to fingers up, then a black paper if over time. Easy enough to use a 3 ring binder with the colors in it and just flip as needed. Thank for everyone's ideas!
  3. I am working on setting up a presentation timer for use in our Wood Badge classes to keep people on track. I've found a few online, but I want to see if anyone has better ones they've used. https://www.presentationtimer.co.uk/ seems to be great, and it's about $25 for a year. It lets me have a count down and count up when they are over the limit, and it can let the moderator put up a quick text note for the presenter that pops up. I'm going to run this on 2 external displays at the back of the room, so hardware wise, I'm set for almost anything. Just wondering if someone has used s
  4. This is from the 1949 copyright Pamphlet: Call you now upon your Father Without whom we are but nothing Without whom we can do nothing To look upon this Brotherhood With His Love and with His favor; That its work and upward progress May ever lead and ever guide us From the things that are of mortals, To the things that are eternal. That the candidates this evening May realize that they have started On the next step of their journey; Of their long and toilsome journey. That they may see -that we will help them Thr
  5. That was kind of my assumption, but I wasn't sure. I guess the best way to find out is to submit the nomination and see what they say.
  6. @RememberSchiff Thanks! I'm returning to scouting after a 10 year hiatus. Getting caught up and helping with a new district after re-districting.
  7. Does anyone know if a requirement for the George Meany award is for the Scouter's union to be AFL-CIO affiliated? The form says "union scouter" but is coordinated via local AFL-CIO Labor Councils.
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