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    • My breaking point is when the fun leaves.  Currently the fun has left for me.  
    • IMHO a good Den Chief is worth their weight in gold. In fact I think they are more important than the SPL. DCs can mold and inspire Cubs. They are a natural recruiting tool. Sadly I've seen troops go uner because the Den Chiefs they provided were not up to the job. Scouts did not want to go to that troop.   SM and SPLs I had as a Scout had a similar idea. "Just because you no longer wear the green bars, doesn't mean you are not a leader."
    • @Hawkwin, I might be missing your point, and here's why: the requirements for advancement never let up. Fine, a scout knocks of four months as a DC for Star, my working assumption that time in a PoR was all he needed for that rank. He earns the rank, then he needs a PoR for another 6 months to earn Life, then another PoR for 6 months to earn Eagle, then for each Palm, another 3 months in which a scout will in accordance with requirement 3 "Continue to set a satisfactory example of accepting responsibility or demonstrating leadership ability. Same for every Palm after that." If a scout hustles on all other requirements, that's more than two years of responsibility just to get that first Silver Palm (or whatever third one he could earn beyond any insta-palms). Are you thinking about a star scout who works his position diligently for 122 days, then ditches the DL on day 123 thinking that he won't "need" a PoR until he earns Life? For a scout like that I underlined the word continue. Sure, that word is not used in Life or Eagle Rank, but by virtue of it being in the  requirements for Palms it is implied. In other words, those four months are a minimum. I've seen committee members reject a Star Scout's position as den chief for roughly that reason. That and other corner-cutting made for a Life BoR that was protracted over a few weeks. I have a reputation for pushing older scouts into challenging leadership positions. I've never held their next rank over their heads. I've simply said, "Your a [insert current rank] scout, this is what we do." For a Star, Life, or Eagle scout there is simply no break in being responsible. Finally, in a properly boy-led troop, and SPL would be very slow to give a PoR to any Life scout who made such a poor showing while a Star scout.
    • I didn't imply anything. I asked a question that would simply guide a frame of thought in working with Den Chiefs. A lot of times scouts of this age have a different perspective of the responsibility than the Den Leader, pack leaders and Scoutmaster. Den Chief is a lot of responsibility for both the Troop and Pack and how the scout perceives that responsibility is important or for both units. A negative experience can hurt the troop program a lot if the pack has a bad experience. So, how the SM guides, coaches and mentors Den Chief is important. Barry
    • I am not sure where you are getting that implication. I simply stated that the requirements for advancement can be achieved in four months but the other recognition takes a year. In other words, the Den Chief should qualify for their Conference just like any other scout in an authorized position. Doesn't mean they quit being a Den Chief.
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