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    • What changed since the hearing was created?  Why would the court schedule a hearing (after seeing the request from TCC and objection from BSA) and then a few days later cancel the hearing?  I would have been optimistic, but after seeing the last BSA update, it seems like they are headed in the opposite direction so I tend to doubt any new plan will be announced. Now, one thought - recently the Ann Taylor non debtor releases were rejected (now two cases are in limbo) and perhaps the court, BSA, others are rethinking what needs to be done here.  That decision came out after the BSA hearing was scheduled .and that judge said he recommended any case that includes non debtors should go to a district court first.  So, perhaps a chance, that BSA realizes they need to get a decision soon and should go to district court.  It would be great if the district court could also set the value of the of direct abuse claims.  To me, if a district court could clearly document what if any non debtors can be included and the value of the direct abuse claims ... the plan could come together rather quickly with low chance of failure in appeals. In any case, I just don't like to see waste.  I hope that this isn't just a cancellation that will lead to delayed decisions and a longer wait to a final plan/solution.
    • Hearing cancelled. Ugh. **AT THE DIRECTION OF THE COURT, THIS HEARING IS CANCELLED** https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/bb83fb5a-7417-48cf-a88d-a1d50d4b257c_8334.pdf
    • I know this was posted forever ago, but... This is what I use camping   If you cook bacon or sausage there is going to be grease, but this griddle does come with a metal shield shown here...     The other thing is the grease that drains off the griddle.  That is the big mess.  It comes with a "bracket" to hold a canned vegetable can to catch the grease, but there is also better grease catch you can buy.     I LOVE cooking on my griddle.  I either use this and a dutch over for cobbler.  Thats about it.
    • We did the Wind River Range in Wyoming. That was where the bugs were but it was stunning. My understanding is that the start of August would be fine there but don't quote me on that. We tried to do a 50 mile loop in about 6 days and we were just beating ourselves up. My GPS said we were doing something like 500' vertical for every mile horizontal. So about a mile vertical every day. We finally decided to cut a corner off of our loop and make it 38 miles or something. The scouts started smiling. Now, this was all because I, the old man in the crowd, pulled a muscle in my knee because I wasn't drinking enough. (First of all, who has ever pulled a muscle in their knee? Second, do as I say, not as I do. Finally, they did start smiling after I hurt myself, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.) Anyway, Wyoming might be quicker to get to from DIA but there are more towns and fun things to see in Southern Colorado. We have done backpacking trips that are 5 days or so and then we add on something fun like river rafting. It's a nice mix of pushing yourself and then just having fun. We did another trip in the Frying Pan wilderness somewhat close to Aspen and then spent a couple of days in Glenwood Springs. The only problem we had was we wanted a loop and couldn't find one so we bushwacked over a pass. Not exactly the safest thing with all the loose rock but that was just 2 hours out of the whole trip. The most incredible part of that trip was waking up at 2am to pee and seeing the stars. I've never seen clouds of stars before. It was so dark at night and there was no moon. I just stood there and stared up until I froze and jumped back in my tent. I should have just dropped my tent but for some reason we were expecting rain. Thanks for the memories!
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