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  1. SlowDerbyRacer

    Den Leader Issue

    It would be interesting to read momma den leader's version of this. I agree she is far less than ideal and I'd probably not want her running a den in our pack, but on the other hand, there are some positives. As bad den leaders go, she's not that bad (note I compared her to bad leaders, not good ones). She at least takes initiative in doing activities and outings, appears interested in directing the boys toward advancement, and is giving of her time to the boys. Her issues appear to be around the bureaucracy, formality, and structure of the cub scout program. From what you've said, and my own limited understanding of the girls' program, she's running it like that. It sounds as if there have already been attempts made to coach this leader and it appears she has not been receptive. If I had a vote, I'd be inclined to let her ride out the year and look to replace her as the den becomes wolves.
  2. SlowDerbyRacer

    Tracking software/websites

    The red gives me the most concern. Potential of losing years of records that in some cases might not be written down anyplace else if a scout/pack/troop is 100% Scoutbook. The brown (offsite tapes) makes it more tolerable, but even that is frought with issues. Unfortunately their approach to handling disaster is more disaster recovery versus a true operational plan B. I liken it to the fire department. They depend on hydrants, but if there's a hydrant issue (main break, frozen, etc) they easily can use water stored in the pump truck. But using what appears to be the Scoutbook model, they'd first try to fix the water main and wait to fight the fire.
  3. SlowDerbyRacer

    Tracking software/websites

    Really??? No data back up? Do you have a source for this? This is a huge deal.
  4. SlowDerbyRacer

    Tracking software/websites

    We moved to Scoutbook this year. So far so good. Great feature is letting the scouts see the detailed info.
  5. SlowDerbyRacer

    Council Fire - Wolf Required Adventure

    Northern Minnesota? Go find some local folks with physical and/or financial challenges (handicapped, elderly , etc) and shovel them out after a storm.
  6. SlowDerbyRacer

    Council Fire - Wolf Required Adventure

    Could be as simple as a neighborhood walk to pick up litter.
  7. SlowDerbyRacer

    Friends of Scouting Mandatory?

    I'd argue otherwise. I see so much on this board relating to the council and district. At the end of the day this is kid centric program, and ideally at the boy scout level, a boy led program. You could deliver 95%+ of scouting with just your local volunteers and the scout book to guide the program.
  8. SlowDerbyRacer

    Pack meetings and handing out advancements

    I'd be hugely disappointed if any den or pack handed out awards for kids who didn't complete the task solely because they didn't want a kid to feel bad. When the motto is Do Your Best, all integrity in the program is lost for freebie awards.
  9. SlowDerbyRacer

    Pack meeting start time and young kids

    Yes, but what about worries of stealing a Friday night from people? Don't you lose people who might be traveling?
  10. SlowDerbyRacer

    It is all worth it even though it is tough at times

    I suspect it's more a move to silence the guy and less a real request for help. If I was a betting man, this will play out with the guy declining the request to volunteer and he'll then lose all rights to complain in the future.
  11. SlowDerbyRacer

    It is all worth it even though it is tough at times

    Nice. I love giving the guy a leader application approach.
  12. SlowDerbyRacer

    "With Your Den" Requirements?

    Unlike the old program where scouts could mix and match elective items to build up arrow points, the new program requires a scout to fully complete an elective adventure in order to earn the adventure loop. I see no realistic way for a den to devote enough time to covering all the electives in a year so scouts are left to work individually if they want to earn extra loops beyond what is covered as a den. However, it seems as if every elective adventure has at least one requirement with a "with your den" element. How can scouts complete these requirements if they don't have any control over what is done at den meetings? It doesn't seem right of the answer is "well, then they just can't earn it."
  13. SlowDerbyRacer

    Pack meetings and handing out advancements

    Just curious, what is it about the baggie approach that you don't like? At least that way a kid gets called up individually.
  14. SlowDerbyRacer

    Do you repeat requirements?

    That's a pretty weak move by that parent. It's one thing to have a preference for certain sports, but it's another to be so narrow minded that you can't expose your kid to something out of your own norm.