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What's with the change?


I used to be one could go to the latest post by clicking on the little button to the left of the thread title.  That doesn't seem to be working.  It might not be working on the clicking on the discussion title on the first page, too.  Ran out of new posts before I could fully check it out.


On the long threads, this could pose a real pain in the butt.

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Yep, when one goes into a discussion area, each unread thread had a little icon next to it and if you clicked it intead of the thread title, it would take you to the last unread comment.  Now whether it's the little icon or the threat title, it go to the initial posting and one has to wade through all the posts to get to the most current one. 


The clicking on the last post on the first page of the forum takes you to the last unread comment on that topic, but if there are multiple threads going on, it only works for the intial listing.


Might want to keep an eye on that to see if others notice the change or if it's just me.

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