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    • Did you get on?  There was a bit of a delay in their admitting people to the hearing today.
    • Flawed assumption: not all crews have an “outdoor adventure program.” Nor should they. A crew’s program goals may very well clash with the objectives of any of the nearest troop. E.g., the crew might seek to master pistol marksmanship. Also flawed. My crew was the most vibrant when it wasn’t being feed by a troop. It had a tangible purpose when non-scouts were in the mix, especially as leaders. Regarding an older scouts’ patrol/leadership corps/venture patrol, I challenge anyone to float it by your scouts to see who wants to start one now and see if it sticks. I foresee good things in store for @Cburkhardt’s leadership corps.
    • I agree that the corps of adults in these specialized programs really believe in the programs and bring their professional expertise to them.  They are typically active or retired military or law enforcement people who are encouraged by their professions to be involved.  This has not really changed -- the Skippers of the Sea Scout Ship of my youth were WWII combat vets from the Navy and Coast Guard who belonged to our local Coast Guard Auxiliary and veterans organizations.   Now that Sea Scouts is the official youth program of the Coast Guard Auxiliary (which so far operates 27 Ships) I can see that potentially taking off in a big way.  Law enforcement and the military are in tight cooperation with these specialized programs for very good reasons.  They provide very stable COs.  The current day "stand alone" version of Venturing does not have these factors going for it.  If our counsel asked me to go form ten 'stand alone" Venturing crews, it would be a really tough job.      
    • Drop the dark green shirt and grey pants? A commenter on last week's post suggested the dark green shirt and green pants be dropped.  It might need to happen anyway, as the post-bankruptcy organization cannot afford to stock separate uniforms for the now-tiny Venturing membership.  Should Venturing Scouts wear the Scouts uniform with a different color shoulder loop and distinctive patches?    
    • Agreed.  In many ways, the whole crews, packs, posts, etc is really confusing.  A simplification would be welcome.  
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