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It's been a while since I've seen ads on the forums. They seem to be back with this latest upgrade.

l'm ambivalent toward efficiently placed sales pitches. Don't clog up my reading/writing experience and you can sell whatever you want.

What's the new policy? For folks whose business might be scouts and scouters, how do they get in on the action.?

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5 minutes ago, eagle90 said:

Let's try to get appropriate ads.  The latest one for bras and lingerie doesn't seem right for a Scout forum.

We must be in different demographics. I've only been getting business and investment ads.

I was wondering when the buxom models selling custom tshirt printing would appear.

Pages here are loading more slowly. If it continues, no problem. There are other forums.

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9 hours ago, qwazse said:

The persistent banner ads for Boy Scout compensation fund are getting old. Any way the forum can charge them double and send them to troubled camps?

That’s all I get anymore on here and YouTube ads!

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