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  1. Nah, more like the difference between being a pro and being a dog trolling for the misfortunate to exploit them. "In a wreck and need a check? Lxxxxx and Rxxx are the lawyers for you! Call 222 22 22!"
  2. Lots of individual suits, yes. But I don't see any ambulance chasers running ads on Chicago TV with blaring headlines "Were you sexually abused in the Chicago Public Schools? Then contact Dewey, Chetham, and Howe to get the compensation you deserve!" I do see those ads against the BSA, 3M, generic personal injury, etc. But never CPS. There are civil attorneys and there are ambulance chasers, we all know the difference.
  3. Nah, Chicago Public Schools have been in the news for two years now after a Tribune investigation exposed the amount of sexual abuse being covered up. The new bureaucracy created filed over 450 reports in 2019, https://news.wttw.com/2020/01/06/cps-watchdog-opened-450-new-sexual-misconduct-investigations-2019. Now many of those weren't substantiated but many were. The school district isn't being pursued by a hoard of ambulance chasers to my knowledge.
  4. Missing the point I'm afraid. This AG campaigned on destroying a private organization, then brought the unlimited power, resources, and tax payer money to bear in that fight. The precedent is chilling. To approve of this behavior is the equivalent of approving of let's say a TX AG campaigning on a platform to attack Planned Parenthood (or BLM or Move on) then enlisting the power of the state for that attack. If you can't back the latter you shouldn't back the former. Sadly most Americans are too blinded by party fielty to understand the fight of our lives isn't right vs left, it's the individual vs the State. But carry on.
  5. Yep. Besides the people prosecuting these cases already control the schools and teacher's unions.
  6. I wonder if these aren't the two most important paragraphs: Seems like the lawyers lined up against BSA could argue now for an extended extended deadline for people to file, you know, 'rona. I think Pfau et. al. is one of the firms suing BSA as well. Quoted Article.
  7. Alleged, by a partisan AG, who campaigned on attacking the NRA. This is a witch hunt. But that's what progressives, populists, and all the other leftist factions do, hunt their opponents and banish them to gulags.
  8. And replaced the Indian with a bunch of white farmers on the back! I'm hopeful our response will be more like Trader Joe's.
  9. Even snopes says that is undetermined (https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/feds-unmarked-vans-portland/). If you look at the picture at the top of that article, though blurry, the officers seem to have identification right on their vests.
  10. It would be nice to know exactly what Blackbaud services were being used by BSA? Was this membership management? FOS donors? Other donors? I wonder if Blackbaud's bigger concern right now isn't identifying all the EU citizens in that stolen data for GDPR compliance purposes. Unless they didn't have any, or quietly notified them of the breach, I think they are long past the required notification window.
  11. 10000 now and another 3+ months of advertising to go.
  12. Sorry, other people don't get to tell me what symbols mean to me. They can ask me what they mean to me, we can talk about it, but they don't get to define meaning nor action to be taken. It's lost on the postmodern crowd that by giving words and symbols control over their emotions they infantilize themselves.
  13. Mostly because of the inconsistency. Scouts and scouters also assume a risk for tick and mosquito borne illnesses, with some risk of long-term health impact or death, every time they venture into the woods but none of those are included on the release.
  14. Are you actually doing recruiting, popcorn, program, fliers, and forms? Or are you coordinating a committee to do those things? If the former, it's time to stop and recruit a committee.
  15. It's a simple reality of postmodern (re: progressive) thinking. All that came before is racist, sexist, etc. and must be desconstructed in order to rebuild their socialist utopia. The only organizations that will be spared from the deconstruction will be those the postmodernist already control.(e.g. media, education). https://areomagazine.com/2017/03/27/how-french-intellectuals-ruined-the-west-postmodernism-and-its-impact-explained/
  16. And so what? Two ideas were brought before the congress for debate, one the status quo, the other change. The ideas were debated openly and the better idea prevailed. That's how the system works. As for unanimity, remember, that's how we got the unpatriotic Patriot Act, the freedom-denying USA Freedom Act, the star-chamber FISA system, etc.
  17. I'll third the motion to tell the council to pack sand. You've already proven you can hold a summer camp without the BSA, why do you need them?
  18. And how much cruft it gets loaded with because it's "must pass" legislation. Reference the covid relief legislation today or the bi-annual Army reauthorization and funding.
  19. Legislation never passes unanimously unless the system is rigged or it's a Communist rubber stamp parliment. If that's your definition of acceptable (Unanimous consent) we're far down the slippery slope. But back to your original argument that we've been generationally deficient (save the Greatest Generation), there was federal civil rights legislation passed in 1957, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1974, 1977, 1987, 1991, 1995, 2007, et al. To say that nothing has been done is simply wrong. I'd also argue that to say attitudes haven't changed is also wrong. The world's not perfect, nor will it ever be, but to deny progress is folly.
  20. The founder of BLM Edit: I'm more than willing to discuss issues and find solutions , but not with Marxists. Sorry, it's an ideology that murdered millions around the globe over the last century alone. The hammer and sickel (and the communist red star) are every bit as repugnant as anything Confederate or anything Nazi.
  21. The first amendment prevents the government from stopping peaceable assembly and redress of grievances. Rioting and looting are prominently absent. People keep saying I should listen. Oh I'm listening all right and hearing just fine. BLM the organization explicitly calls for the destruction of the family (how's that worked out for the black community over the last 50 years?), and one of their organizers has explicitly stated they have a Marxist ideology. There's no interest in conversation or dialog from BLM the organization. And beyond the Confederates statues my own Senator Duckworth has said she'd be open to listening to arguments to take down memorials to Geo. Washington. There have been calls to take down the Jefferson Memorial. Sorry, cultural Marxism is real and must be actively opposed. BLM will set civil rights back 70 years.
  22. So what generation were all those politicians that passed the civil rights legislation and voting rights legislation in the 60s?
  23. Especially those pull through gravel pads with 30A electrical, water and sewer hook ups.
  24. I wonder if there isn't a 3) New membership/financial standards that are far beyond all/most existing councils, requiring acquisitions by the largest council in an area. @Cburkhardthad a thread a while back on mega-councils centered around major metropolii as I recall.
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