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  1. walk in the woods

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    That term can be used to suggest something unethical or something helpful. Not sure how Jameson76 intended it, I'll take him at his word, but it's clear what you inferred from the comment.
  2. walk in the woods

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    You might be correct in your interpretation of the G2A, but, the BSA also published Implementation Details for First-Time Members Entering Scouts BSA that includes the following: The intent seems pretty clear. So, we had a standard G2A, then we made an exception because of extraordinary circumstances, then the rules for the exception became inconvenient for one particularly high-profile girl, so now we're arguing that we should apply a broad interpretation of the original standard in this one particular case because she's an exception to the exception to the standard? Where exactly does that process end? I'd like to believe some really smart people sat in a room talking and thinking through this process. However, it looks more like our "leadership" is careening from crisis to crisis hoping not to crash. It's embarrassing. P.S. You can get to the document via the Family Scouting page if you want a better source than the link provided above. The emphasis above is mine.
  3. walk in the woods

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    I think that's the crux of the issue for me. We were told nothing was going to change program-wise and we have well documented rules for advancement. We were told no prior credit would be given. Then the exceptions started. Extensions for Eagle, waving the FC requirement for girls for the WSJ, etc. In this case the rules are being folded, spindled, and mutilated for one high-profile scout. It is embarrassing.
  4. walk in the woods

    back again

    Safe journeys @Oldscout448
  5. walk in the woods

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    If you look at my first post I quoted a reference to the earlier camporee thread. The thread was expanded by others, I just commented on the logic.
  6. walk in the woods

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    Well if we're falling back on a scout is trustworthy do we not owe the same benefit to those scouters reporting shenanigans?
  7. walk in the woods

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    You're making the same generalization error based on your experience, just in the opposite direction. Unless you've sampled a statistically significant portion of the entire scouting nation to back your claim that is.
  8. walk in the woods

    What color is your Class B ?

    Your first statement is an impossible standard to meet. I'm an old straight white guy. Some significant portion of the population will be offended by my breathing. Your second series of examples are a non-sequitor. All the actions you mentioned show intention by one person to interrupt/disrupt the second person's experience. Intention is the key. Using a yellow tent has no intention to disturb. Beyond that, you started this discussion with an indirect ad hominem attack on anybody who might disagree by using words like clowns, garish, and serious. If you were serious about inquiry you'd have started with a question, not a statement of opinion.
  9. walk in the woods

    Traditionally American camp fire dishes

    And the Blazing Saddles Campfire Scene on a loop!
  10. walk in the woods

    Traditionally American camp fire dishes

    You don't have July 4th on the calendar in the UK? Does it go straight from 3 to 5? Foil packs have been a favorite of some of the boys I've worked with if you're going for limited utensils. Slathering a roast of some sort in mustard and rock salt until fully covered, then set it on and bury it under coals. Makes a nice roast in a fairly short amount of time. Be sure to knock the crust off with the back of a knife before eating. But mostly, left to themselves, the boys would choose burgers and or sausage/hot dogs on a skewer.
  11. walk in the woods

    Garden of the Gods Before Philmont

    The Capulin Volcano National Monument is kind of an interesting place if you're into geology at all. It's east of Raton a bit, has some hiking and such. Not sure about camping.
  12. walk in the woods

    state flag patches

    1. @rickmay you ask a lot of questions about regulations for a guy with an LP logo avatar B. If Sydney Ireland can wear an ERANOW button and unearned rank patch on her uniform at the State of the Union address without repercussion, the rules are meaningless. 4. Fly your freak flag proudly! You'll bang into some uniform police, tell them to go away.
  13. Agreed. You'd know much better than me but I guess my point is once bankruptcy is declared it might be very difficult to predict what the ultimate settlement looks like and it might go far beyond just finances.
  14. When GM declared bankruptcy a decade back, the pre-packaged deal formed a new company that purchased the GM name, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac brands, a bunch of factories and facilities, and some financial obligations. A month after the filing the new company started business as General Motors and the old GM took whatever was left and ground through the process. If the BSA is looking for a way to significantly restructure the organization it's not out of the question I suppose. I think @gpurlee hits at the core of the issue. How will this process affect COs and recruiting on the ground. The more stories with BSA, Sexual Assault, and Bankruptcy in the headline, the harder it becomes.
  15. walk in the woods

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    Not the GSUSA, but, an interesting take on the general topic, https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/houston-high-school-s-new-dress-code-takes-aim-parents-n998041
  16. walk in the woods

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/lawyer-demands-boy-scouts-open-perversion-files-n997786 as it popped up in my Google news feed today.
  17. walk in the woods

    Eliminate the Eagle application?

    I've sat on many. In most cases my experience was the adults in the room were so focused on the minutia of the project workbook that they totally missed the kid sitting in front of them. I've even seen an adult scouring the pictures in a project workbook looking for G2SS violations. While I agree the project could be a good starting point for a discussion my experience is it is used as the only point for discussion. I'm way more interested in hearing about the kid's entire scouting experience rather than the last two months of it. I'd argue the workbook provides way too many hoops to jump through. And I think it is an anachronism. Even in the small rural school district my son attended, all their class assignments and such were done online. There are a lot of free online project management systems out there. The clients run on the scouts phones, they can snap pictures and upload directly, enter information as it's happening, use online calendars, etc. If part of the project is intended to help them prepare for the work world then we should be using tools the scouts will actually encounter in life. Not to mention how much easier it would be to review online without generating binders full of paper and driving to meetings, etc. I'm not saying do away with the workbook for those that want it, but that we should let the kids choose the tools they want to use.
  18. walk in the woods

    Lessons for BSA Summer Camps?

    This Article discussing the value of free play is interesting (at least to me). I can't decide if it's a benefit or challenge to Scouting.
  19. walk in the woods

    Scout Law

    Anybody remember Kudu's (I think that his ID) website? I bet the original scout law is on there somewhere.
  20. walk in the woods

    Eliminate the Eagle application?

    Maybe. Not every kid is going to fit into a waterfall project management scheme with equal ease. What if the kid is more at home with an agile style of project work? If that's the case then I would expect a "poor" project workbook. Not because the kid did anything wrong, it just doesn't fit his way of thinking. I'd also argue there are way better tools that might be more applicable to youth today. Why fill out a PDF (how 90s) when there are online project management tools available?
  21. walk in the woods

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    I've never been involved with GSUSA so take this with an appropriate serving of salt, but, I think this article aligns directly with the GSUSA brand. Consciously or not, the GSUSA seems to be aligned with at least some of third-wave feminist thought. Things like dress codes are seen as artifacts of male hierarchical power structures that have to be torn down, without any critical thought into why the structure exists. To be fair, the article in the OP was more balanced than that, but the alignment of the organization seems clear to me from the outside. Like most social experiments we won't know the good or bad of it for a few decades but I think it's safe to say there will be a measure of both.
  22. walk in the woods

    Eliminate the Eagle application?

    If by streamline you mean eliminate most of it then yes, I'm onboard! I'm on record in another thread as advocating for the elimination of the project workbook thing. The application itself should absolutely be online. Council's should commit to reviewing all Eagle applications within say 5 business days of their submission. The reality is the first review should probably be automated with nearly immediate feedback to the submitting person of any errors noted, largely eliminating the need for a person at council to review other than say yep, it passed the check.
  23. walk in the woods

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    So the existence of the Ineligible Volunteer files is old news. This feels like a couple of ambulance chasers trying to get law suits into the courts before the BSA files for bankruptcy.
  24. walk in the woods

    Council Annual Report - Interesting Numbers

    So the MB number is probably easy enough to understand. What exactly does it mean for advancement to go up? Is that just number of rank advancements earned? If so it wouldn't be too hard to imagine losing a bunch of 15 - 17 year olds who were already Star/Life/Eagle, but having enough new scouts earning Scout (now a rank), plus T2F during the year.
  25. walk in the woods

    Wow! FAR beyond mere Eagle...

    This is where we need @Stosh to explain the difference between leadership and management. The Eagle workbook has nothing to do with leadership (articulating a vision/goal and convincing peers to join in the quest) and everything to do with project management. The latter might be a valuable skillset but let's call it what it is, not what we want it to be.