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  1. This has all been discussed here at length. One might distinguish between why youth join Scouting and what Scouting aims to accomplish. Those aims (or goals) have varied slightly over the years and from Scouting organization to Scouting organization. One expression is that the goals of Scouting are developing persons of good character, who are good citizens and who are fit in mind and body. BSA has made "leadership," once understood to be part of "citizenship," a separately-stated goal of its program. That B-P person said, "Let us, therefore, in training our Scouts, keep the higher aims in the forefront, not let ourselves get to absorbed in the steps. Don't let the technical outweigh the moral. Field efficiency, back woodsmanship, camping, hiking, good turns, jamboree comradeship are all means, not the end. The end is CHARACTER with a purpose. And that purpose, that the next generation may be sane in an insane world, and develop the higher realization of service, active service of love, and duty to God and neighbor." In India, the largest Scouting association (The Bharat Scouts and Guides) says, " The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, theough a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law to help build a better world where people and self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society." "Gerakan Pramuka Indonesia or called Indonesian Scout movement is a name of non-formal education organization that performs scouting education in Indonesia. Its founded in 1961 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, and in 2011 Gerakan Pramuka Indonesia became the world’s largest scout association in the world with members [today] of about 17 million. ... Every activity is performed according to the Scouting Basic Principal (Prinsip Dasar Kepramukaan) and Scouting Method (Metode Kepramukaan). The final goal of these activities is the formation of character, morals, and noble character of young people in Indonesia. To find the aims and goals of Scouting, one need not"cherry-pick" scattered statements. instead, to assert that Scouting in the U.S. is not about building character, citizenship and fitness, one must ignore everything said on the topic by not only the "founder," B-P, but by all that those who built Scouting here, primarily Bill Hillcourt, "Scoutmaster to the World. The founders were wise enough to know that promoting an "educational movement" might attract adults. To attract boys you needed, as B-P said, "good bait." Fun and adventure are the essential "bait," but not the goals. The means by which these aims are to be accomplished vary over time and from Scouting organization to Scouting organization. But calling them "methods" means they are, necessarily, not "aims" or goals" unless one assumes that the authors of the statements lack a basic command of the language in which they have been expressed for over a century.
  2. Deep Creek - my first Scout campout. SoCal high dessert. Fall. Terrific thunder storm. All but one tent blew away. Now you're talkin'!
  3. Mrjeff is, I believe, addressing program, not goals. BF warned against asking youths to join an educational program to make them better citizen of the Empire. "So with Boys"
  4. Fox ran the headline for days, as it is want to do for lack of actual journalism. And it was misleading every day. The offensive federal order applied only to federal proprietaries not to placing flags on vet's graves in general.
  5. For many of these claims no one around back then is alive except the plaintiff. This makes it hard to mount a defense. That is a reason for statues of limitation of a couple of years - it is inherently unfair to allow the bringing of claims decades after the alleged individual wrongdoer and all other potential witnesses are dead. So politics. Legislatures arbitrarily extending periods of limitation by decades for political reasons. BSA might have done better by preserving its "base" instead of trying to placate its enemies.
  6. That would require paid Scouters who actually know "the way it is supposed to be."
  7. Thirty-five years ago, an "F5" went down the main street of a small city to the SE of us, Newton Falls. We were prohibited from distributing beverage and sandwiches to rescue personnel by the Red Cross. "Legal problems" were cited. It has only gotten worse, with law schools churning out over twice as many lawyers as the economy can employ.
  8. If the role of colleges and universities were education instead of social indoctrination, Typical Fox headline. We planted 2000 flags on veteran's graves this morning. The bureaucrats' ruling applied to the minority of veteran's graves that are on federal property. We even have thirty-seven Revolutionary War vets buried here in NE Ohio. After the flag-setting, at the last cemetery, in our home township, came the reading of the Role of Honor as the bell tolled. Today, Fox announced a manhunt for someone who is suspected of multiple "slays." They need more high school graduates on staff.
  9. Candor cost us our best DE. He was far and away the most popular, with the very best metrics - all categories, including No 1 - $$$$. But was weak on groveling to our new SE. He was respectful but would not grovel. Asked to comment on the SE's plan to replace districts with employee-led "service teams," he said he preferred districts. Gone. That new "improved" organization has led to a very sharp decline in volunteer service. Happily, form the SE's point-of-view, it also eliminated the knowledgeable ex officio members of the Executive Board that the District Chairs represented. It also replaced leaders reporting to the Council President with employees reporting to the SE. Coup. So much for the District Operations Handbook.
  10. Lake Erie Council: Don't know yet, but we have a plan for if and when we decide.
  11. In the Cleveland area, we support Duck Tape®.
  12. Reminds me, we guested our feeder dens at Klondike for twenty-give consecutive years that I personally attended. We reserved a cabin for them. We were tenting, of course. We often had Scout patrols camp, in their own clump, on our troop site for weekend campouts (the outdoor sort of weekend campouts, not the current indoor-play computer games sort) when that seemed the best way to overcome lack of adult support in their troop. We got a "Friendly Award" from our district for those acts of Scouting fellowship. (Buy, then, we have no districts anymore.) So BSA says troops cannot camp together. even as councils encourage it. Genius Q&A. under whose authority? Those who posted that the Patrol Method is "part of what we call the youth-led troop"? Those who accidentally eliminated the rule against alcohol at Scout events and, when that was pointed out, did nothing? Those who expressly required two registered adults be present when a merit badge counselor meets with a Scout candidate,and then said that meeting was neither a "meeting" nor a Scout "activity"? The Q&A goes on: Q: May time missed due to canceled unit meetings count toward position of responsibility requirements? Yes. If youth are registered and unable to meet the expectations of their positions because of COVID-19 disruptions, then units may need to waive or rethink the expectations. Just as youth must not be held to unestablished expectations, they must not be held to expectations that are impossible to fulfill. See GTA Topic, “Positions of Responsibility,” with its six subtopics." So if BSA goes under, youth can still earn Eagle. Good to know. How will he or she get a Board of Review?
  13. "WHAT IF OUR UNIT DOES NOT FILL/OVERFLOWS THE CAMPSITE WE HAVE CHOSEN? We understand that many units have a favorite campsite. Campsite capacities are determined based on location, available equipment, an impact on the environment among other things. It is important that we follow the set site capacities. If a unit does not completely fill their chosen site, it must be understood that another unit may be placed in the same campsite so as many Scouts are given a camp opportunity as possible. If a unit overflows their chosen campsite, they may be reassigned to a campsite that will fit their numbers, may have a portion of their unit moved into a nearby site with space, or, may have to provide their own camping equipment to set up additional tents in their chosen site." "The Atlanta Area Council encourages small Troops to merge when attending summer camp, so they can provide the adult leadership for their Scouts. Another option is the Atlanta Area Council provisional program for both male and female Scouts where individual Scouts are placed in a male or female Troop for their summer camp experience."
  14. The child would be the plaintiff. He or she might sue the parents too in most states - probably would if they have insurance. The jury would apportion fault. The "Sue them all and let God sort it out" is a typical PI lawyer approach. Given that both God and Satan have been sued, you can sue the store. Winning is another question. "Negligence" is using less than "ordinary reasonable care." 100% is not the standard, in theory - simply less than orc.
  15. 5/19/20 Lake Erie Council "This is a quick note to let you know to expect our next announcement this coming Friday [5/22/20]. In this announcement we will be addressing where we are with all summer Scouts BSA and Cub Camping programs. We have been gathering data and constantly monitoring information from all applicable channels and using it to inform our plans and decision making. We appreciate your patience as we work to compile information and create the safest and most sustainable path forward."
  16. My resident Council says they are considering.
  17. My resident Council says they are considering.
  18. It is "plain" in one sense, but if the state decrees something new post June 1, it will not be announced by June 1st. So why say otherwise? Your statements, in contrast, sound candid and professional. Sometimes we just don't know, and there is no shame in saying so. That would be "Trustworthy."
  19. No. Being a mere mortal, I would therefore not say, " Any changes regarding the July 1 opening will be announced no later than June 1. "
  20. To be fair, I assume you are correct. BSA simply has trouble with English and issues statements/promises/rules that make no sense. Then they give Scouters no practical way to get clarification. Certainly council Scouters haven't a clue. A common council response, as when BSA accidentally eliminated the rule against alcohol at Scout camps [still not corrected], is, "What?" Major example, a child candidate for Scout rank must "explain the Patrol method," but BSA cannot.
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