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  1. Were you a "Lion"? I recall the band British Grenadier uniforms. Very sharp! Aftr their amazing performance, our band marched on the field to:
  2. This afternoon, I was given the chance to agree within 48 hours to have Shot 1 in the murder capital of Ohio or wait until April. i decided to have the shot.
  3. Rearing a child so that he or she has no concept of consequences for conduct does no one a favor.
  4. Wife got Moderna 1 last week. No worse than flue shot in October. Seems like there is a great range of reactions.
  5. OA is cursed by the "One and done" pattern of behavior. Many - really most - who pass the Ordeal, entitling them to wear tha OA Sash, are never seen again at any OA funtion, much less OA service project. Equally, many Wood Badgers think they have achieved the very pinacle of Scpouting competence, and are never seen at any training thereafter. Indeed many, having rreached the "mountain top," drop out of Scouting. But it' a volunteer organization. The average Scoutmaster has tenure under a year. I have found that there is always more to learn, and especially from those takin
  6. "That said, I recognize not all Wood Badge people act like this. But they certainly embrace the cult of critters and talking amongst themselves and acting like there a club-within-a-club and if you are not part of the "club" then...oh well." Yes, "Oh well." Personally, I am Schizophrenic, critter-wise, being a bear, owl, beaver, Eagle. And it is a "club within a club" - a club that aims tohave every Scouter as a member. A "cult" may bean something other than what it often means, so you get a pass on that shot at every Wood Badger who ever was, good, bad , or indifferent. There
  7. LInk to photo does not work: [img]https://i.imgur.com/pxKQTGo.png[/img] No EDIT feature available.
  8. [img]https://i.imgur.com/pxKQTGo.png[/img] "This is an official uniform shirt option for Scouts BSA. It is designed to stay polished looking and comfortable for every adventure! This uniform shirt features the new BSA logo above the front right chest pocket." SCOURCE: SCOUTSHOP.ORG if you prefer conventional button treatment, it is available in six other distinct optional shirts with the BSA brand, five of which are called "uniform."
  9. The Scout Shop seems to only have an "imported" red jac-shirt. Do you have a link for a green one? https://www.scoutshop.org/washable-wool-jac-shirt-612783.html
  10. "Benefits PBGC Does Not Guarantee Health and welfare benefits Vacation pay Severance benefits Lump-sum death benefits for a death that occurs after the date the plan ended Disability benefits for a disability that occurs after the plan’s termination date (or the date your employer’s bankruptcy proceeding began, if applicable) Legal Limits on PBGC's Guarantees Generally, PBGC does not guarantee any monthly pension amount that is greater than the monthly benefit your plan would have provided if you had retired at your normal retirement age. The maximu
  11. "Waterproof" seams are almost as important as the rest of a garment being "waterproof" vs "water repellant" - both governmnet standards.
  12. While some of the National advancement folk care about merit Badge mills, the most they could get a couple years ago was the "limited" Limited Recourse for Unearned Merit Badges, Guide to Advancement, at pp 51-52. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf
  13. So those concerned about their pensions might favor liquidation?
  14. "properly executed Scouting cohorts at council camps may be an exception" ???
  15. One issue was candidates calling me without anyone else on the line or emailing me withouit copying anyone else - both contrary to YP procedures.
  16. Brother, you may only hate change, rather than "progress." 100 yeasrs ago, and today, if you had/have a "telephone" hoked up to copper wires and the power in the entire area went out, the telephone worked. It had and has it's own power suppy - humongous wet cell batteries backed up by generators. We had a power outage and lost telephone service for over a week December, 2020., due to our "modern," "advanced, "voice-over-internet digital service." Moreover, Spectrum, the only supplier in our area, only takes a service call when your telephone works. YES! They lold me, when I called from t
  17. I was told last year by the Director of the IRS Frenso Center that they use the first operating software post key-punch cards - the 1959 version of COBOL - in 1960's computers. Explains why they are the best part of two years behind - that and funding being cut 30% over the last ten years. "And then the camel died."
  18. "committed" = thinking about it for some undetermined time in the future; a possibility E.g. putting insignia and uniform rules on line - BSA "committed" to that some years ago. I was curious back thenwhen I was teaching the "Uniforming" course at more than one "University fo Scouting." I gave up waiting after eleven years had passed. I even volunteered several professional writers to help, an offer not acknowledged in any way. 😐
  19. A gift is not income. "Income" is a very important concept and there is lots of law defining it. A true gift is not it. Gifts are taxable to the giver by the Gift Tax to the extent that, for each of 2019 and 2020, he or she gave more than $15,000 to a single recipient. A recipient can receive any total amount as gifts from multiple givers and have no tax liability. But these have to be real gifts, not earned compensation. No wink, wink, nod, nod stuff. The reciepient cannot be required to do anything as a condition on receving the gift. If you gave $15,000 to A's spouse,
  20. "What happens, legally speaking, when a group of people get together and decide to perform some task without filing any legal paperwork or establishing any formal legal structure? Whether they know it or not, they have formed an unincorporated association. “Unincorporated association" means an unincorporated group of two or more persons joined by mutual consent for a common lawful purpose, whether organized for profit or not. Now, if the lawful purpose they’ve joined together to accomplish includes earning a profit, their association is automatically a partnership or joint venture fo
  21. Our Area does training annually (probably not this Spring), including all "basic" and a wide range of "other" training. Any Scouter is free to attend, but publicity could be better.
  22. When I gave my FOS pitches, I always took our DE with me. Most of the parents only saw a pleasant - appearing young man but aso saw the Commissioned Scouters present smiling at him (reflecting their positive experiences). That gave maning to my report on the hours he put in, units he helped form, and units he had helped survivie times of crisis. We led the council all three yeasr in FOS donations, exceeding our "goal" each year.
  23. PICTURE POSTED FROM IMGUR. [img]https://i.imgur.com/3up0W1K.png[/img]
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