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  1. ItsBrian

    Tent set up question

    Staff tents look like this at my camp! These scouts know the drill.
  2. ItsBrian

    Eagle Scout Shown Leniency

  3. If it’s a first year scout, I highly suggest the first year scout program at your summer camp.
  4. ItsBrian

    Scoutmaster annoyed son on camp staff

    I’m on camp staff and my troop WANTS me to stay on staff. I don’t know why your scoutmaster wants him to take a week off. He can literally spend just about the same time with them as if he was a camper.
  5. ItsBrian

    ECOH Complete!

    I had my ECOH earlier today (right as I got home from staffing a camp, I was and still am tired), and it was a great experience! I thought I didn’t want one at first, but now I realized it would’ve been a mistake if I didn’t. We had a dinner buffet and a cake. I was at camp, so I wasn’t involved in much of the rehearsals or anything but it went pretty good. I was shocked with the town officials coming and everything.
  6. ItsBrian

    Camp info packet

    I’m currently staffing a summer camp so I’ve seen different things this week. I see some campers with a map and everything, but the best approach is using the bulletin board each campsite commonly has with all of the information they may need. If you have scouts that are in a first year scout program (I work in one), there isn’t a big need for them to have every bit of information since usually they will be with their instructors for the entire day.
  7. Heading to camp today, I’ll be posting again towards end of summer!

  8. ItsBrian

    Bear encounters UT, AZ

    I had a black bear encounter about a month ago. It kept coming to everyone’s camp site despite making noise. I made close eye contact one too many times that night. The camp workers are fine with it roaming since it hasn’t hurt anyone.
  9. I leave to staff a camp on Sunday and totally forgot I wanted to ask for recommendations for a new rain jacket. I currently have a lightweight Columbia one that I got a few years ago, and it doesn’t really protect me from the rain anymore. I’m trying to find a not too expensive lightweight one since I’m always carrying a backpack and on the move in the first year scout program.
  10. ItsBrian

    Lightweight Rain Jackets

    Thanks for all replies. I would need 30 of those $1 rain ponchos, haha. They get all sweaty and sticky which is something I’m not trying to deal with. I’ll spend up to $45, since I use it outside of scouting as well. I don’t want an over the pack since I have a waterproof camelbak backpack. Ive heard great things about Frogg Togg, and I’ll be looking into them. I’ll look into Marmot, I know it’s a good brand.
  11. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp Staff

    Good luck! Don’t over stress it. You might do bad week one, but don’t forget it’s your first week ever doing it. You still have plenty more weeks to do great. Hah, I was bad week one trying to figure out everything. You’ll make mistakes, but don’t let it hold you down. I don’t mean to sound mean, but this is more of encouragement from my personal experience.
  12. ItsBrian

    Extreme Anxiety at Summer Camp

    Two years ago I staffed a CS day camp, last year and again this year I will be staffing a resident scout camp.
  13. ItsBrian

    Extreme Anxiety at Summer Camp

    I wouldn’t say trained. It’s just something you learn as you instruct, I staff the first year program and every scout reacts differently. Some want to be alone and some want attention. I’ve had leaders come up to me and let me know before I even met the scout.
  14. ItsBrian

    Extreme Anxiety at Summer Camp

    Whoops, I misread it earlier. I would still have the leaders let the staff he is with throughout the day and they shouid be able to help.
  15. ItsBrian

    Extreme Anxiety at Summer Camp

    I see this all summer long! I work at a Boy Scout camp in the first year scout program so I’m working with be youngest in camp. I don’t want you to think that this isn’t atypical. I’m not entirely sure how a Cub Scout summer camp works, but I’m assuming it’s somewhat structured like a Boy Scout one. Have your leaders tell the staff that he interacts with throughout the day. They can help keep him engaged and keep his mind off home. This usually works for scouts I work with. Small tasks such as getting something for me, holding something, has a huge impact on them since it makes them feel more needed and that they belong there. Staff at camps are usually pretty good about dealing with homesickness.
  16. ItsBrian

    Treating injuries

    Agreed. Any small cut/injury could turn into an infection and become worse. There’s also the possibility of the scout didn’t treat it properly and still didn’t report it.
  17. ItsBrian

    Treating injuries

    I would make sure that your scouts know that they should report it. About your question for who can administer first aid, I believe anyone can. I don’t think there are age restrictions, I am the highest certified in my troop but I am a scout.
  18. It’s said somewhere if you are not religious to have a parent fill in that section.
  19. I had my EBOR in February and I am heavily religious either. I put one of my parents like your son did, but they didn’t have to write a letter. I don’t think you need a letter for every single person on that recommendation list on the application. I had like 3 letters.
  20. ItsBrian

    Camps Where SCOUTS Cook Meals

    Sabbatis is owned by a NJ council, Patriots’ Path. I’ve heard good things about it but never had chance to visit. They do often talk about shutting it down. https://www.campsabattis.org/
  21. ItsBrian

    Troop invited to Pack event, help needed

    Why wouldn’t they be covered by troop insurance? I don’t see why not as long as there is a permission slip for the event.
  22. I forgot to mention we try to have them practice more later and then demonstrate it to their leaders before they get the requirement signed off by their leader. If they actually do that, I’m not sure. But, on Friday’s since we aren’t so time constrained I usually like to kill time reviewing mostly everything we have done. Friday is orienteering, and we just do the basic requirements of it. There is a big open field connecting most program areas that we do a orienteering course in. After they get everything right and head to the correction location, we stop and review a skill from earlier in the week. Some scouts remember certain skills more than others, and I try to get them to ask their buddies for help before coming to me. I guess you could call this enabling?
  23. Honestly, I basically use EDGE when instructing at the first year program. I average 14 kids, up to 21. I can’t be with every single one of them especially if I don’t have any adult volunteers. For example, when I teach beginner knots: Explain: I keep them gathered around and I explain what it’s used for and why you use it. Demonstrate: They don’t even touch their ropes yet and I make sure they pay attention on how I do it. I say step by step when I do it and offer some tips to make it easier. Guide: Now they try. I have them spread around to trees, their walking sticks, or to find a stick. They get less distracted and can focus more if spread out. I make sure each of them do it correctly at least twice and offer any advice if needed. Enable: We go through all of the knots we have learned (Mostly the beginner knots) and we have a knot tying competition to see who can tie the knots, which they say is always fun! I am looking at other posts about using the handbook or having them teach someone else, which unfortunately wouldn’t work in a summer camp setting due to time constraints and most not even having their book.
  24. ItsBrian

    Breakfast is served...

    We do the exact same. We still do this every year. We charge ~$10 since we also get Starbucks coffee donated which is always a big hit. I honestly don’t feel like all the extra thing that the article has is really needed. That’s a lot of options and expensive items for such a low entry cost.
  25. ItsBrian

    Best comfort items & traditions for summer camp

    What program area do you work in? I’m with first years, so I’m constantly on the move.