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    Required Worksheets?

    If he does not make accommodations, you may have to involve your district and/or council special needs advisor(s) or advancement committee. This should be a last option and I would keep trying to talk to the SM. On a side note, I understand how some adults can not realize that a child with a disability is not like the rest of the population. I’m in a vocational high school for the medical field and we recently visited a hospital / long time care that only take cares of special needs children (mostly with cerebral palsy). I learned how they are completely different and even interpret their environment in a different way. I wish you the best of luck. I would say the only thing you can do before involving your council/district (if the SM keeps saying no), is to educate him on disabilities.
  2. ItsBrian

    Required Worksheets?

    I’m sorry but why is he asking the questions on paper if he should’ve asked them to the scout directly? Shouldn’t a scout talk about the Drug, Tobacco, etc. program that he did while sitting with the person signing it off? Doesn’t that mean once he gets the requirement signed off, he is just repeating what he told a leader a while ago? Im not sure what kind of disability your son has, but would it be possible for him to fill the worksheets in while he does the requirement? If someone says “explain”, he can explain it in person and can have help writing it down at that time, instead of days or months later. AND, why is he asking questions on paper that should be asked during a BOR/SM conference???
  3. ItsBrian

    Senior patrol leader eligibility?

    It depends on the scout. I am the SPL of my Troop currently (my term ends in a week!), and I was elected twice. So I started the summer before 9th grade, and I did not feel like I was ready for it. Turned out that I underestimated myself and I could do it. There are no requirements but it depends on the scout. If your scout feels like he can do it, then he can do it.
  4. ItsBrian

    Summer Camp Staff

    Bring a hoodie and long pants... I worked at a day camp and somehow it was freezing often.
  5. ItsBrian

    NYLT for 13 year old

    I feel like that I would feel the same way your son did. I don’t like saying I’m perfect or fantastic, since nobody is perfect. When you’re SPL for a while, I have been it for 2 years (small Troop), you can easily learn and teach yourself over time. I didn’t even know what a PLC was until like 5 months into my first term. (My Troop didn’t do PLCs before). But hey... my term ends in 2 weeks and officially I can relax!
  6. ItsBrian

    NYLT for 13 year old

    Does the scout even want to do NYLT? You don’t always have to go to a training session to learn how to do something. I know myself and others have taught ourselves and are doing just fine.
  7. ItsBrian

    Summer camp - too many adults?

    Off topic, but make sure they are all YPT trained otherwise they can’t go!
  8. ItsBrian

    Getting the Value and Pride back in Eagle.

    Only if I read this article 8 months ago...
  9. ItsBrian

    Scout Dishonesty During an Eagle Project

    First of all- I applaud you that you and the committee had the guts to suspend it and make him redo it. I wish our committee did that for someone’s project. Youre doing him a favor as you said, if you don’t want to be harassed, then get the district involved. The money from his current project has to go to the beneficiary due to its being their money. technically.
  10. ItsBrian

    Stain on Uniform!

    Oh boy, I got a stain on my uniform shirt and guess what, it’s grease. Little backstory, our closet at our CO is in the boiler room and all the pipes are overhead some of our things. I was picking up our yard signs and not noticing they got covered in grease in some parts and ended up on my shirt. It’s one of the newer silky ones. Anyone have any solutions?
  11. ItsBrian

    Advancement Charts

    Scout shop also sells premade ones as well.https://www.scoutshop.org/den-advancement-chart-620579.html
  12. ItsBrian

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Yeah, we’ve tried. Even scout camps are that, sometimes more. Camporees around us are 50-60 now.
  13. ItsBrian

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Meanwhile we are paying around $30 - $40 a night in NJ...
  14. ItsBrian

    Online VS Paper Applications

    Probably goes to spam. Most scouting emails I get go to spam.
  15. I don’t feel like there’s a problem, I was just curious. I didnt mean to come off like I was demanding adults to do it, my apologies. I was just wondering how BSA would handle that.
  16. I was just curious. I was just curious. Thanks.
  17. But let’s say - a beneficiary contact for someone’s Eagle Scout project. Should there be two adults since it’s scouting related?
  18. Never said they had to. I’m talking about the one-on-one. They don’t specify it only apply to scout leader and youth. It could be for any adult and youth member for all I know.
  19. But does BSA say that it’s only for adult scouters? Not that I know of.
  20. So when I run our yearly clothing drive pickup service, I have to CC another adult for every time a donator e-mails me for a pickup? I’m not the only one that has access to the account, but does that matter?
  21. ItsBrian

    Tesomas, Gartner Dam, Freeland Leslie

    Woah woah- they don’t get to choose yearly if they don’t want to go back to the same one or find another one??
  22. https://www.2019wsj.org/attend/day-visitors/
  23. There are many ways to help prevent, such as wearing long socks, pants, boots, etc. Some bugs sprays do help as well.
  24. 3-4 of our scouts got atleast a tick (they had bug spray) this weekend, one got three of them. Never have we had a problem with ticks until this year. I’m just glad we do checks regularly so none of them were able to latch on.