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  1. Mayor Give Pack Awards?

    I wish someone from my town did something like that! We couldn’t even get a council member... I find this a great oppurtunity and a great achievement that the mayor appreciates their pack. Traditionally, yes, DLs, CMs, etc, usually give out awards, but why not switch it up?
  2. I plan on getting a part time job as well, but in my state you basically need to be 16.
  3. I didn’t go to summer camp last year due to working at the day camp. I’m 15 and 2 Eagle merit badges away. (no summer camps really offer the ones I need around me). I don’t even know if I will be able to miss a week of the day camp to attend summer camp, it depends on what position I get this year. What do your senior scouts do at summer camp to keep busy?
  4. YPT

    Took the new YPT this morning (assuming I needed the most updated one for camp staff). Its completely different from the old YPT in my opinion. I feel like the new one is like a a documentary/lesson. It focused A LOT on sexual abuse. I feel like they should’ve focused more on two deep, digital, buddy system, etc. instead of a 30 second voice over for each.
  5. We’ve been going out of council and out of state for 6 years. Not many have the programs that I know of. We go to camps usually 2-3 hours away from home.
  6. New merit badge idea?

    We used the same kit in leather working that I used as a kid!
  7. Read my post above about me working at camp ^
  8. As I said in my post, I staffed at one of my councils day camp last year (I was paid, just made the cut off). I stated that it depends on the position I get it if can go or not. Ive talked to people who staffed a summer camp and they got paid less then I did, and they worked there for around 2-3 years. I understand that the camp pays for your lodging, meals, etc. but like come on. This is just so I have a idea of what I could do if I can get a week off at the day camp.
  9. Most camps I've been to have like 3-4 different water/boating merit badges. Then, usually only around 30 mins to a hour few times during the week called "open boating or open swimming"
  10. You must go to a nice camp!
  11. Those are usually for only a hour a day (the open time, not the merit badge). Never heard of water skiing at a camp.
  12. I've only seen one summer camp around us that has one. It's a pretty dirty and poor camp. I only have one my age.
  13. EBOR question

    Should’ve made one with 5 wheels.
  14. Eagle Project Unsigned

    The plan does not need a signature. Are you talking about the proposal?
  15. New merit badge idea?

    All I know is that it would be the most popular craft badge.
  16. New merit badge idea?

    It’s so unpopular because it’s not interesting. Isn’t pulp and paper basically learning all about recycling, but a focus on paper?
  17. Same CO...multiple CORs

    Our COR does not go to council. I know that for a fact. We live about a hour from the council center. The CO doesn’t really want to be involved. They love having us there and helping them clean up for events, etc. but they don’t really get involved besides signing off on the application. He’s more just a name on paper. Never attended a meeting either.
  18. Same CO...multiple CORs

    I don’t know a single COR around me that has ever even interacted with council. Mostly the CC’s do it.
  19. Exactly. Some may only do cub scouts and not go into Boy Scouts because of sports, etc. but want to do cub scouts still. My den (as a youth) had around 12 people and we had 3 troops we could’ve chose. (1 as a pack feeder then 2 in another town right next to us). My whole den picked the one Troop. There’s only 2 of us left out of the 12. Most of them got involved in other youth groups (religious ones), sports, etc.
  20. Personal Scouting Goals

    You have to make it fun for you somehow.
  21. Storage ideas

    You say “does not offer”, but have you ever asked?
  22. YPT

    Why was venturing YPT changed if it stays the same?
  23. Good Council/District program examples

    That’s the council I was thinking about.
  24. Lions now an official Cub Scout rank and program

    And I think wolves are too young from what I see at daycamp sometimes.
  25. Good Council/District program examples

    Really? I never knew that! I know patriots path merged with another council a while and go. I thought they merged with the one that was in north jersey? My apologizes.