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  1. AS someone who served as a Scoutmaster for over 40 years, let me tell you that feeling will never go away. I was just as nervous at the last campout I planned as the first. I don't think you would be a good SM if you weren't. Things always seem to work out. Good luck to you! Dale
  2. Has anyone else been having problems with getting membership certificates and packets from the NESA? I sent a check for membership for a new Eagle Scout in June on this year, and as yet have not received anything. 6 Months!! Of course my check was cashed in early July. I have sent four emails now and have not received the courtesy of a reply. Yet I am receiving weekly emails and postcards asking me to subscribe to a new Eagle Scout Directory ( A blatant fund raiser). Maybe their efforts should be more toward daily business than these pseudo-scams.
  3. Yes, the "Limo" as a 15 passenger van. If I recall they charged $75 per person total for both ways. Of course that was a number of years ago, so I'm sure the price has gone up. Dale
  4. We flew into Fort Lauderdale and used a limo service (Emerald, if I remember correctly). They picked us up at the airport, drove us to Brinton, and then returned us to the airport at the end of the trip. No worries then about rentals, etc. Plus the driver gave us a geography and history lesson along the way!
  5. We always use North Country Canoe Outfitters in Ely for our BWCA trips. Their owner, John, is a veteran scouter for years and treats scouts very well.
  6. We have canoed on the Manistee River in northern Michigan through a private outfitter, and for a less strenuous High Adventure we have rented a houseboat and cruised on Lake Cumberland Kentucky for a week.
  7. It is taking about 45 seconds or so to load the program and then 30-45 seconds between pages. Very frustrating. Dale
  8. Pathway to Adventure Council (Chicago area) is selling Camp Lakota, a far west suburban short term camp. One of the reasons is "the sale will contribute to PTAC’s financial stability beyond the BSA’s bankruptcy and reorganization. The funds from the sale will be used to partially satisfy our council’s anticipated contribution to the victims settlement trust." SAD. Dale
  9. I have done both adventures. For first time participants I would recommend the Keys Adventure, as it gives you an overviews of all available adventures. You get two days on Munson, and a day of snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sailing, and a day exploring historic Key West. Then you can chose what to do on a return trip in the future.
  10. I remember one campout camped beside a creek with a little spring flowing off of it, probably two feet wide at mos. Our scouts must have spend two to three hours trying to dam up the creek with sticks, stones, etc. They finally formed a little pool and were so proud of their engineering feat. Then they dismantled it to get it back to natural. We couldn't have planned a better activity if we tried! Dale
  11. One of the most difficult concepts Crossover parents have to adjust to is that not every moment of a campout has to be scheduled. We normally give our scouts a couple of hours of afternoon free time. Some will go out on their own for a hike, play whatever sport is in season at the time, play cards, sleep, Do homework(!),work on advancements,. or just hang out with friends. It also gives the adults some free time to relax. read, or do whatever they want. Scouts say it is the best part of the campouts and some of their best memories. And I agree with 69 Roadrunner. I am known for bei
  12. I find it hard to believe that in these times of cancelled meetings, meeting places unavailable, no campouts, cancelled summer camps and High Adventure activities, etc. that a Troop Committee would get bogged down in the minutia of whether a spare tire holder should be powder coated or galvanized. Come on people!
  13. I had a scout who was in ranger training tell me he was able to catch a few "Z's" during his first aid classes because of what we taught him in his Scouting career. He aced the test! I retired after 44 years as Scoutmaster. Dale
  14. Our troop has been meeting at the same school for 66 years. Now we are told we will not be able to meet there probably into 2021. So we, too, are scrambling to find alternate meeting places. This also affects our Pancake Breakfast fund raiser. Dale
  15. Florida Sea Base advised us that refunds would be sent in 30 days.
  16. Pathway to Adventure Council (Chicago area) just announced the cancellation of all summer activities at their camps.
  17. Pathway to Adventure Council (Chicago Area) just announced the cancellation of all summer programs.
  18. I agree with Fred. Let's not dilute the program during this temporary problem, especially for younger and new scouts who will still have time to do all the requirements after this situation. If there is a problem for a 17.5 year old, I would hope the BSA could make waivers on an individual basis and not a blanket policy for all. Dale
  19. Having sat in on 50+ Eagle BOR's , and having done the same amount of SM conferences for Eagle, when scouts are asked "What is the highlight of your Scouting career?" I would say the vast majority of them answered "Summer Camp".
  20. Very well said. Especially Point #1. A few years ago we had some parents who were only there for their own children and it caused a large rift among both scouts and adults to the point of shouting matches. Not a pleasant situation for anyone. A well thought out message. Dale
  21. Let's try to get appropriate ads. The latest one for bras and lingerie doesn't seem right for a Scout forum.
  22. We have a similar situation. 3 boy patrols, 1 girls patrol. There are 2 SPL's (one girl, one boy) and 4 patrol leaders. Working very well so far. Dale
  23. I believe all the money collected should go to the troop and then the Troop could decide to donate a portion to the senior center as a service project. The individual scout should not make that decision. It would open a can of worms if the scout wanted to donate to a cause not supported by the majority of the troop or the BSA.
  24. Happy Holidays to all of my Scouter Forum friends! Dale
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