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    Investiture Ceremony?

    We do a very similar ceremony to the one above. The candleholders we use are probably over 50 years old! Dale
  2. eagle90

    Stepping Down

    I am stepping down at the end of the year after a long tenure as Scoutmaster. I have been SM longer than all my scouts have been alive, and some of their parents too! I plan to stay active with the troop in any way that I can, but it will be a difficult transition for me. I don't want to impede the new regime, but still want to help out. Any advice from anyone who has been thru this situation or had their troop go thru it? Thanks for your help!
  3. eagle90

    Time line from Scout to Eagle

    Very well said, Eagle 94A1. I'm going to use those words to my troop! Dale
  4. eagle90

    Council Merger

    Problem is they will get lost. This happened to our council when merged with a much larger council. We are the red headed step child. Three camps were closed, and all leadership at the council level is from the big council.
  5. eagle90

    What are your Units doing this fall?

    35-mile bicycle trip along the Illinois & Michigan Canal Trail Combined campout with Webelos II Indoor Rock Climbing Orienteering campout at a state park First troop meeting is tonight
  6. Well said, Jameson! Dale
  7. I thought it was just me. Glad to hear I'm not alone. The majority of the photos, no matter what the topic had girls in them too. Overkill is the right word. Kind of like shoving the concept down our throats.
  8. Ed Bryant Scout Reservation in Mauston, WI, run by Glacier's Edge Council in Madison is within an hour.
  9. Sounds like a wonderful trip. What did the trip cost per scout?
  10. eagle90

    What's your best Scouting memory?

    Hundreds of memories, but the one that stands out is the 1997 Jamboree closing ceremony after the unbelievable fireworks display, with 40,000 people holding lighted candles, repeating the scout oath while a recording of Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA was playing. I was crying like a baby! Dale
  11. eagle90

    Help with stain!

    Help! I washed my uniform shirt and tossed it the dryer. Unfortunately I left a ballpoint pen in the pocket, which exploded in the dryer, staining the shirt quite a bit. Anyone have a suggestion for removing ballpoint pen ink. especially after it has been in the dryer? I sure don't want to have to purchase a new uniform and have all the patches sewn on again! Thanks for any help. Dale
  12. I'm envious! We leave Thursday for a week's houseboating adventure on Lake Cumberland in south central Kentucky Dale
  13. eagle90

    BSA Museum at Philmont Scout Ranch

    Before moving to Dallas the National Scouting Museum was in Murray, KY, on the campus of Murray State University.
  14. eagle90

    Motivation Quote of the Day

    "God gave us Memory so we can have roses is December"
  15. eagle90

    New YPT Launch

    It's a gray, gloomy rainy day here. Perfect to do the new YPT. Not bad. Took an hour and fifteen minutes, but could they have found any more boring and dry professionals to do the video sections? I was yawning throughout the presentation! Dale
  16. eagle90

    Why Did You Leave Scouts ?

    The difference nowadays in contrast to when I was a youth is the length of seasons for these sports. Previously Little League ran from April till July. Now there is fall ball. Hockey is a 12 month sport now. Football just isn't fall anymore, with year long conditioning and mandatory workouts all spring and summer. Plus I've heard many parents saying Johnny will get a college scholarship and become a professional and they see $$$$$$. Unfortunately that happens very rarely. I tell my scouts "You have 20 practices and 8 games a month. We have one campout. Give Scouting the priority once in a while" Doesn't always work.
  17. eagle90

    Eagle Scout neckerchief - quick question

    I wear the white NESA neckerchief at all Eagle Courts of Honor. Kind of like a brotherhood thing. Hopefully it inspires younger scouts.
  18. eagle90

    Boy Scout Day at the Omaha Symphony, March 4

    Wow! That sounds fantastic. I'm sorry we are not in Omaha!
  19. The camp we go to offers a jet ski and ATV program for scouts 14 and older. They also have a pontoon boat that can be used (with adult supervision). Of course you can still do the merit badges you don't have and work on getting some palms as you still have time to do that.
  20. We use one cabin for a winter camp-in that has only one large room, probably holding 50 people. There are no accommodations for separate adult and youth. We do keep the adults in one corner. I can't see a YPT violation since there was no one on one contact, no tent situation. I'd be careful about reporting this and possibly ruining the adult's reputation and future for an innocent situation.
  21. eagle90

    Civil Defense - Cuban Missiles, North Korean Missiles

    I remember taking a Cub Scout trip to the Nike Missile Base outside Chicago too. Had to be late 1950's
  22. eagle90

    District meetings - what's the point?

    Our Round tables have evolved into a night out for the old guard former unit leaders. And at times I have felt like an 11 year old, being lectured to by the RT commissioner. To me the ideal round table would be the unit leaders sitting around (a round table?) and discussing what their unit is doing (Where did you camp, what did you do there, what other activities is your unit doing, etc.) What problems are you havcing in your unit (helicopters, bullying, crossover procedures, attendance, dealing with sports conflicts, etc.). An open discussion .
  23. I remember the hardest requirement from that time had to be to learn the Morse Code. I think it took me months to memorize it. Of course have never used it since!
  24. eagle90

    Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    I sympathize with you. This has been our biggest problem this year. Fortunately, the two biggest crossover rabble rousers have transferred to another troop. God help them!
  25. eagle90

    Scouting firsts lost in history?

    Our troop was on a Houseboat trip in Kentucky, near Burnside, and came upon that Historical Marker!