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  1. cgail

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    You can catch any communicable diseases even though you are vaccinated. They wear off as you age, and as the flu vaccines show us every year, some are not a effective as others. Someone choosing not to vaccinate their child for whatever reason CAN impact my family's health. The BSA should come out as pro vaccination. It's as much a part of teaching about the public good as the citizenship and preparedness lessons we use daily with our Scouts.
  2. cgail

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    Scoutbook Lite is replacing IA. The BSA IT team has said there will be ways to get data from other applications into it, just as it exists today with IA.
  3. cgail

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    You can use the Scouting app to record advancement, camping, hiking, and service logs offline - but only for your Scout at this time. Unit management is on the future list, but I believe it's all tied into the SB Lite codebase change I spoke of.
  4. cgail

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    As you said, many units will just use it for advancement. The UI isn't the easiest thing in the world to navigate as it's pretty heavy for many users. Lite is also basically the test-bed for completely rewriting the code base. Scoutbook (heavy) will be transitioned to the new code eventually. Look at it like the Scouting iOS and Android apps. They work great for parent/Scout advancement use, but not so much for running the unit.
  5. cgail

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    This place sells pre-cut in all kinds. http://www.thegoosescache.com/index.php/product/tan-shirt-pack/
  6. cgail

    Challenging Scout and his dad

    That’s the problem with the parents these days. Just about all of them have a smartphone in their hand 24/7, but they can’t respond to anything - much less show up and participate.
  7. cgail

    Velcro For POR Patches

  8. cgail

    Virtual Dutch oven contest

    I’d love the lava cake recipe please..always good to score points with the missus!
  9. I thought I saw/read somewhere that part of it was to display the new program "tapes" over the right pocket: How all the various groups will be XXXX BSA.
  10. Thanks to Momma for trying to lighten the mood!
  11. Wow... In the interest of Scoutlike behavior, I'll leave this discussion before any more pedants join the conversation.
  12. cgail

    Cub Girl Uniform

    I didn't bother with the Tiger buckle - went straight to the Cub one. I agree on the slides as well. I'm looking at making woggles out of paracord this summer for my Pack. Plenty of color options if you want to customize them.
  13. We as a nation have determined that pedophilia is unacceptable and illegal. I don't see anyone advocating for it except for a certain senatorial candidate (sorry moderators!).. States set the legal age of consent however - some are younger than others. Those that are younger would be considered children in others. The compromise comes in when there is a large group on either side of an issue. All things must be adjudicated at some point - we regulate either by law or by social compact. Otherwise we have anarchy.
  14. Is bigotry an inalienable right? I've heard this "slippery slope" argument countless times, and it's still as made of straw as always. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.. it's far different than fact. Example: "Thou shalt not kill" is I believe how it's written - but people must kill in many settings: Military in war, police in the line of duty, etc. Killing is different than murder, but sometimes it's a fine line. We justify it based on the laws we have set for ourselves.
  15. "Whites only" was also an acceptable sign to hang on your shop until the 1960s.. it doesn't make it right. Many people in the early 20th century thought that non-whites were inferior in all respects. As I understand it, the shopkeepers deeply believe that homosexuality is a sin. I find it hard to believe that those shopkeepers are able to associate and do business with people who were wholly without sin (depending on your interpretation). Given that, would they refuse service to a known adulterer, a thief, someone who blasphemed? What makes one worse than the other?