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  1. Wow... In the interest of Scoutlike behavior, I'll leave this discussion before any more pedants join the conversation.
  2. cgail

    Cub Girl Uniform

    I didn't bother with the Tiger buckle - went straight to the Cub one. I agree on the slides as well. I'm looking at making woggles out of paracord this summer for my Pack. Plenty of color options if you want to customize them.
  3. We as a nation have determined that pedophilia is unacceptable and illegal. I don't see anyone advocating for it except for a certain senatorial candidate (sorry moderators!).. States set the legal age of consent however - some are younger than others. Those that are younger would be considered children in others. The compromise comes in when there is a large group on either side of an issue. All things must be adjudicated at some point - we regulate either by law or by social compact. Otherwise we have anarchy.
  4. Is bigotry an inalienable right? I've heard this "slippery slope" argument countless times, and it's still as made of straw as always. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.. it's far different than fact. Example: "Thou shalt not kill" is I believe how it's written - but people must kill in many settings: Military in war, police in the line of duty, etc. Killing is different than murder, but sometimes it's a fine line. We justify it based on the laws we have set for ourselves.
  5. "Whites only" was also an acceptable sign to hang on your shop until the 1960s.. it doesn't make it right. Many people in the early 20th century thought that non-whites were inferior in all respects. As I understand it, the shopkeepers deeply believe that homosexuality is a sin. I find it hard to believe that those shopkeepers are able to associate and do business with people who were wholly without sin (depending on your interpretation). Given that, would they refuse service to a known adulterer, a thief, someone who blasphemed? What makes one worse than the other?
  6. *sigh* and this is why the USA is in the state it is currently.... It's not a zero sum game. There must be discourse and compromise in all things. Your (the group you - not just David CO) truth is not the same for everyone else. The same goes for your moral code - no one has the right to enforce their code on anyone else. We are a nation of laws, supposedly built in compromise for the best interests of us all as a group. Some may do slightly better than others because of it, but none have win or lose all.
  7. cgail

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    I always have one in our charter as well. I actually used it in front of the principal to open some items at the school carnival we were recruiting at, and she was grateful I had it. Given the zero tolerance policy at the district however, we still caution our Scouts against it. Unfortunately, our district doesn't have a safe harbor. There have been incidents in the past where students were disciplined for doing the right thing....
  8. cgail

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Legal doesn't always mean allowed. I know when we worked our Bears through their Whittling Chips, we moved the activity to another site than our charter (a public school). This is due to the school policy about knives, and we believed it should and would apply even after hours. That, and we wanted to reinforce to our Scouts that they don't take knives to school. There have been too many stories about Scouts throwing it in their backpack after a Scouting event, and then getting suspended because it was found at school.
  9. cgail

    Breaking Point

    WB doesn't teach basic Scout craft. The 21st century course is all about management and communication. That was a problem for several members of my course who were brand new Cub leaders. They hadn't even had a chance to take BALOO yet, much less IOLS. I wish it would teach more basic woodcraft - much like I've heard the "old" course described as.
  10. cgail

    2018 Guide to Insignia and Awards

    Still reads as 2015?
  11. cgail

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    Sorry if I missed this, but just to clarify: are these meant to be female uniforms, or is this a unisex design? I need to know if I have to stock up for my Scout if they are the new overall design....
  12. cgail

    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    That was my wife’s comment...sewing patches onto a pocket is a massive PITA...
  13. cgail

    When do the necker colors change?

    My Scout shop told me stock will last into 2020 or thereabouts.
  14. Remember that retention is just as large a problem as recruiting. How many Scouts have you had that fell off over the years? In Cubs, it's a large problem with varied reasons - but most boil down to if the Scout is having the most fun out of all his/her activities. It falls on us as their leaders to offer an effective and enjoyable experience to keep them involved to the point where the Scouts recognize the importance of the program.
  15. cgail

    CSE Letter on GSUSA Infringements

    Outstanding design