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  1. https://relianceoutdoors.com/products/aqua-tainer-4g-15l
  2. Regular fit seem to run a bit small, and the relaxed fir (they have 2 different kinds of canvas pants) seem to run a touch large.
  3. https://www.andersonadvocates.com/boy-scouts-of-america-is-not-a-safe-place-for-children-today-congress-must-take-immediate-action/
  4. The National Jamboree has been cancelled due to a public health crisis and children have been quarantined during periods other than that for disease outbreaks: https://www.sj-r.com/news/20200322/springfield-history-childrens-quarantine-to-halt-polio If you have a group of Scouts that can maintain social distancing and proper hygiene, then I marvel at your good luck. My experience has been different. It's not just the Scouts who would be affected: it's everyone else they come in contact with.
  5. I think we would have the same problems as the ladies. In my Scout's experience, nothing beats a wagonload of product going around the neighborhoods. Going online will be disastrous. As DR pointed out, the product isn't generally the draw, it's supporting the Scout at the door, and everyone is looking for donations these days. I like the energy bar idea. We always did pretty well with the meat sticks as well. I think the price point makes a huge difference in sales volumes.
  6. close to this subject, and I hope that it's not threadjacking.. has anyone heard about pigeonpost.scouting.org? That's the site that's linked out for the Den leader guides, but if you go the root site, it says "private, but coming soon" ?
  7. Yep, and if parents have to drive an hour plus, then there is no Cub Day camp, and even Troop camping will suffer.
  8. If they furloughed all these people from Supply, who is shipping all the items from the scout shop that they want to sell? I get emails every day about new projects, and Brian even has a blog about it today.
  9. Outstanding ad.. any plans to put it out on a national channel?
  10. I understand the need to monetize any site, but it's a bit intrusive to me so far.
  11. Cub leader guides are free PDFs now, at the new Den leader experience in Scoutbook. i have yet to be unable to find anything out there with a little searching. Our Council gives out flash drives with everything available if you take any training course.
  12. BC Clothing Men’s Convertible Pant https://www.costco.com/bc-clothing-men’s-convertible-pant.product.100514637.html
  13. According to the listing: Crisbee is a proprietary cast iron seasoning blend of Soybean Oil, Beeswax, and Palm Oil.
  14. My Scout shop has been able to order them in, but the pins are still backordered.
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