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  1. The camp we go to offers a jet ski and ATV program for scouts 14 and older. They also have a pontoon boat that can be used (with adult supervision). Of course you can still do the merit badges you don't have and work on getting some palms as you still have time to do that.
  2. We use one cabin for a winter camp-in that has only one large room, probably holding 50 people. There are no accommodations for separate adult and youth. We do keep the adults in one corner. I can't see a YPT violation since there was no one on one contact, no tent situation. I'd be careful about reporting this and possibly ruining the adult's reputation and future for an innocent situation.
  3. Civil Defense - Cuban Missiles, North Korean Missiles

    I remember taking a Cub Scout trip to the Nike Missile Base outside Chicago too. Had to be late 1950's
  4. District meetings - what's the point?

    Our Round tables have evolved into a night out for the old guard former unit leaders. And at times I have felt like an 11 year old, being lectured to by the RT commissioner. To me the ideal round table would be the unit leaders sitting around (a round table?) and discussing what their unit is doing (Where did you camp, what did you do there, what other activities is your unit doing, etc.) What problems are you havcing in your unit (helicopters, bullying, crossover procedures, attendance, dealing with sports conflicts, etc.). An open discussion .
  5. I remember the hardest requirement from that time had to be to learn the Morse Code. I think it took me months to memorize it. Of course have never used it since!
  6. Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    I sympathize with you. This has been our biggest problem this year. Fortunately, the two biggest crossover rabble rousers have transferred to another troop. God help them!
  7. Scouting firsts lost in history?

    Our troop was on a Houseboat trip in Kentucky, near Burnside, and came upon that Historical Marker!
  8. Our troop has "adopted" our local forest preserve and do a cleanup two or three times per year. We also are in the midst of a Christmas toy drive for a local children's organization. Our boys also serve as "waiters" at the library's fund raising "Taste of......" and assist with a "Meet the Creek" day, giving and supervising canoe rides on the local creek.
  9. When does your PLC meet?

    Our PLC meets once a month on a separate night from our troop meetings. We meet for about an hour.
  10. Low Start up cost Fundraiser

    Try a Rummage / Garage sale. Virtually no expenses other than a few classified ads in the local paper and a few flyers in the neighborhood. Members also love to clean out their attics, basements, etc. All profit.
  11. Dealing with Helicopter Parents

    We had a discussion at a recent troop meeting as to why our scouts liked to camp. The three top responses were 1) To be out with my friends; 2) to get away from my parents. and 3) to get away from my siblings!
  12. Who Among Us Wears a Smokey Bear/Campaign hat?

    In cleaning out my dad's attic after he passed away last March, I found my old campaign hat I received as a member of the New York World's Fair Service Corps in 1965! And it still fit! The rest of my body has grown tremendously since then, but the head is still the same size!
  13. Inquiries for Girls

    A Scout is Trustworthy
  14. Sabattis Adventure Camp Going, Going, ....

    All I see is another patrol method camp going by the wayside. They are getting rarer and rarer. Pity.

    I have a scout coming over for a SM Conference soon. It is regarding some things he got into at Summer Camp. Nothing serious, but just boys-will-be-boys mischief. Like using insect repellent as a fire starter, harassing some of the first year scouts, etc. Dad wants him to confess and learn something. I give the scout credit for being willing to do this to do this. What kind of questions and comments should I discuss with the scout? I don't want to punish him, but rather turn this into a positive. Thanks for your help! Dale