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  1. eagle90

    Opening Scout Camps to commercial camping

    Sure sounds like this would negatively impact the Scouting program and the scouts attending the camps. We go to get into the woods and away from all the hub bub of city life and traffic. Having RV's driving thru camp would sure be a downer. And do you think that none of those campers and RV's would have a frig filled with their beverage of choice?
  2. eagle90

    Buffalo River adventure

    Did you go through a private outfitter or through the scout base there?
  3. eagle90

    Camps Where SCOUTS Cook Meals

    Ed Bryant Scout Reservation (Glacier's Edge Council) near Mauston, Wisconsin offers a patrol cooking option. Patrols cook breakfast and dinner, but eat lunch in the dining hall. Seems to work out just fine. Dale
  4. eagle90

    Cell Phones at Summer Camp

    We allow cell phones but they can only be used for "Scouting purposes". i.e. as an alarm clock, camera, requirement fulfillment, etc. We will confiscate it if we find them using them to play games or as social media. We also let them no there is no way to charge them so whenever the battery goes dead, that's it for the week.
  5. eagle90

    Camp Program Options

    Our camp offers jet ski and ATV classes for older scouts and also has a pontoon boat troops can rent and have a couple hour's cruise on the Lake.
  6. eagle90

    Northern Tier- Tips and Tricks

    We have always liked the Lake One, Two, Three, Four, Gabro, Bald Eagle, Kawishiwi River routes. I do use paddling gloves to keep0 the blisters away. Our outfitter (North Country) supplies waterproof maps in zip locs. One per crew, not one per canoe. Dale
  7. eagle90

    Worst things you seen taken to summer camp

    Back in 2010 our scouts, avid Black Hawk Fans, brought a life size replica of the Stanley Cup for display in our campsite, complete with lights. They carried it to all the camp wide events, much to the chagrin of our Wisconsin hosts.
  8. eagle90

    Troopmaster Help Needed

    After opening the program go to the "Scouts" tab, then "Scout Management" and then the "Add New" tab on the right hand side. That should do it. Dale
  9. eagle90

    Privacy of Health Forms

    I always looked at each medical form to make sure the right signatures were present. It's unbelievable how many came in without parent's and scouts signatures. I would also look for anything that stood out as a potential problem - allergies, medications needed, etc. To me, that is what the form is for. Always better to be forewarned. Remember "Be Prepared"?
  10. eagle90

    EBOR complete

    Congratulations Brian! Welcome to the brotherhood!
  11. eagle90

    Scouts wearing uniform to funeral

    When my dad passed away two years ago this week, my troop came to the wake en masse in full uniform. It was a great tribute to my dad and me, and brought many int he room to tears. I would recommend it.
  12. eagle90

    Investiture Ceremony?

    We do a very similar ceremony to the one above. The candleholders we use are probably over 50 years old! Dale
  13. eagle90

    Stepping Down

    I am stepping down at the end of the year after a long tenure as Scoutmaster. I have been SM longer than all my scouts have been alive, and some of their parents too! I plan to stay active with the troop in any way that I can, but it will be a difficult transition for me. I don't want to impede the new regime, but still want to help out. Any advice from anyone who has been thru this situation or had their troop go thru it? Thanks for your help!
  14. eagle90

    Time line from Scout to Eagle

    Very well said, Eagle 94A1. I'm going to use those words to my troop! Dale
  15. eagle90

    Council Merger

    Problem is they will get lost. This happened to our council when merged with a much larger council. We are the red headed step child. Three camps were closed, and all leadership at the council level is from the big council.