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possible fee increase coming

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As we wrap up one Cub Scout school year we are planning next fall’s recruitment event. 

This past year we barely squeaked by and parents have said they aren’t going to  pay more than the dues we charge. Our town’s merchants group cancelled a big event where our main fundraiser has always been held last year and next year.  The PTOs and high school fundraise the hell out of the community - like something every couple weeks - it’s awful.  

Does anyone know if the fees for National are going up?  If so what the rumbling?  Anyone hear a number?  

Asked at the council offices but got no reply. We heard at Roundtable our council fees will probably go up but they will wait until August to announce it - since the council fee is almost the same as Nationals we are worried.  

What’s the scoop??


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The statement you posted says: That's because they got outed in 2018:  

Anything above $50....

Maybe the BSA is playing 4 dimensional chess.  See, if they get the rumor mill started that annual dues are going to $100, then announce an increase from $33 to $67, everybody will be relieved even th

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Just heard that we will find out by December at recharter time if council fees, insurance and national fees are changing for 2020. 

Excuse my language but: How in the fudge are we able to budget responsibly for this and set fees for this upcoming year?  

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I find it hard to believe that with 3 months left  in the year, National doesn't have a cost.  They need to set it out there soon.   A Scout is supposed to be thrifty and springing a cost increase on people during what is sometimes the worst time of the year financially for families.  Some families have multiple children in Scouting and it could be a bit hit to them and we subsequently lose them.   :(


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Someone needs to enact a BSA by law that says no new rate increases can go into effect after August 15 or 31. Recruiting/registration usually starts with the start of the school year, so we need to know now. 

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1 hour ago, Jameson76 said:

They are spinning the big money wheel in Dallas to decide,  gotta make up for the 20% impending drop in revenue (LDS departure) while protecting the National Scout Professionals salaries.

There will be a lot fewer pros, or at least staff, in the Western Region...:(

Back of the envelope calculations.  I know the church had their own structure but just play along.

Dues: Net loss of 300,000 scouts (400,000 LDS boys - 100,000 new girls) is approximately $10.5M ($33 dues plus $2 insurance)

Units: 37000 plus LDS units - 2000 new girl units is approximately $1.4M at $40/unit

So if membership stays around 2MM scouts/scouters that's $5 or $6 increase just to stay even for dues/insurance.  LDS units are about 1/3 of all units (might be more based on the 2018 report to the nation), so a $20 increase in charter fees wouldn't be a stretch.

Now, none of that takes into account the impact on the Supply Division or camps; or the pending bankruptcy and the adverse effect that will have on all of the above.  I hope I'm wrong.

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57 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:


Perhaps CE will become a volunteer's position?  :)

He made it clear the council will not be impacted.  😀  

My DE said they know nothing more than what the council exec stated. Main point was that our camps, FOS and product sales income will not be impacted.  It was the first time we did not hear “may” inserted and an idea of possible timing.  However, it is only one CE at one council in one meeting.  I’ll be interested if others are hearing anything similar.

He also talked about the lawsuits and emphasized that BSA believes in the victims and wants them to come forward.  

We haven’t seen our council fee yet either, but have set our pack and Troop fees.  We plan to eat the delta.

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I wish we could eat the delta. We had a rough time the last couple years with council fees coming up and eating that delta in September.  

They know we announce dues/fees at the start of the school year and their financial year begins in January?  

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