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  1. IF they were to eliminate Lion/Tigers - hopefully there would be some sort of phase out for those already in packs this year. If they were to shorten the commitment for them to a once a month emerging/outing I would hope they would adjust the fees accordingly, The new adventure based model is very much like school curriculum and kinda of boring for a lot of the kiddos
  2. Based on some of the behavior I’ve observed at recent den meetings and the leaders struggling to get kids to focus for 5 minutes - I would say zero drop offs regardless of rank. And no more parent sitting in the back on their phone either. Get involved and keep yours in line - parents are going to have to step it up a bit to help the leaders because the kids refuse to listen.
  3. Let me also add the whole lack of space to meet makes it harder to get leaders and parents to commit since it feels like we never know where we will be meeting with any certainty.
  4. if our CO or council ever said you had to have a child in the pack - they would lose den leaders and half the committee. Those of us in those positions have been trying to find our replacements for the last few years and always are told by the parents that they are just to busy with their work or number of children to commit to a recurring volunteer position. they'll do a few hours at an event though but not the big lift of advancement or secretary or den leader.
  5. This year is as horrible as last year. Last year we kept things going the best we could. there was no soccer, no youth football or basketball and a short baseball season. We met outside as much as we could at parks and in small groups. Our Pack is chartered by a church, who would rather we NOT meet there unless everyone is masked to prevent spread of delta variant and protect the elderly congregants. We have some parents who don't want the kids wearing masks because they have to all day at school still. We've checked with other churches and gotten the same response. We have 3 elementary
  6. That's fantastic! Jealous too - we aren't allowed in the schools for back to school night only parents with children enrolled b/c covid . Also not allowed to send home fliers - still waiting on superindendent's approval to post it on the district website - they posted the sports sign ups weeks ago....
  7. GrubKnot - totally commonsense answers. We also don't punish/shame any cub scout that shows up at a den meeting or pack meeting in their pack activity t-shirt - maybe that's what is clean or at the bringing parent's place. (we have several families that have separate households)
  8. We have a pack hat, emboidered too. its sharp looking and when we're at an event with a bunch of cub scouts in uniform from all around the area we can pick ours out super fast. The parents wanted it and adopted it as a cost savings measure - no one has ever called the uniform police on us. Not to mention parents buy them to wear as well and its a great spirit booster We also make neckerchiefs with the dens as an activity and sometimes as a pack activity - the kids like doing it and it makes it FUN which was what the whole point of Cub Scouts is...Do Your Best and Make It Fun
  9. I agree - they kinda completely screwed up with charging the $25 joining fee and increasing fees the same year. They are smoking something good and should share with the volunteers if they think they will keep or even more laughably grow membership by making it more Expensive for families to have their kids participate in scouting. Our pack busted our behinds this year to offer the program as normally as possible. - zoom meetings, outdoor in person meetings because our CO wouldn’t allow us to meet inside the church hall (still not allowed even though our state has opened up) we got z
  10. Days like these are remarkable 🤬 Finally have a den leader willing to go to camp with the pack...except can’t find Baloo anywhere! Class he was to take last spring was covid cancelled. Council says they most likely won’t be running one due to redistricting and staff changes this spring. The neighboring council has no training on their webpage either - oh yeah, have to have Baloo for camp at council facility this summer (all summers / just can’t find a class). Very frustrating since CM doesn’t like using his vacation time for summer camp with lots of kids, my personal sons are adults
  11. Our Tigers went to the cable company’s public access station one night - they loved it. Maybe a college nearby has one they can give a tour of. Also planetariums are really cool.
  12. Lions and Tigers need to have parent at the meeting with them - it’s how the program was designed. I think the one of y’all is onto something. They may bounce packs if it doesn’t suit them. We leaders are forwarding the email from parent to us up to the Field service person at council (we are in between district commissioners now) and our request that the parent attends meetings with their cub to help them acclimate and succeed. maybe council has a special needs pack that’s a better fit - tired of being called not inclusive when we have tried and just don’t have the resourc
  13. Perhaps someone can explain how this happens. Our state has 2 decent size councils and An small one with no camps. Of course the council our towns units are in have followed the letter of law with public health from state and shut everything down. No camps were opened - not even for day use. They even went as far as to ban unit camp outs early in summer. Now SPH (State Public Health) has eased up on camping but all state park campgrounds closed Until spring 2021, so our council isn’t allowing any camping at council camps. The other large council in state has their camps open and will ren
  14. I’m so frustrated as a leader. I have over 12 years as a cub leader. And have a lot of experience special ed students (my own children). We have a family in the pack who joined and stayed a year then transferred to another pack and came back last school year. The poor boy clearly doesn’t want to participate and He has educational/attention challenges which from the outside it look like immaturity and stubborness but it’s actually been diagnosed. Anyhow poor kid when comes He tells us he wants to leave as soon as a den Or pack meeting starts - when the parents leave he sulks or is very disru
  15. I think BSA should waive the 2021 registration fees for scouts who paid the fees in 2020. It would be the fair thing to do. DavidCO you are on to something there! Our fees for 2021 went up $21 they went up $19 in 2020. We are WELL over the $100 threshold now. Many families in our pack are now scrambling with extra childcare costs under the hybrid schooling schedules. I’m sure it’s the same nationwide. I get that BSA is a really a business - but they’re not showing much goodwill toward their customers (an increase And laying off council and national employees not to mention not offerin
  16. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss07/#b See #13... as the mom of a varsity level Fencer and Eagle Scout I can tell you the protective equipment keeps the fencer safe. Literally scoring is done electronically meaning if the tip of the epee, foil or saber touches the opponent it’s considered a hit. And it doesn’t have to be a hard touch. Once again - the lawyers at BubbleWrap, No BooBoos and Son have missed the point of something that kids can learn and have fun with. did you see that #14 includes no sock throwing game? So the snowball fi
  17. Anyone’s units selling through the app? Are families happy with how it’s going? The pack is going to try again this year after a couple years off and am hoping that it’s as easy as they said it is during the presentation.
  18. The kids in my pack aren’t the ones asking. I was just throwing out some ideas for the original poster who asked for for suggestions. Maybe the MBC is someone meeting with the scout virtually or maybe the scout has other issues the parents are aware of and didn’t get into on here. These are unprecedented times and a little grace for others goes a long way.
  19. What exactly does the $25 new joiner fee do for the scouts or their families? What’s the purpose of it? We are meeting and I know this will come up at our leader meeting, we’ve asked our council but they said it’s a fee to join that national has set and all new will have to pay it. They don’t have a thing else to say - Has anyone else gotten information that’s a little more specific? Im sure the parents In our area can’t be the only ones in the country actively trying to find and pay for childcare because our schools are moving to the part time in school model and the other par
  20. What about weeding town areas. Helps out the public works crews. Or planting flower baskets at library and schools and senior centers? There Is enough doom and gloom colorful plantings could make people’s day
  21. I’m a CC for our Town’s pack. We tried to do at home/zoom den and pack meetings. Parents didn’t log in. honestly some were Struggling with distance learning and stress. We did a couple NOVA offerings, 2 den leaders made up elective adventure kits and delivered to their den members. Midway we sent a survey and parents responded just staying on top of the schooling was what they could handle - so i mailed out a listing of where their cub was toward rank and asked that they finish up as they could and record in Scoutbook. After many many years of CC work I’ve learned what I may do at
  22. Sorry - didn’t splain that well. The parents aren’t crazy about the idea of 2nd -4th graders being in camp/dining hall with high school age campers for a week. A few staffers is different. Before we merged with a neighboring pack they had Webelos attend Webelos camp in a neighboring council and apparently the boys picked up some colorful vocabulary from the Older Boy Scouts at the waterfront. Parents all filled in the others - I wasn’t there just have to deal with the ‘remember what happenEd when’ - after the merge our pack went to the cub weeks at the camp the council sold and there was
  23. That is heartbreaking for the current cubs and incoming cubs. Our council - who did the same thing. Even though all their camps offer cub camping they had one camp that was really geared toward good cub camping and used to be full every summer Plus the OA used it a lot. There were full weeks of just cub scouts in camp. Then that council sold it and at an auction and according to them now cub leaders aren’t promoting the cub camping program enough and cub camping program on this side state has Really suffered losses in numbers of kids doing day camp and overnights. Parents don’t want to send
  24. See what CO and your council advise. This is a sticky situation. In the meantime be as supportive as possible for the kid - sounds like they could be pulled in many directions emotionally.
  25. It’s a shame but the risks and stakes are high. If my own kids were of the age to go I would have second thoughts unless there was a vaccine
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