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possible fee increase coming

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I’ve seen some rumors on FB coming out of the Alaska region; however, I’m not sure what to believe.

My parents are pretty smart.  If they greatly increase fees to while not declaring bankruptcy it seems like simply throwing money into a bottomless pit.  If they are facing such a large fee increase, they need to declare bankruptcy.  

Yes, BSA national fee is cheaper than other activities; however, that fee doesn’t pay for uniforms, facility rentals, camps,  equipment, outings, etc.  In our relatively inactive pack our annual cost per scout is in the range of $170 above the fee ... excluding $140 for day camp.  Scouts BSA is much greater than those numbers.

But I guess we can simply sell more popcorn.

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The statement you posted says: That's because they got outed in 2018:  

Anything above $50....

Maybe the BSA is playing 4 dimensional chess.  See, if they get the rumor mill started that annual dues are going to $100, then announce an increase from $33 to $67, everybody will be relieved even th

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I am like @Eagle1993,  I am hearing rumors from the west, and I do not want to believe what I heard. Between lack of sleep and sticker shock, I may have posted too fast.

Price I am hearing is $75+ per member. That does not include any insurance or council fees.

If this happens, I see a significant drop in membership in my area. I am in a rural county with a median income of $42K. I will probably quit, or register solely as a MB counselor.


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On ‎9‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 11:43 AM, ParkMan said:

Just as a point of note.  Your council's scout executive and district executive have just about 0 influence on the national fees.  The council is completely separate from the national organization. Ouir council's exec and board is just as frustrated as we all are with this.  


While that's totally true, they get paid to do their job and their job is to deal with National and deal with all the crap that should not be happening at our level. However crap rolls down hill and the volunteers at the bottom are the ones that take the brunt of it. Way back, 12 years ago I had fond memories of my time in scouts as a kid and I knew I wanted to be a leader and thought that even when my kid was done with scouts, I'd keep on as a volunteer. Well over the last 12 years, that attitude has severely changed. I don't have faith in the program or leadership of it anymore. I'm just glad my son is close to done.

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This is what I received from my council:


The amount of the fee increase has not yet been determined, however, it is expected to be announced no later than October 23, 2019. We would recommend you begin collecting $45 from your new parents to minimize additional asks for money at recharter.

It was $24? So they just about doubled it? Or does "to minimize additional asks for money at recharter" mean it will be more?

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2 minutes ago, PACAN said:

I'm sure they have done the analysis on how much each dollar of increase will reduce the number of those who will join or recharter. 🤔

Or maybe "they"  are still looking to hire someone to do that analysis?



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1 hour ago, desertrat77 said:

Alas, as much as I agree with you, @RememberSchiff, I foresee more poorly written, unnecessary publications and bundles of red tape promulgating from Irving in the coming months....

Maybe the key S'mores ingredient will soon be required from a jar and not a campfire. Goodbye Campfire Marshmallows hello Fluff.  :( 


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