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  1. Jackdaws

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    Our pack always does 2 nights. I didn't see anything in the GSS also.
  2. Jackdaws

    Country Meats

    I can't promote Country Meats enough. I love them. Like others say, they practically sell themselves. Yes, in theory you have to move more product but you stand a better chance of people wanting to get $5-$10 worth of sticks as you will with popcorn or nuts. I also like to support them as they are what I consider a local company for us as they are in our council area. Excellent customer service also. Plus as a parent I can use one of the promotional items they send you(for free) and just sit a box of them on the corner of my desk and as people walk by they see them and buy them. I work for a trucking company so items like this are popular with the drivers.
  3. Jackdaws

    KING of BSA Popcorn Sales

    Sorry didn't mean to be a negative nelly. Just popcorn is a hard sell depending on what side of town you live on here. I happen to live in one of the poorer sides of town so its never been a hit here.
  4. Jackdaws

    KING of BSA Popcorn Sales

    I was hoping to see a couple tips in the article. I am sure living in a rich area and having peers' parents who can afford the $21,820-$26,630 tuition for the school he goes to doesn't hurt him at all... Now you show me a kid who lives in downtown Detroit and sells this much popcorn I will be very impressed.
  5. Um if they already have my application from a couple years current, why the need to do it again? My social security # hasn't changed and I make sure my council has the most current info on me address wise. Sounds like something for another data breach to happen. I know council runs background checks on volunteers. They disqualified our assistant cubmaster a couple years ago due to a domestic violence arrest and they told him he was on the banned list...
  6. Jackdaws

    possible fee increase coming

    I agree. They have already had their national meeting in Texas so what's the delay? We knew last year LDS was leaving. Hitting units to tell parents that Scouting will now cost more than they were originally told looks pretty crappy and breeds distrust and for those families who maybe waffling on whether to stay at the end of the year, just go ahead and leave and don't re-charter unlikely to ever return because we didn't tell them the right fee amounts. When I was a membership chair, it drove me nuts that council would always be like "Whoo hoo! Look at our fantastic membership #'s!" but the reality was that those #'s you have in September/October are no where near there come February/March when all of the re-charters are in and then the hand slapping begins about needing to get #'s up. Those #'s are never reliable. Maybe we should have 6 month charters. Then we know where we stand more than once a year. It would be a nightmare at the council registrars office but hey then you know what you really are working with. Councils keep seemingly pumping out more and more exciting things at camps like ATV & Zip line programs that cost a lot of money & higher insurance costs. Pretty sure boys were signing up for scouting years and years before the ATV's and zip lines came along. Lets get back to basics and provide the program that was working. If your council finds our that they have the money for those programs without having to pass on those costs to the parents, then fantastic but the one up manship amongst camps is almost hurting all of us as whole.
  7. Jackdaws

    Advice for a new wood badger

    @Scoutmom1989 So how was it?
  8. Jackdaws

    possible fee increase coming

    I find it hard to believe that with 3 months left in the year, National doesn't have a cost. They need to set it out there soon. A Scout is supposed to be thrifty and springing a cost increase on people during what is sometimes the worst time of the year financially for families. Some families have multiple children in Scouting and it could be a bit hit to them and we subsequently lose them.
  9. Jackdaws

    Advice for a new wood badger

    Our council was one of the few allowed to do the new course this past February. I went in 2016 so I did the old course.
  10. Jackdaws

    Advice for a new wood badger

    I tell people about Woodbadge as what I tell everyone about Scouting: You get out of it what you put in to it. Go in with an open mind. Depending what you do in Scouting now also will shape your journey. I was only a Cub Scout leader when I went. I had no idea on the patrol method and other things that were for the troops. It taught me a lot. You will see that the bond between some patrols is stronger than others and that could be due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes life gets in the way. But its fun to see each person in your patrol complete their tickets and support them in their efforts. I found Woodbadge fun and a good way of networking with other Scouters. It gave me people for training courses when I was the District Training Chair. I have also made a lot of friends along the way. As for the Kool Aid/Bug Juice line, my husband who is not involved in Scouting, came to my beading and they served bug juice with dinner and once the beading was over the fun started (song) and he wanted to know what was in the juice. He thought we were all nuts. LOL I used to be an owl...
  11. Jackdaws

    Flag help needed

    Excellent thanks!
  12. Jackdaws

    New Things...

    In my experience with "seasoned" Scouters, they refuse to acknowledge that we live in a different age and its harder to get some of these kids to engage. We live an a vastly different world than 100 years ago when scouting began. I have been a scouter for about 5 years so I am somewhat new to the game. I do think the Boy Scout program as its made is still something that youth need to have available to them and they will learn life long lessons that could/should serve them well one day. But kids now days are not interested in outdoor stuff. Its sad. I will admit my 12 year old son doesn't know how to ride a bike. Its due to a combo of factors, not living near any other kids his age, lack of interest from him and road conditions. Mainly lack of interest on his part due to not living near other kids. We recently got a bike and have plans of him learning to ride as some troop activities and merit badges can be done thru biking. I have grown tired of going to district committee meetings and roundtables as its an old guard vs. new guard battle each month. Lots of "used to be" or "used to could". When I was District Training chair I got so many complaints about YPT not being offered in person anymore and that it had to be done online when they rolled out the new YPT. I finally had to tell them its "2018 and there are computers almost everywhere. If you need a ride to the library to do it there, please let me know." I didn't have as much gray hair before that. Now there are some older scouters who are embracing way youth are these day and rolling with it. That's great and what we should all do. In my Woodbadge course one of the main lessons for one segment was "Change happens!".
  13. Jackdaws

    Flag help needed

    On a side note, why does the BSA not offer a flag you can put out front of your home? I would love to get one to fly with my American flag but I tried searching for something and come up with nothing.
  14. Jackdaws

    Hobo Pizza Boats

    This recipe is a hit with our pack and troop. I showed it to them a couple years ago. Hardest part is getting the cheese on top to melt without burning the bottom of the bread.
  15. Jackdaws

    Scouter needs advise

    If it were me, I would run far far away from that circus! Sounds like there is some fundamental issues with the scouts and more importantly with the parents. These are going to be the parents who do everything for their scout including the Eagle project. You know the everyone gets a trophy mindset. If the Committee Chair is vacant, can the committee actually make a vote for this? Where is the COR? I would at the least have a conversation with that person prior to leaving. Taking over the CC spot will only further fuel the flames that that committee and parent core has. Its a shame, sound like you had a good solid plan in place and was implementing it and the scouts and their parents failed you. #9 needs to be addressed whether you stay or go. Bullying is not acceptable. Also for those parents who squawked at the # of activities, they should be aware that the goal should be at least one activity or outing a month for a troop right? Sounds like they never transitioned over very well from Cub Scouts. Also, I used to be an owl...