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Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

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20 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

I think that is the root problem - adults afraid to confront. at the unit and council level and hence no quality control.  

I have seen scouts arrive with used uniforms complete with previous, unearned rank. The SPL or SM has a brief talk and problem solved. 

I think she's wearing the rank because she believes it is her current rank. She (and her unit) are of the belief that she is Life with Eagle application pending. It's not true, but it's what they are saying by going about things this way.

What I don't get, then, is why it even matters to them if National were to approve of her early Eagle Rank award or not. They seem ok with just doing whatever they want, regardless of what is true. Why stop at Life? Just say you're an Eagle Scout then. It's not more less true than saying you're a Life Scout.

If that's how she and her unit regard rank, I see no reason for them to even bother petitioning National to award her Eagle rank at all. Clearly they don't respect the process of confirming and awarding rank according to BSA policy. So say she's the first Eagle. With Palms. And Silver Buffalo. And whatever else they want to tack on there.

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10 minutes ago, skeptic said:

...as far as Sydney being recognized as Eagle, I can honestly say that from what I have seen and read she may be far more qualified in many aspects than some of whom I know...

Completely agree. And I've said as much in this forum when discussing the subject previously.

In many other walks of life I might be more willing to say that credit for past work should be given. But Eagle Scout is a very particular award. It's extremely time-sensitive, and we've all seen or heard of Life Scouts who missed Eagle only because of poor planning/timing. All other requirements complete and yet they come up just short because they started the project too late or took a POR too late.

Those scouts fulfilled the requirements in spirit, in some cases they literally did all of the work required, project included. And no exceptions were made. What Sydney is asking for is just such an exception, and it's not right.

I rallied for her cause when she insisted she just wanted the same chance as her brother had. She got that chance, and now her terms have changed, she wants something different. I'm not ok with that, especially in the case of an Eagle award because of the long history of very strict requirements and standards that Eagle hopefuls have had to adhere to.

What's more, she's making this request for another exception all while insisting that she is a Life Scout, wearing the rank badge in public. To me it's just added insult. Not only does she want special treatment, but she wants to just dictate to the BSA what's what. It's disrespectful.

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On 2/5/2019 at 9:44 PM, Jameson76 said:

I am not advocating preventing anyone from learning anything.

What a small group of the newly joined members (one in particular) want to do is get the recognition from their time as they were tagging along with relatives.  They basically want to be awarded ranks from the time before they joined the now Scouts BSA program.  While they no doubt benefited from their experience, they were not in fact members of the organization.  If they do join, they will need to adhere to all advancement guidelines, including time between ranks, camping nights as a member, merit badges requirements as a member, and holding positions of responsibility as a member.

No life experience cutting of the corners.  Use the extension, if you want to be part of the program, you need to be a part of the whole program.  All the rules and regulations, not just the ones you sort of feel like adhering to.

OK.  Follow the rules.  Good.  But lets not pick and choose.

Worry more about the Merit Badge Mill counsel camps and 6-7 times as many "Eagles as once was the case. What lessons taught thereby? Adherence to guidelines? Hardly!  Cutting corners?  You betcha'.

Then we could discuss "lockins" watching movies as "weekend campouts" for purposes of Journey to Mediocrity.

And The Patrol Method?  Outdoor Method?  Goodby to all that. 

3 car campouts for "First [sic] Class."  








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I think National, even with all the pressure from those wanting to give prior credit has maintained consistency that while an extension has been granted, ALL requirements must be met as a registered Scout.  I’m pleased to see that, as these young women will be congratulated as true Eagles and there won’t be the criticism that they cut corners in any way.  I am actually pretty impressed that with all the media and social pressure the other way that they’ve toed the line.  Just my .02.  

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