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  1. Setonfan

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    I think National, even with all the pressure from those wanting to give prior credit has maintained consistency that while an extension has been granted, ALL requirements must be met as a registered Scout. I’m pleased to see that, as these young women will be congratulated as true Eagles and there won’t be the criticism that they cut corners in any way. I am actually pretty impressed that with all the media and social pressure the other way that they’ve toed the line. Just my .02.
  2. Setonfan

    Cookie time!

    Thin mints.
  3. Setonfan

    New Troop Open House

    Best of luck, Robert! One thing you might consider is having the prospective Scouts that you know of, write down a list of 4 or 5 of their friends. You can then invite them directly to an open house. Seeing friends who are interested is a big draw for that age group. Setting up a campsite has been effective for a lot of troops. One that I participated in, we set up on a Saturday at a local park, invited as many as possible and did some dutch oven cooking, eggs in a paper bag, etc. Also made sure to have pictures and displays of the most adventurous things the troop had done- or plans to do in the coming year. If the school will let you in, a talk with students with props (backpack, stove, etc.) and emphasizing how Scouts do adventure activities, but also care for the environment (leave no trace camping), allows you to talk about activities leading to awards. At the open house, that's a good place to share with parents how STEM activities and merit badges enhance learning objectives in a complimentary way with what they learn in school. Lastly, it's good if parents understand how the patrol method and Scout Oath and Law fosters character development, community service and teaches how to be not only a good leader, but good follower.
  4. Setonfan

    Keeping Older Scouts

    On the dreaming list, also consider Swamp Base in Louisiana- gets awesome reviews, and the Council operated Seabase in Galveston, TX.
  5. Setonfan

    Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls?

    Glad to see the requirements are essentially the same. Haven't seen or heard of any initiatives to reduce the program expectations, which seemed to be a pretty big concern last year. Nice seeing the books live, they really look better than the pictures. The graphics inside are really well done and the gold leaf on the covers has a nice mixture of very traditional old school with a modern feel. Just my opinion.
  6. Setonfan

    Are there any female Scout Executives in the US?

    There have been women Scout Executives for a long time (although out of 250+ Councils, a relatively small number), but recently, a number of women have moved up in the organization. Wendy Shaw was promoted to National and runs the Membership and Program groups. Sharon Moulds mentioned above is in her 3rd council as SE and was also an area director with national. And there is now a woman on the BSA top leadership cabinet for the first time in history. Saw a list of Scout Executives hired in the last 4 years and it's a very good picture of diversity. Many more Hispanic and African-American's in these roles. Good to see the BSA looking more like our Nation's demographics.
  7. Setonfan

    Girls in the BSA

    Amen. A Scout is courteous. 78,000 girls joined Cub Scouting in just a few weeks this fall. In a couple of weeks, it’s likely there will be a lot of troops starting, from what I’ve heard (one council alone has almost 90 troops ready to start with trained leadership, older Venture girls taking key positions, etc.). Guess National found a few out there that actually wanted the program. You are right, Matt, online forums often bring out the worst (and I’ve watched this one for a long time before joining), however, the personal attacks and just constant negativity would certainly fail to inspire any new leader. I’ve not recommended any new leaders to check this one out from fear they will become discouraged with so much negativity. Some complaining is just fine, but really, if most would just act like Scouts, this could be a place of support and encouragement for all. Just my .02.
  8. Setonfan

    Philmont 2019 Treks / Itineraries

    Philmont has some great neighbors. Treks will have access to some new property and I’ve heard they will have plenty of capacity. Hopefully some good snow will come this year!
  9. Setonfan

    And so it begins

    Inspiring post, Firestone. Thank you.
  10. Setonfan

    Philmont 2020 slots

    There will be some impact as the fire burned in the central country part of Philmont. However, there is a lot of land to reroute treks, and some neighbors who have incredible land have given access rights, so crews can see some new sights. The staff members I've talked to say the experience will be delivered, exactly as it always has been, with some learning about how fires regenerate ponderosa forests.
  11. Very inspiring. What a great Eagle Scout!
  12. Setonfan

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Did anyone get a copy of, or hear the Scout Executive phone call with the CSE today?
  13. Setonfan

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Always curious when this topic comes up, how National is de-emphasizing adventure- Maybe it's just me, but with all of the new programs at each of the High Adventure bases, councils doing everything from cave exploring to climbing, whitewater, mountain biking, not to mention pistols, ATV's PWC's, ziplines, etc. What exactly has National taken out of the program? Other than sending patrols of boys off on their own for camping (while there are those that say it destroyed the patrol method, frankly, my troop in the 70's didn't allow that, and I haven't found any of my peers who have said their troop or parents were Ok with it either).
  14. Setonfan

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Thought the video and accompanying document were well done. I like the fact that the BSA continues to take the high road and remain positive about all other organizations, including the GSUSA. There have been a lot of negative things thrown at the BSA from their leadership and Board, but at least from our side, nothing but positive talk. Good to see us stick by the Oath and Law on this one. Regardless of name, the girls who are really excited to join in February 2019, will likely join no matter what. They are looking for the program and I think they are pretty savvy consumers. Many girls in Venturing are proud to call themselves “Scouts”, even sometimes “Boy Scouts”. It’s really all about the program.
  15. Setonfan

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    If you go to the facebook page “Girl Scouts are you listening?”, you will see how GSUSA leaders feel about the lawsuit. I know some may feel differently, but I really find it hard to imagine how with the application and all the discussion that occurs at a sign up night, that parents could possibly be confused and think they are signing up for the Girl Scouts.