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Lone Scout Questions

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Hi all!

I need some guidance and don't really know where to turn, as we have not been involved in scouts before now. My son, who is 9 and homeschooled, is interested in becoming a scout, but for a variety of reasons, joining a troop is not an option for us. We did some research and learned about the Lone Scout Program. I called our local council (not sure if that's the right word?) to find out how to register as a Lone Scout, had some trouble connecting with them, sent an email, and made a follow up call two days later when I didn't hear anything. When I finally got a chance to speak with the man I sent the email, he said that he had forwarded my email to someone else who "is in charge of that area." Glad I called, as he didn't send me a reply to tell me he had pushed me off on someone else. 

He went on to say that he wasn't sure how this other man would want to handle this, as they only have one cub scout and two boy scouts who are Lone Scouts in the entire council. He didn't specifically say so, but his tone indicated that my son's prospects of becoming a Lone Scout are improbable.  I made a follow up call and left a voicemail for the second man, but have not heard back from him. I feel like I am not a priority to them and am kind of being given the run- around.  

Maybe I am reading into things, but if I'm right, why would this be? I was under the impression that Lone Scouting has a long history and was designed to encourage boys or families who, for one reason or another, are outliers to the regular troop process. Can we be denied? Is there any reason it shouldn't be an easy process? We did the same thing recently through Girl Scouts for my daughter (as they have a similar program) and they were really helpful and it was not a problem at all. Any advice? I'd really appreciate it!

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Your son is too young to be in Boy Scouts, but he could be in Cub Scouts as a lone scout.  So maybe that is where they are coming from, your son is not old enough to register as a Scout, but could be a Cub.

Have you looked at all the churches and schools in your area for a Pack to join?  I would probably approach the question as -- my child wants to be in Scouting, we have not found an organization to join, and we might want to pursue Lone Scouting (for whatever reasons) -- what do you recommend?  If they don't have a lot of experience with Lone Scouting they may just not have a lot of knowledge to share.  Read up online and if possible, talk to others who have done it.  It also might take you a while to find the right person.  Be persistent and polite in your follow ups.

Get a Youth Application and turn it in as a Lone Scout?  I don't see how they can turn down your application, to be honest.  

Good luck! 



Here's a Facebook group for lone scouting:





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