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  1. Help a Venturer earn the Silver Hornaday Award & Venturing Summit Award by helping to pick up 1 million pieces of trash by August 30 (his project close date). Anyone who spends at least 2 hours on the project and has their collection reported on the project's Google Form is eligible for the Messengers of Peace award (environmental dimension). You can find more information at the following links: Bryan on Scouting: Venturer’s conservation project involves worldwide effort to pick up 1 million pieces of trash Facebook: 1,000,000 Piece of Trash Great service project for all ages!
  2. If they are rising 5th graders (going in to the 5th grade this fall), then they can choose to stop working on Webelos and just move on to AOL. It's difficult right now, but if you can get your den leaders to have some online meetings, then you should be able to meet the den requirements -- even if you can't meet in person. Not sure if you've seen the BSA's COVID-19 FAQs or not, but: Hope this helps some!
  3. Just curious, but why was the Unit Commissioner acting as a member of the Life BOR? Was he just supposed to be observing, but then got carried away?
  4. @5thGenTexan When my son crossed over at age 10 1/2, he could not swim. We got him into private swimming lessons at a local YMCA. It took several months with a very patient instructor, but he did eventually learn how to swim. I agree with @Eagle94-A1, swimming is an important life skill, and I'm glad we stuck with it, and he learned how to swim.
  5. The only way I know to limit the ads is to use pop-up blockers, like Adblocker Ultimate, Ghostery, etc.
  6. The BSA adult application says: "The chartered organization representative is approved by the head of the chartered organization." As a general rule, the person with the power to appoint also has the power to remove / fire.
  7. This means that your council has not uploaded its merit badge counselor list to Scoutbook, so you will need to contact your council and ask them which merit badges you are approved to counsel.
  8. I guess I'm not following you, because the rank requirements specifically say that Assistant Patrol Leader is not an approved position of responsibility for the Star, Life, or Eagle rank. The leadership project is an alternative way to fulfill this requirement, as long as it is Scoutmaster-approved and helps the troop.
  9. Generally speaking, I think it would be better to find other ways to recognize and encourage APLs to serve. While the leadership project that helps the unit is an option, I would be cautious about using it for reasons that @Eagledad mentioned. The leadership project should provide lessons similar to the listed PORs. Instead, there are some troop PORs that can be held by more than one Scout. The position of Instructor, for example, can be held by more than one Scout, and the Scout can specialize in particular areas such as first aid, knot tying, etc.
  10. Depending on how long ago a council uploaded its MBC list to Scoutbook, a particular MBC might still be properly registered (although not all councils have uploaded their MBCs to Scoutbook). But if it's been a long time since the MBC list was uploaded, you can't really be sure unless you contact the council directly. Scoutbook does not currently do a good job of reflecting which adult leaders are currently registered as MBCs. That is a BSA IT problem that needs to be solved. Part of the problem is that many councils register their MBCs via ScoutNet, but they manage the list of merit badges in some other way outside of ScoutNet. I am not sure why, but I think it is because ScoutNet is too limiting.
  11. @CynicalScouter I think we are talking past one another. I am saying don't punish the Scout who appears to have acted in good faith at the end of the process. Fill out the form and make the complaint, but don't punish the Scout.
  12. Yes, I agree. If the merit badge college (virtual or otherwise) is not following the Guide to Advancement (for example: by having a single class with 900+ Scouts and only 1 MBC), then that should be reported to the council. What I am saying is that the Scout should not be punished at the end of the process. If the Scout intentionally did not follow the BSAs procedure or policies, then that would be a different situation, but the issue here does not appear to be with the Scout -- it appears to be with the council having virtual merit badge classes that have way too many Scouts.
  13. If a council is sponsoring / running the virtual merit badge colleges, then that council is responsible for making sure that those merit badge counselors (MBCs) are properly registered in accordance with the Guide to Advancement. Any vetting of a MBC that is done, should be done at the beginning of the process -- not at the end ( The Scout, the Blue Card, and the Unit Leader). At this point, however, the Scout has already completed the merit badge. It would be difficult to say no to the Scout now, assuming that the Scout has acted in good faith (I haven't seen anything in the posts so far indicating otherwise):
  14. I am not sure what you mean by "install pre-ordered supplies". Depending on the answer, it might be considered "routine labor", which would not normally qualify as an Eagle service project. Routine labor is described in the Eagle Scout service project workbook and also in the Guide to Advancement Routine Labor. Outside of that, I would recommend The Eagle Scout Service Project sections -, which describes the process in detail.
  15. You wouldn't even need to publish the results - just make claims about what the results are.
  16. Me, too. We joined for the character building. Camping and other activities keep the youth interested, but if it becomes just a camping club, then we can do that much cheaper and with no "red tape" on our own.
  17. Because the girls want to earn Eagle. All of the girls I know who are in troops are focused on earning Eagle, and most of them want to earn it ASAP.
  18. Is that different from what is already posted on the BSA's COVID-19 FAQs page? https://www.scouting.org/coronavirus/covid-19-faq/
  19. I think the answer is a little more complicated, and a Scout / leader / merit badge counselor should read all of section before making a decision on whether to double-count an activity or not. For example: So this is why a kayaking merit badge counselor can make a Scout re-do the BSA swim test, even though the Scout might have already qualified as a swimmer the year before or even have earned the swimming merit badge. The paragraph above could also apply to the campout requirements for Second Class and First Class 1a. vs. the camping merit badge. The rank requirements for SC/FC 1a. were rewritten in 2016 in such a way that there might be times when a campout can count towards the camping merit badge, but not count as a campout for SC/FC 1a. For example, if a Scout goes to summer camp and stays in a tent that was pitched by the camp, then it could be counted towards the camping MB, but not be a campout for SC/FC 1a.. The intent seems to have changed a little bit, where SC/FC 1a. seems to be about the Scout gaining some experience putting up / taking down a tent or other shelter, but the camping MB seems to allow for some more flexibility by sleeping "under the sky" or in a tent pitched by the summer camp. So double-counting service hours / service projects for multiple BSA rank requirements, merit badges, or awards can be allowed, but seems to be discouraged. This is a good reminder, IMO. And Scouts / leaders / MBCs also have to be aware that some requirements are written in such a way that they cannot be double-counted. For example: So the 3 conservation service hours done as part of the World Conservation Award cannot be double-counted for rank. So the answer is yes, sometimes. But it depends on safety, the intent behind the requirements, and how the requirements are written.
  20. I use Chrome, and the Organization Security Manager was working for me as of a couple days ago. Have you tried opening your browser in incognito mode? Or clearing your cache and cookies? Edited to add: I just tried it again, and it still seems to be working for me.
  21. If you are using Zoom, there are some things that the host can do to reduce the potential of Zoombombing: Use Zoom's waiting rooms and only let people you know into the Zoom meeting Ask Scouts to use their real first name or nickname so that the host can recognize them Use meeting passwords Remove participants, if needed https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/04/08/zoom-product-updates-new-security-toolbar-icon-for-hosts-meeting-id-hidden/
  22. You could also try asking why the Scout did not attend. Maybe the Scout had a conflicting event (Are some dates/weekends better than others?). Or perhaps the Scout was not interested in the particular activities (Are there other activities that the Scout would be interested in? Has the Scout communicated this to his/her PL?).
  23. @fred8033 The Program Features are available online at: https://troopleader.scouting.org/program-features/ There might be some minor differences, but it's basically the same as the Program Features books. I wish more of the merit badge pamphlets were available as pdfs or Kindle.
  24. BSA COVID-19 FAQ BSA Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities
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